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Interview with Colin S. Anderson, Bin There Dump That (USA)

Met Colin on a forum recently. Colin works on his own business for junk & dumpster bins in the US and we immediately figured out we have a lot in common.  In his daily job he gets in contact with a huge range of waste, be it construction leftovers, old appliances, furniture, and pretty much anything

Interview with Jordan Vellutini

Interview with Jordan Vellutini, Westline Electrician Services (Australia) I met Jordan Vellutini on a tradesmen discussion while researching for the best way to fix a few electrical issues I had about 3 months ago. He gave me a handful of invaluable electrician tips and we started our friendly chatter. Later down

Interview Sunday with Dmitar Karamarinov

Interview with Dimitar Karamarinov from 1. Please, tell us a little bit about yourself. First of all, thanks for having me. I am vivid Millenial fascinated with one too many things. I adore everything stylish and elegant, be it wine, suits, ties, ranging to interior decor, craftsmanship, DIY

Interview with Shem Bruce

I met Shem on a recent visit to the UK, about 3 months ago. We got to talking about what we do and, inevitably, the topic of tools came up. I, being the multi-tool geek I am, was thrilled to hear that that Sham is no stranger to the

Leatherman Super Tool 300 review – 2018 update

In this update, Leatherman Super Tool 300 is comfortably ranked 4th overall with the ratings of  4.54 out of 5. This doesn’t come as a surprises since the Super 300 has been a top 5 multi-tool for the better part of last year and half. The Super Tool 200 is currently 14th

Gerber Dime Micro Multi-tool Review- 2018 update

This month’s update of the Gerber Dime review is a milestone for this micro multi-tool. We first reviewed the Dime back in 2013, and for most that time it was the top choice among micro pocket tools but this is the first time that it has actually found its way to the TOP 5

Best Electrician Multi-tool – 2020 update

he old “Tools don’t make you  a good electrician” is still true. But the propper tools, especially a good multi tool for electricians, will make your life a lot easier. We’re sure you’d agree. That’s why we set out to compile this guide about a year and a half ago and we