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1. Hi Shane, please introduce yourself.

My name is Shane White and I am the operator of The Doomsday Moose.

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2. Please tell us a little about your blog and the idea behind it.

After having personally experiencing a variety of disasters, the Loma Prieta earthquake being one of them, I started my blog with the idea of helping people become aware that there may soon be a major event and very probably will be some sort of a minor event in their lives.

I post a variety of articles from different authors understanding that I am nowhere near knowing everything and also to stimulate thoughts and ideas among the prepper community.

3. What are your recommendations for a survival backpack?

bag pag contents I have seen a ton of lists suggesting all sorts of things to put in your bag.

I think I will skip on content for a moment and mention the most important thing of all.

Your backpack may be carried for a long ways and for a long time. Don’t skimp on this.

Get one that is comfortable that you can carry for a while.

After you buy it, load it up and walk with it to see if it works the way you thought it would.

Also, packing for other people who live with you and maybe an extra for guests can increase your supplies on the road.

4. What is the tool that you would like to have close in a survival situation?

If I was to pick out one tool for a survival situation, it would be a water filter straw or something similar since all your other tools will be useless if you can’t get water easily.

Water is life.

5. What is your favorite multi tool?

Victorinox Swiss Army Climber Pocket KnifeI have always liked a good Swiss Army Knife since they are easy to throw in your pocket and have it with you at all times.

I have found that bigger ones often end up getting left at home and that is not a good thing since emergencies are never planned ahead.

I also like those single piece credit card multi tools that fit in your wallet.

You can never forget these as long as you have your wallet with you. I have used mine many times.

6. What gear do you prefer when outdoors?

woodland tshirtThis is a tough one.

I have observed that people have lots of opinions on this.

For a situation where the weather is comfortable outside, I prefer jeans and a t-shirt.

If it is colder, I like to put on layers of clothes and jackets so I don’t get too hot or too cold.

Peel off when you get hot and put on when you get cold.

Regulate your body temperature.

Sweat is bad in the winter.

7. What type of products do you review on your blog and what’s your personal favorite of all times?

I found that there weren’t really many places that review survival food unbiased, so I have done a bunch of these and even have a page for them.

I also have reviewed lanterns, chargers and the occasional slingshot and a gas mask too (that was a fun one).

8. What are you plans for the future concerning your blog? What topics should we look forward to?

food store

Well…There is certainly a lot of work that can be done.

I would like to give it a facelift of some kind to make articles easier to find.

As for up and coming articles, I have several product reviews coming up and have been working on an article that talks about what foods store best when not stored in a cool dry place.

9. What is you favorite survival blog?

There are so many to choose from.

I read so many on a daily basis that give me a ton of information on what is going on in the world and how to survive it.

I can’t say I have a favorite.

10. A message to your fans.

I appreciate every one of my fans for your repeated visits.

I hope that we can continue to provide intelligent thought provoking content for you into the future.

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