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Pros: Cheap, yet effective six in one tool made of nice and hard stainless steel. Spoon and fork are detachable and can be used separately. Outer blades lock tight. Comes with mini LED light and a storage bag. The bottle opener is reliable. Corkscrew is easy accessible and strong. Pliers and scissors are not just there as fillers. Planned for outdoor activities, but has its use indoors as well.

Cons: There are no locks on the inner tools. Initial blade sharpness might be an issue; same goes for the can opener. The storage bag has a cheap feel to it.

Multi-Tool Camping Tool with Deluxe ModelsAll the choices out there can be overwhelming. Choosing the best multi tool for you can prove to be a drag, especially with all the clutter of information out there.

Let’s take a closer look into this camping tool and see if it’s the one for you.

Why I can help

I am an ex-multi tool factory employee. At some moment, I even became a collector. I really think I can get you the help you need.

Company will promise you things, but they’ll always hype things up a bit. We will see what the customers have to say about the product. I went through thousands of multi tool reviews in my time and a couple of hundred just compiling this review.

This review will be divided into three steps:

  1. What this company has to say about the product
  2. We will go through some of the nice things users have to say – the PROs
  3. We will take into consideration all the bad things, too – the CONs
  4. I will offer my own opinion, and then you can decide for yourself

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So, here’s the official offer:

  • Quality Stainless-Steel
  • Camping accessory, 6 in 1 tool
  • It includes a spoon, fork, spoon, wood saw, corkscrew, screwdrivers, pliers, can and bottle opener
  • LED light
  • Easy detachable knife and fork
  • You will get it with a storage bag
  • This is some of the good things users had to say about this product, the PROs:
  • Overall, the tool is good. But compared to some others, I love the mini LED light
  • Wood saw is nice, but the tip is very sharp. So sharp that I found other uses for it
  • The metal is nice and hard. The case is great. Had my worries that this is a $ store piece of garbage. But, boy was I wrong…
  • My fear of earthquakes may come to an end since I have this tool near me…
  • This is a gem, considering the price…
  • The corkscrew is flawless. It is easy to use it, even after you had a bottle of vine or two…
  • You can sit and eat with it, out of the can you opened with it. I am an amateur when it comes to camping, so I am not sure if this is going to save your life or anything. But, it really made it comfortable…
  • Pieces snap quite nicely and folding out is a breeze…
  • Everything locks back in place securely, this is always my biggest concern with tools like this is…
  • I work at a car shop. When it’s time for lunch, I can’t really go out because I’m really messy. So, I eat there, and I use this piece daily. Easy to use and easy to clean afterwards…
  • My boyfriend’s job keeps him on the road very often. I got him this eating utensil, and he has nothing but praise for it…
  • A splash of water and a simple wipe with a towel or any other cloth, and it’s ready for another meal
  • This will save you so much space in a picnic bag, order yourself few of them instantly
  • Got this for my thirteen-year old son when he went on a field trip. He played with the LED light but used it for a meal even on the bus
  • This is great for me because I hate eating with that plastic stuff that breaks so easily
  • It gets the job done for a small price
  • Impressive when it comes to the value
  • Thought this might be a spoon with some fillers, but even the pliers are made of hefty and solid construction
  • Not only that it’s strong and durable but useful. It comes apart so nicely. The way you can use the spoon and the fork separately is so easy
  • It has all the tools you get from some more expensive offers
  • I always prefer this cheap models that work just as fine as some pricier models, but I don’t have to worry if I lose it
  • For months since I got it, the blades were as sharp as the first day…

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Here are some complaints about this multi tool, the CONs:

  • I had some trouble opening the wood saw…
  • There’s been some leakage from the pivot…
  • It came with a storage bag that can keep it clean and away from other things in your picnic basket, but it’s not suitable for your belt…
  • I learned the hard way that after washing, you have to leave it out to dry
  • The alignment of the rivets could be better…
  • The knife didn’t come very sharp, I had to sharpen it on arrival…

My review resume:

Multi-Tool Camping Tool with Deluxe Models Review

Cheap and effective tool. It is primarily a spoon-fork-butter knife piece, but the other features won’t fail you. LED light won’t get you to the end of the tunnel, but you can sure open a can.

Not a fancy piece, you won’t get anything shabby, but it’s more than worth your buck. It will save you space when packing for your camping trip, and you won’t be annoyed with the banging around from the knives, spoons and forks.

You can take it out during lunch at work or find some other uses for it.

It’s cheap enough not to worry about loosing it.