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Pros: As heavy duty as the original Leatherman, this hand-made tool crafted in the US from scratch is only for the chosen "tool-geeks". It's a thing of beauty and still very light and useable, the only downside being that you'll probably have to fight the urge not to use but display it somewhere when you see this piece live.

Cons: If you do decide to use it, it does take a few days to "loosen up", just like the original Charge TTi.

Leatherman Charge TTi Multi-ToolToday’s multi tool review is a bit special. We’re not here to talk about the best multi tool, or to search for the top product on the market. We’re here to appreciate the new amazing Leatherman Charge made especially for passionate collectors

Note on the Charge TTi: The Golden Eagle Version of the Charge TTi is no longer available and has been replaced by the luxury rugged-titanium handles and stainless steel body.

It is one of those pieces that really sets you apart, and the pun can’t be avoided when I say it’ll be a “golden” piece in your showcase. It is truly the work of art, and I’m writing today’s review in its honor.


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Video brief of the Leatherman Charge TTi

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The outlines of the review of the Charge TTi Golden Eagle Edition

If you’ve read any of my articles, you already know I used to work in a multi tool factory before I decided to go private and open my own hardware store. I’ve been around multi tools my entire life, and my collection can certainly corroborate that. I know all there is about them, and use my articles to spread that knowledge and experience around.

This special review will keep the form of my regular ones:

  • We’ll start with a short product description, just to see what differs this tool from your regular Charge
  • Then we’ll go over some PROs and CONs as per the proud owners
  • I’ll give my own opinion in the end, but I might’ve already revealed my hand on that one

So, if you’re interested to see why this piece is so special, join me and find out.

Product description

Leatherman Charge TTi best Multi-ToolI won’t be listing all the features of your regular Leatherman Charge here, I’ll just tell you what’s specific about this particular item.

So, let’s see what the company had to say:

  • Complete coat of 24k gold hardened with cobalt
  • USA made, start to finish
  • Sheath included
  • Built to order – production will take 3-5 days

When we take a manufacturer’s specification for a standard issue Charge, it makes a pretty powerful combo. But I’ll keep my exuberance down until we’ve heard what the customers had to say about it.

Pleasant experiences customers shared with us about the Charge TTi Golden Eagle Edition

Let’s see what the users liked about this golden multi tool:

  • It’s a product that’s extremely well made. I’ve been a multi tool user and collector for as long as I can remember, and this piece is the crown jewel of my collection. It’s literally made of gold! Amazing!
  • I thought this tool would be for display only, but it really has all the versatility and usability of the standard Leatherman Charge. I’m not about to start using it for my small house repairs, but it certainly feels sturdy enough to handle everything I throw at it
  • This is the best multi tool on the market. It’s completely like the regular Charge, only golden! Charge has always been my favorite multi tool, and this piece is the perfect homage to it
  • Excellent tool! I wished they did a golden version of every multi tool they’ve ever made. I know I would be buying them all
  • It’s a well made and solid piece of equipment. Multi tool review is one thing, but once you actually hold it in your hands, you’ll see how good it actually is. All of the tools are very tight, and won’t come loose, plus the sheer versatility is the same as on regular Charge. Good work Leatherman!
  • I really like what they did with this piece. I know it’s pretty much a display case multi tool, but if you want to use it for your everyday needs you totally could. I like how they didn’t just make a tool that’s just pretty to look at, but basically useless. It’s the same thing as Leatherman Charge, only golden
  • I’ve read a couple of reviews for this golden Leatherman since I always tend to do that before buying a multi tool, but there really was no need for that this time. I was smitten from the moment I saw its picture on Amazon. It’s absolutely a thing of beauty
  • The whole delivery business was very prompt, and the customer service was on the level. It got here even earlier than it was supposed to, and it’s even better looking once you actually have it in your hand. I have just the perfect place for this shiny new addition to my collection
  • It’s the first time I write a multi tool review, but for this piece I just had to. It’s an amazing product, and it really is a greatest gift for any collector out there. I know it’s the prized piece of my collection from the moment I put it o the shelf
  • I bought this as a birthday gift for my husband, and you would know everything you need to know about this tool if you had just seen his reaction. I’m not all that into tools, but even I have to say it looks absolutely beautiful

If you like what you saw so far, you can continue reading about this novelty multi tool on Amazon:

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Here are some things the users didn’t like about the Leatherman Charge TTi Golden

  • It is a masterpiece as far as multi tools go. I ordered one the moment I saw it online, but the price is somewhat steep. Leatherman tools never were cheap actually, but you get what you pay for, I guess. At least with Leatherman you know you’ll get your money’s worth
  • My only complaint about this tool is that it’s too pretty to be used. I mean it’s a completely viable multi tool, just like any regular Leatherman Charge, but waaay to expensive and beautiful for you regular work. If I had more money, I would totally use it for everything, just for kicks


Leatherman Charge TTi Multi-Tool reviewThe original Leatherman Charge TTi left it with a score of 47/50 with 3 points deducted for how easy it to carry every day, tools accessibility and variety.

So, I find myself in a bit of tight spot here because this work of art is a true beauty and yet, when I’m providing the overall rating I can’t rate it higher because the features are pretty much the same.

So in order to give praise where praise is due I rate the TTi Golden 47/50 but in a class of it’s own, in the class of luxury multi tools.

This eye candy of a multi tool certainly deserved its own review, and we’ve corrected this oversight today. It is an excellent collectible item, which would be a center piece of pretty much any multi tool collection out there. I know I have yet to find a piece that’ll cause more dropped jaws than this one.

If you consider yourself a true collector of multi tools and have a few extra bucks to invest in your collection, you won’t find a better piece than this, I guarantee it.