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Pros: It’s a perfectly designed multi tool, made of solid stainless steel. It’s very high-quality and built to last forever. The shape is very user-friendly, so it sits comfortably in hand and ensures a tight grip. It features a great set of tools, each more useful than the next. All of them sit tightly inside the frame and remain that way even after some heavy-duty use. The pliers are top notch. Blade is razor sharp, and a screwdriver bit collection is considerable. Expert in all fishing situations and it won’t let you down.

Cons: It’s a bit of a hassle closing the two locked tools on the same side if you accidentally open them.

Coast FT8500 Fishing Tool reviewTaking a multi tool on a fishing trip?! Is it a good idea and if it is how to choose the best fishing multi-tool. Let’s take some time and deal with these questions here and then let’s review this fishing multi tool.

First of all – is it a good tool to have on you while fishing?

Let’s think about it for a minute. It saves space, weight, and the trouble of finding the right tool in a pinch. Nowadays it can be equally efficient as any dedicated tool. So, why not?

That’s the question I asked myself years ago, and I don’t leave my house without a multi tool of some variety since. Let alone going on a fishing trip without one.

The best fishing multi tool can be somewhat difficult to find however. So, let me be your guide through the fascinating world of multi tools.

Why should you trust me with your fishing experience?

Because I’m just the right man for the job.

I used to work in a multi tool factory before I opened my own little hardware store. Multi tools are my life, and I know the industry inside and out, as I like to put it. My personal collection is not too shabby either.

Besides, I’m also a passionate angler. That’s why I believe I can help…

I also write multi tool reviews and blog posts on all things multi tools for the last few years. I’ve gathered enough experience to last me two lifetimes. I read all the user reviews also, and put a big accent on what they have to say.

What do my reviews look like?

Let me just show you the ropes real fast before we get down and dirty:

  • I tend to start by letting you know what exactly we are talking about. So, we’ll get some basic product info directly from the manufacturer
  • Once we have some materials to work with, we’ll put all of that to the test by listing out some good and bad opinions the users themselves shared with us
  • Finally, I’ll say a couple of words to give voice to my own opinion. I’ll filter all that we’ve heard through my own experience and give you my final verdict

Manufacturer’s specification

Let’s get cracking:

  • Made of stainless steel
  • The tool set includes: scissors, marlin spike, fine and coarse pliers, wire cutter, forceps-nose pliers, partially serrated main blade, bottle opener, Philips screwdriver, bit socket, screwdriver tip, and crimpers in 3 sizes, for stops, leaders, and sleeves
  • Locking blade mechanism for increased safety
  • Bit set containing 12 pieces (3 Philips, 3 slotted, 6 hex)
  • Bit case also serves as a tool case

Now that sounds like a pretty mighty fishing buddy, but let’s see if our fellow customers agree here.


Only the good stuff:

  • My father is an avid fisherman, and I bought this multi tool as a present for father’s day. He was overjoyed, and I even think I saw a tear while he was remembering our fishing trips while I was just a kid. He got all technical on me soon enough, but I only caught that he thinks it’s a very well made tool, very durable, and with some handy, high-quality tools. I’m glad he liked it, and if he’s happy with it, it definitely means it’s a real deal
  • It’s a perfect gift option. The delivery service was certainly not sleeping on the job since it arrived a day earlier than it should. Now that I saw how my colleague was psyched when he got it, I’m thinking about getting one for myself
  • Great piece of hardware. It has a pretty impressive toolset, and all of the tools are very high-quality. They stand firmly inside their sockets and don’t become looser after you start using it heavily.
  • I like the locking blade mechanism, but I think my fingers like it just a tad more. The best fishing tool I could find for this kind of money
  • I really needed a good pair of pliers for my fishing adventures. And I finally found it in this multi tool. I like multi tools that are made with a single purpose in mind. That’s why I have a Leatherman Crunch if I want to play plumber, Gerber Crucial if I feel outdoorsy, and Coast Fishing Tool once I decide to wage war against lake inhabitants. Well, catch and release is more my game, I just like being dramatic
  • I love this fishing tool. The scissors are exceptional and will cut any type of line. The blade is really sharp, and I like how they combined a regular and serrated blade in one. It sits well in my hand, and it came useful more times than I can remember. Great buy and a great product
  • The blade is great for filleting the fish right on the spot. It also has a very nice collection of screwdriver bits. It’s extremely useful during our fishing trips but even in non-fishing situation. It features a great set of tools, most of which have a variety of general applications
  • All those reviews about this fishing tool were true

Read more customer review on Amazon in the link below:

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I only found one serious negative review:

  • My son accidentally opened two of the same side tools and got them locked. I’ve read the instruction and still it was a bit of a pain to close them.
  • Could have a better grip for a person with very large hands like I do


It’s an awesome fishing multi tool. It’s well made and of high-quality material, very sturdy and durable, features a great set of different tools, each more useful than the other, it’s well designed and sits comfortably in hand, ensuring a tight grip, boy this is a long sentence indeed. I could go on for hours (or pages rather), but you catch my drift. It’s one hell of a fishing sidekick, and you’re missing out if you don’t have it.

I did rate it with a fairly low 3.5 out of 5 in tool diversity but that’s only because I have universal standards in my rating formulas. This Basically means I compared it to general use multi tools, which is not it’s intended purposes and of course it will not have all those tools.

It is this tool that made me re-think the rating formulas and having separate ones for different types of tools. A soon as I get to that I will be updating the diversity rating for sure.

Hope I managed to clear some of that product jungle out there.

Have fun fishing and pull out a big one.