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Pros: This is a new version of a classic Swiss Army Knife that has kept all of the good features, and added the modern design. You get six tools in one unit with the blade as a primary one. A little over two inches long, it fits your pocket, but can also be used as a key ring that's included. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Cons: The handles are the prettiest part, but not the strongest one. The plastic has a nice pattern, but some people prefer the matte finish because the glossy might be slightly slippery.

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Edelweiss Pocket KnifeNot all multi tools are created equal. Let’s see if Victorinox Edelweiss is the best option for you. In our new guide the SAK (Swiss Army Knife) was chose as one of two best multi-tools for women.

I used to work in a multi tool factory and today I own a hardware store, collect multi tools and talk about the on my blog.

There’s a specific way I’m doing these reviews, and here’s how we’ll go about it:

Step 1:

I give you the basics, the factsheet, details about the product provided by the company that made the piece

Step 2:
We take a look at PROs – the good experience other users had with this piece

Step 3:
We go through the CONs – the negative experience people shared after this purchase

Step 4:
I will take in advisement the PROs and CONs, and with my own experience in the industry, I will write down some of my own thoughts about this SAK

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Step 1: Factsheet

  • Popular version of the best selling Victorinox Swiss Army – Classic Pocket Knife
  • Six stainless steel tools in one unit:
  • A knife blade, nail file with screwdriver tip, scissors, toothpick and tweezers
  • A key ring is included
  • Small in size: just 2.25 inches long
  • Very light
  • Lifetime warranty

Step 2: PROs

  • This is a small but a classy pocket tool, just like they promised…very sturdy and reliable…
  • Victorinox standard is undeniable. You don’t have to have any degree in that matter so you can tell that the materials are high quality…
  • Really good for some average, everyday use. Plus it looks nice…
  • Got this one as a Christmas gift and in January I bought one for my daughter…
  • I knew I could always use that Swiss knives thingy in my purse, but I was always postponing my purchase because they either looked steel cold, or they come in that awful red color. Soon as I laid eyes on this piece, I knew that this is what I needed. And let me tell you that now I am so hooked on having it, I could even go with that classic red…
  • I seems like the each individual tool has been hardened so in can stand up to whatever it was designed for…
  • All the functions, they work just fine. It’s Victorinox, you expect that. But it seems like the newer models are even better when it comes to its blades durability…
  • Everything works just fine, and the thing I really appreciate: all the tools close securely…
  • You will easily find a multitude of uses for this keychain piece, and you will never leave your house without one. You get dependent on having a blade, but a toothpick as well…
  • My nails, they crack all the time. I use this tool maybe twice a week. I love it because I can carry it with me all the time. It’s small, but it had a little knife and scissors, and the file is good. And I think the pattern is really cute…
  • I have two kids, age 3 and 6. I use this SAK for some daily mommy issues like dangling strings, toy packaging, poking straw holes on milk bottles, cut fruit and file my nails later…
  • Well designed, small but strong, not so expensive. What else you want on your keychain?
  • I usually like vintage, but this is the design I prefer over that classic Swiss red…

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Step 3: The CONs

  • The one I got wasn’t Swiss made, so that was a disappointment even though it works just like they promised…
  • One of the sides fell of after a year of carrying it in my pocket. I dropped it with my keys on the floor, and I still works but I will replace it because I miss the Edelweiss design…
  • Seems like the pattern design won over durability when this was made…
  • A minor pick I could say I have with this piece is the fact that plastic handles are too smooth, I like it when the handles have the matte finish…

Step 4: My review resume

With this tool, you should have in mind how small it is. This really is a miniature piece. So small you may get worried once you open the box. It is advertised as a pocket, but it might be called a keychain piece as well.

The reason is probably that it’s quite strong, just as strong as the bigger ones. No worries in that department, but there might be and issue with the well praised plastic handles. They are praised because of their design when it comes to aesthetics, but if you drop your Swiss too often, they might fall off.

Overall, you have to have in mind the tradition and quality that the name Victorinox stand for and trust them with the tool quality and usability.