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Pros: Good quality micro tool in the given price range. Highly praised blue finish makes it a feel good piece. Tools are working as expected for such a small tool. Lightweight and comes with a belt pouch. Great knife that holds edge for long without the need to sharpen it. Smooth and safe opening and deploying of the pieces.

Cons: Swivel tools might be hard to pull out. The nylon case is not made out the finest nylon, and even if it was, it's still nylon. It's very small so if you are looking to do some serious work, you are probably better of with a sturdier, heavier and bigger tool.

SwissTech ST35015 Pocket Multi-ToolThe best multi tool for you is somewhere out there for sure, but is it this one?

Why would you trust me?

  • I worked in a multi tool company in Portland for 7 years and I know the industry inside out
  • I own a collection of over 120 pieces
  • I’ve been writing these reviews and I have very specific methods of determining what’s worth your money and what’s a waster of it

Here’s what you can expect from this multi tool review:

  1. We will see what the company that made this baby has to say about it
  2. I’ll report on what the happy customers say – the PROs
  3. I’ll report on what the disgruntled customers say – the CONs
  4. I’ll try to make an honest and unbiased resume myself

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So, as promised, let us see what you’re getting for your money.

What SwissTech is saying about their tool – the fact sheet:

SwissTech ST35015 Pocket Multi-Tool Review

  • Lightweight and compactly designed multi tool
  • Precision in craftsmanship, solid stainless steel tool
  • Long nose pliers and a wire cutter
  • A straight knife and a serrated knife
  • Includes a nail file, a nail cleaner and an awl
  • Comes with a bottle opener
  • Ribbed side-grips on handles
  • Nylon carrying pouch, that can be attached to belt
  • 6.1×5.3×1.5”
  • 2.4oz

That’s basic facts and let’s face it, but let’s see where the yellow brick road of real life user experiences takes us.

The PROs:

  • Just great! Small, reliable, very well made and what is rare nowadays, well finished
  • Remarkable quality for the price
  • It just doesn’t get better than this for under this price
  • Bought it for my glove compartment and never regretted. It’s just really compact; I love it
  • Usually they are not this springy, this one works like a charm
  • I had a few and this is by far the best multi tool to have by your side…
  • I love the fact that it doesn’t feel naked in hand
  • All the tools really work, and I am writing this reviews after months of daily use
  • Wasn’t expecting it to be this small, but was surprised how well all the tools work
  • When it comes to quality in this price range, there’s no better option
  • It opens up nicely, doesn’t take a big effort
  • I did realize how convenient this piece is until I lost it, I felt lost for a few days then went and got the exact same one. It’s not about just having a toolbox near me at all times
  • I think it’s the sole finish of this piece that I love the most
  • Got it for my 13 years old son, then for my husband…
  • Sizes of the screwdrivers are something that really comes in handy in my office, there’s always a bug I can fix
  • Nylon belt holster turned out to be usable as well (didn’t think I’d be using it when ordering), never thought I’d become one of those guys with a tool round my waist
  • The tools are well made, and knife is a sharp little bugger
  • Yes, the knife is small but it holds edge for a very long time
  • Wasn’t sure that the pliers will work on such a small tool, but they are fine
  • Small but well made, makes me trust this tool even in WROL situations
  • Firstly, I’d like to point out the color. There isn’t that much diversity out there, so I love the blue…
  • It has a spring that’s keeping the pliers open even when you loosen your grip…smart design right there…
  • Solid construction and adequate handles

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Let’s take a step back and look at the complaints – the CONs:

  • Too small for me…I read the measurements but didn’t quite understand them. It’s not what I wanted…
  • The case looks cheap…
  • Swivel tools are hard to pull out in the first few uses

My review resume:

And now, few words of my own. I will remind you that I haven’t used it. I’m basing this on my experience with similar ones and on all of the things people had to say about this Swiss Tech Multi tool.

It seems small but sturdy enough. You won’t crack some tough nuts with it, but if you planned to do some serious work with a pocket knife, then you’re nuts :).

After seeing what people are saying, I think I’ll be adding some blues to my collection, it gets boring with all the reds, blacks or nude steel. The finish really seems nice and designed to firmly sit in hand.

The tools offered works fine for a micro tool, and the price seems just about right.

I m a not a fan of nylon holsters, never was, never will be. I personally have a leather craftsman that makes me unique sheets for the pieces I really like. Can’t really afford leather for all my pieces.

But that part really goes into the territory of taste and you might think otherwise.