Interview – Meet Annie Coleman of

1. Please tell us a little more about yourself.

We are a family of 4 living in Australia, and I am the main contributor behind our websites.


We camp when we can, but tends to be mainly on weekends or holidays as during the week, we have all the mundane things like work, school and other commitments that keep us from camping!

My husband grew up camping, but I never did, as I come from a family who definitely aren’t outdoorsy people! So, its been a big learning curve over the years!

2. What was the trigger for starting

go camping australia

When I started camping, I wanted some basic ideas on the locations we were heading to – like amenities (if any), how far was it from home, was it private/shady? etc etc.

With small children, I felt I needed this info.

But I couldn’t find what I wanted on the internet.

So after some camping experiences, I thought if I was looking for this info, maybe others were too?

Hence the main site was started – to give campsite information about the places we had visited.

And from that simple idea, we started reviewing gear that we owned, tips we thought others could find useful, especially if they are relatively new to camping, and the site grew and continues to grow!

The blog started shortly thereafter, when I wanted to share with our readers, a wider range of stories, ideas, gadgets, tips and opinions that I couldn’t incorporate into the main site.

Somehow, both sites have grown to be quite large in content and I am very thankful to all those who take the time to read our stories.

3. Can you give us a little insight into your slogan “All things camping, outdoors & family”?

slogan idea

That slogan on our main site is to emphasise that we are more than just tents! We focus on a broad range of stories and information for anyone who enjoys being outdoors.

The blog has a slightly different slogan – “Camping. Family. Outdoors. Marshmallows” as its aim is to present another range of stories on outdoors (plus we love marshmallows when camping).

4. What are the products that you review on your site?

sleeping bag

Wide range of gear that you would use when camping (or outdoors in general).

Whilst initially a lot of reviews were about the gear families would use, now, we have added reviews on lightweight gear for hikers/backpacking, or outdoors experiences.

If the product is on the site, we have used it personally and give our honest opinions to readers.



5. What are your favorite camping/outdoors tools and do you use a multi tool?

Leatherman 78105003K Juice XE6-Pocket Multi-Tool

The Leatherman tool remains a trusty tool to have.

Every camping trip it comes with us as you just never know when you are going to need one of its tools! We have a heavy duty version, and a lighter one, plus I have a keychain version for my backpack!



6. Please offer 5 tips for the beginner camper.

camping tips

  •  research where you are going (so you know a little about the area, amenities, distance etc) before you head out
  •  buy the best gear you can afford but don’t go crazy if you are not sure if camping is for you!
  •  campfires are great, but take 1 reliable cooking device just in case that campfire is not an option
  •  if the weather looks really bad, re-think your camping trip if possible.
  •  have fun

7. How can we make the most of an outdoor experience with your family?


Do activities together – not just the basics like setting up camp and cooking the food – but also activities such as hiking/fishing/sitting around the campfire together.

Leave the electronic devices in the car (or at home), so screens are not distracting the kids or adults (or only allow them at certain times).

8. Tell us what are the dos and don’ts if we get caught in a storm while camping.

car for safe

Caught in a thunderstorm means you should try to head to a safe location such as a car/vehicle in the first instance or a sturdy building (not a gazebo).

But depending on where you are, that might not be possible, so if that is the case, you need to avoid high ridges, trees, bushes, caves, metal fences, and look for lower ground (if up high).

Don’t stay in your tent.

Crouch down on your feet, but don’t use your hands to stabilise you.

You are trying to minimise body parts that are touching the ground.

If there are a few of you caught out, spread out.

Don’t all huddle together as in the worse case scenario, if something happens, you need people to assist anyone hurt.

9. Who is your favorite camper/adventurer?

Bear Grylls

Don’t really have one.

I do think Bear Grylls is pretty amazing with what he has done, plus his dedication to the Scouts.



10. A message to your readers.

Thank you to all readers who visit and comment at our sites.

For those who are thinking about camping – give it a go! There really is a camping option for everyone and every style.

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