Let us take a look at some of these babies and their Quality Rating based on user reviews:

Overall Rating
& Type
Price comparison
Leatherman Wave
Silver >>
4.7 / 5

type: full-sized
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Leatherman Skeletool >>
4.56 / 5

type: full-sized

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Charge ALX >>
4.56 / 5

type: full-sized
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Super Tool 300 >>
4.54 / 5

type: heavy-duty
4.5 inch closed length
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Gerber Dime
Pocket Multi-tool>>

4.42 / 5

type: pocket
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How are the multi tool rated and how do I come up with the Quality Rating:

Step 1: I gather all the available reviews of the actual users and for each of those reviews I rate a tool in 5 different categories

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Tool Diversity
  • Looks

Step 2: I gather all the data and come up with a final rating of a specific piece

Step 3: I update my rating spreadsheet bi-monthly to ensure that the rating are fresh and up-to date

Step 4: I search the net to find the best deals on those tools so that you can save money when you make your decision

As a result, the comparison table above includes the best multi tools on the market at any given moment.

If you have any question about my rating model, about a specific piece or if anything else comes to mind, just use the comment section below or drop me an email.

Hope you find what I’m doing here useful.

Stay Safe,

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