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Review of Topeak Hexus II Bicycle Multi-tool

Finding the best bicycle multi tool for the job is even harder than finding a general purpose multi tool, which is hard enough in it of itself. Calculating your personal and budget, and filtering it all through a vast offer currently on the market can be a considerable hassle. That’s what this website is about

Review of Topeak Alien II Bicycle Multi Tool

You may or may not already know how difficult it is to find a good bicycle multi tool in a vast jungle that’s out there on the market. Well, multiply that by a hundred, and you’ll get a pretty good idea about the difficulty of finding the best bicycle multi tool. Finding

Complete Review of Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool

In order to be completely safe from any bicycle mishap, you would need to carry around a whole bag of dedicated tools and be very handy, too. Not very practical is it? On the other hand, you can make up for that bag by simply getting the best bicycle multi tool

Review of Victorinox Swisscard Lite Pocket Tool

Today we’re talking about one of the slickest design of the industry, Victorinox Swisscard multi tool. In case you were wondering if you should continue reading… If you’re into professionalism, knowledge, experience, and honesty, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been writing blog articles about tools (and especially multi tools)

Valtev 12 Function Multi Tool Expert Review

Best multi tool is the fateful companion of every handyman out there. if you are one yourself and you still carry around screwdrivers and pocket knives, it’s time to take a step back and see how far these babies have gone. Sure, it won’t replace dedicated tools for use around your shed

Schrade SCHF2: Survival Blade Review

The Schrade SCHF2 makes a great first impression. As an ex multi-tool factory worker and now a hardware store owner, I’d seen countless tools, especially blades and knives, and yet I find this model absolutely impressive. Let me tell you why the Schrade SCHF2 is highly-recommendable and can be considered one of the best Schrade

Is the Delk 41293 the ultimate fishing tool?

Search for the best multi tool can be hard enough, let alone the best fishing tool with all the specific demands it needs to meet. Multi tools are simply amazing little gadgets. They pack a pretty significant punch inside a very compact package. They save weight, space, and offer