is where some of the most trusted names in the community test and rate the pieces. The best multi-tool reviews in a range of categories are then listed and discussed here.

But, first things first.


Who am I to speak about multi-tools?


How we test and review the multi-tools

So, I started the BMT (me being Morry, the chubby guy you’ll see in the videos) in 2012 after loosing my job of 10 years in a multi-tool company where I worked as a Market and Demand Analyst.

There’s now three of us at the “office” (by office I mean a rented warehouse space) and a dozen of featured testers – people we send the tools out to use, review and rate (usually outdoorsy bloggers and handymen).


Latest batch ready for testing (picture taken about 7 months ago) –  94 multi-tools reviewed and tested, over 110 pieces and yes,  we love the pink dotted table cover, too 🙂 – below you’ll see which 5 we deemed as best


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5 Top-rated Multi-tools

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Leatherman Wave

‣ Number of tools: 17
‣ Weight: 8.5 oz
‣ Color choices: 2
(steel & black)
‣ Warranty: 25 years


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Leatherman Skeletool

‣ Number of tools: 7
‣ Weight: 5 oz
‣ Color choices: 3
(steel & black)
‣ Warranty: 25 years


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Charge ALX

‣ Number of tools: 18
‣ Weight: 8.3 oz
‣ Color choices: 2
(steel & black)
‣ Warranty: 25 years


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Super Tool 300

‣ Number of tools: 19
‣ Weight: 9.6 oz
‣ Color choices: 2
(steel & black)
‣ Warranty: 25 years


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Gerber Dime
Pocket Multi-tool


‣ Number of tools: 12
‣ Weight: 2.2 oz
‣ Color choices: 5
‣ Warranty:
- North America:
Limited Lifetime
- Outside NA: 25 years


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(Last updated: May 2018)



Leatherman New Wave
best full-sized multi-tool & an industry classic


leatherman wave best multi-tool overall

Leatherman Wave – the most popular multi-tool ever made and our top choice

The Leatherman Wave is an industry classic.

It’s by far most popular multi-tool ever made and for good reason. This is the tool to get if you’re only getting one.

90 Sec Video Brief


Specs & ratings of the Wave

Length (in inches)4
Weight (in ounces)8.5
Primary Blade Length (inches)2.9
Durability (out of 5)4.8
Versatility (out of 5)4.7
Materials (out of 5)4.7
Design (out of 5)4.6
Value for money (out of 5)4.7
Overall Rating (out of 5)

Read more about the Wave:

Click here to read more on Amazon


Heat-hardened surgical steel



420HC hardened steel (our estimate hardened to about Rc55-58), well-thought out design and tool placement. It’s the quality of the steel that allows the company to offer 25 years warranty on the Wave.

And the Warranty is “real”, meaning that it is our experience that they honor any complaints and don’t ask many questions if there’s a problem, which is not often a case with other companies that offer limited warranties and make you jump through hoops to replace your tool.



34 years of experience embodied in one tool

Leatherman was founded in 1983 and there’s no denying that they’re the industry leaders.

They made bigger multi-tools, they made smaller-tools, they made tools that look fancier, they made tools that look duller, but they’ve never quite struck the balance between size, functionality and materials like they did with Leatherman Wave.

With the outside-accessible design (meaning you can use the most important tools without deploying the Wave), Wave is THE choice for most people who know their multi-tools.

The old Wave was good, but…

In 2003, Leatherman celebrated its 25th birthday. The company made a limited edition of the Wave to mark the milestone, discontinued the tool in 2004 and introduced the Leatherman New Wave.


Limited Edition of the Wave – gold and Damascus

Since then, the tool has seen dozens of updates, limited editions and sub-models. The Original Leatherman Wave is now a collection piece, but still better than 95% of multi-tools on the market.

The New Wave has seen significant improvements. It features a removable Philips screwdriver, the handle design is much more comfortable and allows for a better grip. All the tools safely lock into place and the blades, pliers and scissors are made from a more durable steel that holds edge much longer.

Available choices of the Leatherman Wave

Wave Silver
Leather Sheath
Wave Silver
Nylon Sheet
Wave Black
leatherman wave with leather sheath




Main PROs resume

The pliers are one of the strong suits of the tool. The needlenose tip comes with very fine teeth at the top and coarser set of teeth for the midsection. The fact that the pliers have such fine teeth makes no problems with cleaning, which is surprising because the finer the teeth, the harder is it to clean them after messy jobs.

The blades are hardened surgical steel and hold an edge very well. They are just hard enough to be sharpened once in a blue moon without being brittle. We haven’t heard experiences nor have we seen any complaints about the blades of the Wave. A full, more in-depth multi-tool review of the product is in the works and you’ll soon see it here. It is a solid choice from general purposes to specific uses like those of a, say, electrician…in those terms it is just as good as the famous Klein Multi tools.

2nd top-rated multi-tool
Leatherman Skeletool Review

Skeletool - the best multi-tool when it comes to functions/weight ratio

The Leatherman Skeletool will be the choice of those who are not in need of an all-singing-all-dancing tools with dozens of pieces. Study the short multi-tool review to better understand what the Skeletool is about.


90 Sec Video Brief

Specs & ratings of the Skeletool


Closed length (in inches)
Weight (in ounces)
Primary Blade Length (inches)
Durability (out of 5)
Versatility (out of 5)
Materials (out of 5)
Design (out of 5)
Value for money (out of 5)
Overall Rating (out of 5)

Options of the Skeletool to choose from – RX orange is our favorite


Leatherman Skeletool

Leatherman Skeletool
Stainless Steel

Leatherman Skeletool




In a class of its own

In a way, Skeletool redefines the multi-tool by only including a few tools and a total of 7 features. It basically comes down to pliers, blade and the bit drivers.




It’s small, compact and light (1x4x1, 5 ounces) but, for what’s it designed to do, works perfectly.

Easy to one-hand

3rd-top-rated-skeletoolIf you are new to the multi tool reviews, to one-hand something means to handle your tool with one hand. The Skeletool is one of the tools that’s best when it comes to one-handing.

The slick ergonomic design (that btw. looks awesomely aggressive) allows you to get a good grip (which you wouldn’t think by looking at the images).

It’s also covered by the same 25 year warranty as the Wave.

Looking closer

In spite of being minimal with only a few tools, the Skeletool is a diverse tool if you look closer.


Here’s what we saw when we looked closer:

  • The Leatherman proprietary driver bit comes with two (regular and Philips) double-ended bits (4 bits) and can be upgradesd with an inexpensive set of bits which include a torx and hex-style screwdriver. That’s all the screwdrivers anybody will ever need. The upgrade has to, however, come from Leatherman because the bit driver is their proprietary “squashed” shape
  • The lanyard is also a bottle opener
  • It packs one of the sturdiest and most effective set of wire-cutter have ever seen in a multi-tool under $100

The lightest full-size multi-tool we’ve reviewed

Leatherman Skeletool does qualify as a full-sized multi tool and it’s by far the lightest in the class (5oz).

The first tool “following” the Skeletool on the list of lightest is the Rebar which is 1.3 times as heavy. We’ve talked to a number of people that choose the Skeletool as the best multitool for them. Most similar lighter tool is the Leatherman Squirt PS4, but it doesn’t really come close to the Skeletool in terms of “versatility vs. weights & size” category.

Read more about the Skeletool:

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Leatherman Charge
3rd best multi-tool – titanium & diamonds



Limited Edition of the Charge TTi – wood & gold

The reason why the Charge is not the best-rated multi-tool on BMG is the fact that we have a “value for money” category and the Charge is on the expensive side.

If you’re our avid reader, you’ll see us often say that a multi-tool is a good alternative to some of the “all-singing-all-dancing” tools.

Well, in case you wondered, this is the one tool we are referring to when we say that. We’ll say this – if money was no object, Leatherman Charge would be the tool we’d go for.

Pinnacle of the Leatherman story


Wrapped in titanium and with all the tools you could wish for, smartly designed and located for the smoothest operation possible, the Charge is considered the pinnacle of Leatherman craftsmanship (by us among others).

Leatherman Charge is 19 tools working together as smoothly as the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra on their New Year’s concert.


Most often compared to the Wave

If there’s two pieces that are compared to the Leatherman Wave over and over again in multi-tool reviews, it’s the Leatherman Charge and Surge.


Side-by-side – Leatherman Charge (left) and Wave (right) – similar tools for a very different price


Vast majority of reviews won’t mention the fact that the Charge is about twice as expensive as the Wave. In other words – this is probably the best multi-tool if money is no object.

Let’s take a moment and watch at the video brief to see why it might be so expensive.


90 Sec video brief of the Charge

Read More about the Charge ALX

Click here to read more on Amazon


Specs & ratings of the Charge

Length (in inches)4
Weight (in ounces)
Primary Blade length (in inches)2.9
Durability (out of 5)4.9
Versatility (out of 5)4.7
Materials (out of 5)4.8
Design (out of 5)4.7
Value for money (out of 5)3.7
Overall Rating4.56

(last updated: May 2018)

The 4 Choices you have if you are the lucky bastard
who can afford it 🙂


Charge TTI
Leather Pouch

Charge TTI
Nylon Pouch



Charge ALX
Leather Pouch

Charge ALX
Nylon Pouch



Further analysis of the tools included


The charge finds the sweet spot between portability and usability. The functions can only be compared to a handful of best multitools, but its’ still light enough to be an every-day-carry for most people. Especially those who like to turn heads.

best multi-tool - high-end category

Titanium Handles of the Charge TTi add to the overall look of luxury and make the Charge one of the tools with the best grip on the market

Versatile as no other

If you tally all the bits that come included as secondary, the Charge blows away the competition in versatility. Whether you need or will be using all those bits is a whole different story. Most people won’t.

Best pliers we’ve seen in a multi-tool


Pliers of the Charge are the best ones we ever tested – here, you can see them side by side with the second best, those of the Wave

Leatherman’s statement that the Charge is a tool like no other starts with the pliers – you won’t see pliers like this in another tool (including the Wave).

They’re 4-in-1, from a sturdy deep set of wire-cutters, through surgically precise needlenose and crimpers to the hard serrated jaw – “skilled and ready” to take any bolt on.

Outer corners are a toolbox

Smart enineering by leatherman here – they neatly placed the tools that are used most frequently at the outer corners of the handles so that you can access these with ease.

The wood-saw first of all, looks great, it’s a serious tool that could easily compete with a dedicated saw.


It gets better


Diamond-coated file of the Charge can handle anything…nails to steel

Flip the wood-file and there’s the other file with a diamond finish that can sharpen pretty much anything, including steel tools.

It’s all easily, one-hand accessible and safely locks into place.

We’ll get into more details in the full updated review of the Charge that’s coming soon, so here, let’s just mention the rest of the tools with a short commentary:


In a flat position, the handles of the Charge can be used as ruler

  • Ergonomic scissors – easy to deploy and use
  • A minuscule double-ended (normal and Philips) bit driver in a holder right next to the scissors – we can only assume this little guy is aimed for those working with tech or simply need their eye-wear screws tightened
  • Can and bottle opener – heh, it works like in most tools it’s just shinier.

If somebody was to say that this is the best multitool there is, we wouldn’t argue.

Bottom line – the Charge TTI is a must-have for any collector and will be the choice of people who can afford to pay for it. Good for them. It’s been one of our top picks in its price range for over a year now and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

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The Leatherman Super Tool 300
– review of the best multi-tool in “4.5 inch heavy-duty” category


best multi-tool - heavy-duty category

Leatherman Super Tool 300 is the obvious choice among 4.5-inch, heavy-duty multi-tools


If you are new to the multi-tool arena, let’s first explain why this tool is unique (at least on this list).

There are pocket pieces (like the Gerber Dime), there are full-sized tools and then there are heavy-duty multi-tools made to be used for the most toughest of jobs.

Multi-tools like the SP300 are not designed to be your every-day-carry, they are designed to be in your car or truck or on your belt at a construction site.

Only two competitors in its class, really


Super Tool 300 and its main competitor side-by-side the SwissTool Plus (left) and the Super Tool 300 (right)

The “heavy-duty” class is 0.5 inches longer (closed length) than standard multi-tools.

In the 4.5-inch class, there are only two other tools that can compete with the raw aptitude of the Super Tool 300 – the Leatherman Surge and the Victorinox SwissTool Plus.

In our ratings, the two “competitors” are not even close.

The Super Tool 300 is currently rated at 4.54/5 and the runner-ups in its class (Surge and SwissTool Plus) are rated at 3.96 and 3.88, respectively.

Watch the video brief to get a better idea on why that is

90 seconds brief – Super Tool 300


Specs & ratings of the Super Tool 300:

Length (in inches)4.5
Primary blade length (in inches)9.6
Weight (in ounces)3.2
Durability (out of 5)4.7
Versatility (out of 5)4.8
Materials (out of 5)4.8
Design (out of 5)3.8
Value for money (out of 5)4.6
Overall Rating4.54

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A few more words about the Super Tool 300

Complete updated multitool review is in the works but for now, let’s scratch the surface with some basics.

Another industry classic and the best multitool in its class

The Leatherman Super Tool 300 embodies all that Leatherman stands for, especially the quality of the craftsmanship.

It was almost a sin rating it under 4 in design

Our rating system is far from perfect and one of the flaws is butting heads of multi-tools that should not be compared in the first place.


Super Tool 300 is designed with most demanding jobs in mind – notice the bulky pliers compared to the slick pliers of the Surge and Wave we’ve seen above

What brought down the rating of the Super Tool is the low score in design because that particular number includes portability and our testers are instructed to bear that in mind.

So we had two choices, either leaving the Super300 from this list of top 5 entirely and rate in on a separate set of criteria adjusted to heavy-duty tools or include it here, even if it’s the 5th best rated.

You’d miss out if we didn’t mention it here

We are currently working on a guide that will include best heavy-duty multi-tool reviews that will right this wrong, but we also didn’t want to keep this tool from the eyes of the readers and decided to include it here, too.

The choices


Super Tool 300
Stainless Steel
(leather or nylon pouch)

Super Tool 300
(leather or nylon pouch)





Gerber Dime – best pocket-sized multi-tool

best multi-tool - pocket-size category
Gerber Dime is 2.75 ” long and weighs only 2.2 oz.

It’s by far the best-rated pocket multi-tool but packs serious power and functions (10).

For such a small and light multi-tool, the pliers are a big surprise.

Spring loaded, sturdy and hold position over time. In fact, the contact surface of the pliers touches so precisely that they can be used as tweezers. The jaws also include a wire-cutter which works surprisingly well.

This is not a full-size multi-tool like the Leatherman Wave or heavy-duty like the S300 and is not meant to be used for serious jobs.

But, as an every-day-carry or even as a keychain, it’s dangerously close to perfect. Let’s watch it’s video brief before we move on.


90 sec video brief – Gerber Dime

All ratings of the Dime

Length (in inches)2.7
Weight (in ounces)2.2
Durability (out of 5)4.6
Versatility (out of 5)3.9
Materials (out of 5)4.4
Design (out of 5)4.4
Value for money (out of 5)4.8
Overall Rating4.42

Color choices of the Gerber Dime







Handles – comfy

The handles are ergonomically shaped with a solid grip. They are symmetrical but offer better grip if you holding it with the concave side against your palm.

For a pocket tool, it’s easy to use even by those with hands on the bigger side.


Ergonomic handles make the Dime easy to operate

Flat-head and Phillips driver – as advertised

Just as good and usable as any flat-head of a full-sized multi-tool. Apart from using it as a driver, we tried and successfully used it as scraper or even a pry-bar.

If there’s a downside of the flat-head it’s the fact that it’s relatively short and cannot be extended because it’s placed on the hinge side.

The Phillips driver, on the other hand, can be extended and used for “deeper” jobs because it’s on the “bottom.”


The flat driver of the Dime is not a “deep” tool and will be useful only to easily accessible screws

An issue with the Phillips

The downside of the Phillips is that it is two dimensional which makes it harder to use for more serious jobs.

The Phillips driver is the tip of the file.

The file itself is not very useful, maybe nails or wood – but don’t expect it to hold surface against anything harder.


The Philips driver has a “deep” access because it’s on the bottom side of the tool

Scissors – pretty good


We liked the scissors and so did our featured testers. Just as usable as the ones in full-size tools and do not dull easily.

The design of the scissor handles (broadened adit for the thumb) gives you better control compared to most scissors we’ve used. Good spring-action.


The Blade – nothing to write home about


The steel used for the blade is 3Cr13 so don’t expect it to hold edge like 420HC would, you’ll need to take 20-30 second to sharpen it ever once in a while.

The double beveled edge of the blade is not long but the cutting power is superb. It easily cuts through 99% of materials you might need it for, from paper to plastic and wood.


Package opener – it works


Smart addition of a unique tool found only in handful of pieces out there.

We can’t really say much about it, apart from the fact that it works as advertised and it’s an end to that worn-out joke about needing a knife to unpack a knife.

Finally -all pieces (except the pliers) are outside accessible.

To sum it up – a pocket tool doesn’t get any better than the Gerber Dime.

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Honorary mentions

The tools that were close but didn’t make TOP 5

Victorinox SwissTool Spirit Plus >>3.88 / 5
Leatherman Crunch3.82 /5
Victorinox rambler pocket knife >>3.7 / 5
Gelindo Premium 10-in-1 >>3.7 / 5

Here, we’ll provide an excerpt and a link to the full review of the pieces that didn’t make it to the top 5, but fell short by a slight margin.

About the TOP 5 Choices & our review process


We know, we know…4/5 are Leatherman


It’s one of our fundamental principles that we never receive “testing samples” or any kind of compensation.

We compile the reviews of the best multitool independently and buy the products at retail, much like you would.

We test them ourselves (for the Rc of the steel, brittleness, edge holding against different materials and the quality of each piece included – that means different things for each tool).

After our in-house tests (a few weeks) we pass the multi-tools along to our testers to be used on almost daily basis and receive reports back.

That’s how we keep the process as objective as possible and as close to scientific as possible.

The results & ratings are update every two months and this time the top 4 happened to be all Leatherman models.

We absolutely do NOT favor anybody


Our reviews and ratings are a pool of data we gather from:

  1. Our in-house testing
  2. Reviews and ratings of our featured testers in 5 different quality aspects
  3. Existing users we meet and contact on forums

Contribute to our multi tool reviews
& take part in our giveaway


If you are using a multi-tool and want to share a “slice” of your experience, you can always e-mail us. That would make you a contributor and you’d qualify for our annual give-away in tools and gadgets.

We currently have a handful of contributors so, once a year, pretty much each of them gets some nice pieces. On top of that, we have plans to expand our portfolio into other tools. That means we’ll be sending out tools for testing.

All you have to do is drop us comment below. We’ll get back to you asap, typically within a day.