Hi folks, and Welcome to BestMultiToolKit.com

Morry BanesMy name is Morry Banes and I am just a regular bloke from Tigard, Oregon. I am a husband and a proud father of two little girls: Dolores and Lianna (don’t ask about the names :).

What’ not so regular about me is my passion for tools and especially multi tools. OK, I’m the one calling it a passion and my wife just calls it “crazy”, so I am guessing that you can get a good feel of what’s going on in the Banes home when I talk about it.

My background and current situation:

I worked in a multi tool factory in Portland for  years before I was made redundant along with dozens of my colleagues. Now, I run a small hardware store in Tigard called “Morry’s Durables”, collect multitools and talk about them on this website.

I know the industry inside out and I’ll take the liberty here to brag and say that I am a multi tool expert of sort.

My multi tools collection now counts to the tune of over 120 pieces.

Why I started the website?

I guess you could group my motives into two chunks – selfish and selfless.

Can’t really talk about tools and multi tools around the house any more so I made this website as an outlet for what I love  (that’s the selfish part). The other motives have to do with the fact that I really think I can help people choose the bets multi tools for their needs (that’s the selfless part).

What this means for you?

If you are looking to get a multi tool and have doubts about which one to get, I’m your man. I am packing this website with information and unbiased reviews, so that you can make a smart, informed decision. Basically, I am trying to to the research so you don’t have to.

And that’s it. Those are the three things that I am proud of: my family, my multitool expertise and my beard 🙂

If what I am doing here seems in any way interesting to you, please connect, I love getting to know the people that are into the same stuff.

Use the social thingies below to do that or just shoot me an email:

My best,