This is the 3rd update to the guide on best oscillating power multi tools and results you are about to see are opinions of:

  • 8 professional carpenters, 3 of whom our featured testers
  • over 1100 user reviews from around the web

Both of these were used in our rating system that we have been tweaking for over 4 years now, so you can be sure that the tools presented are without a doubt the best the market has to offer at this moment:

Before we move on to explain why an oscillation tool in your shed is a must if you want to call yourself a handyman and then look at each of these babies in more depths, let’s not dilly-dally and LET’S PRESENT THE WINNERS:

ModelRead moreTypeOverall Quality RatingPicture
34 Piece 4.0A Sonicrafter F50 Kitbuttonhome use, pro4.9 / 5Rockwell_RK5141K_Sonicrafter_oscilating_multifunction_power_tool
20V XR Multi Tool Kit - oscillating power toolbuttonhome use, pro4.8 / 5DEWALT_DCS355D1_Lithium_best_seller_power_tool_review
2.5 Amp Variable Speed Oscillating Multi Toolbuttonhome use4.2 / 5Black & Decker Oscillating Multi-Tool
2.5 Amp Oscillating Multi Tool Kitbuttonhome use4.4 / 5PORTER-CABLE PC250MTK Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit
Multi Purpose Oscillating Toolbuttonhome use4.4 / 5Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool

Now, grab a beer and make yourself comfy if you are interested to read what the testers and users reported as PROs and CONs of these tools:

The 34 Piece 4.0A Sonicrafter F50 Kit

Rockwell_RK5141K_Sonicrafter_oscilating_multifunction_power_toolFrom Rockwell

The fact sheet:

  • Comes with Universal Fit System allowing other makers’ accessories to be used
  • Standard package includes 34 different pieces
  • Boasts improved visibility with featured LED light
  • Hyper Lock system prevent blades from slipping
  • With Constant Speed Control for better control of speed-of-cut
  • Vibration-free use with Vibrafree Counterweight
  • Comes with an increased angle of oscillation of 5 degrees
  • One of the best oscillating tools on the market
  • Voltage is 120 volts
  • Does not require batteries

See how its rated on Amazon >>>

PROs – let’s check out some of the positive reviews of this power tool by its users:

  • I just bought this power tool a week ago, and I have to say that it is top of the line. It is up there with some of the biggest names, like Bosch and FEIN. This tool is incredibly powerful, and it speedy while it cuts through plywood.
  • It actually cuts nails in under a second. Also, the hyper lock and the universal fit are amazing. I will certainly buy more from Rockwell, as they have proven to be worthy.
  • The Rockwell Sonicrafter F50 is the best thing to come out of Rockwell’s factories. I used to have an older model from them, and it was good, but I always had issues with having to use special tools to change blades, and not being able to use other makers’ accessories.
  • The new LED lights and the much increased power are just brilliant.
  • This is the first power tool I have ever had. I can’t really compare it to others, but I can give my honest opinion on what I have experienced so far. The entire oscillating tool feels very solid, and very well designed and engineered, as well as beautifully crafted. It is rugged and extremely powerful. The excellent quality blades change swiftly and hassle-free. The housing is sturdy, and very importantly, the manual is very easy to follow

Some of the CONs the users reported:

  • I like this tool very much, except for one thing. The sanding attachment is practically useless. The sanding stuck only the first ten minutes of usage. After that, it was worthless. I am thinking of getting another attachment, because the rest of the set is actually very good.
  • The LED lights are not as bright as you would want…

My thoughts

The 34 Piece 4.0A Sonicrafter F50 Kit from Rockwell is very well built, easy to use, and it was designed with special attention given to safety features. It has some extras that not all of the models on the market offer, like the Universal Fit and the LED light. In addition, this oscillating multi tool with all it offers is very reasonably priced.

Overall Quality Rating 4.9/5.

The 34 Piece 4.0A Sonicrafter F50 Kit review rating

Our testers used it for a variety of jobs – anything from making cutouts (drywall), grout removal  to flooring installation. It met all the challenges without as much as a hiccup. Now we can’t really speak about the longevity and from experience, so we kind of have to opt out by saying that the rating in that category is based on the user reviews.

If you are buying your first power multi tool, or you are a savvy customer, this might be the best power multi tool for you.

Let’s move on from the top rated to the top selling oscillating multi tool.

The 20V XR Multi Tool Kit – oscillating power tool review

DEWALT_DCS355D1_Lithium_best_seller_power_tool_reviewFrom DEWALT

How Dewalt describes it:

  • The brushless motor runs 57% more than the brushed motors
  • Features Quick Change system for faster accessory changes without wrench use
  • Comes with integrated bright LED lights for work surface illumination
  • Features dual-grip speed trigger for improved control and variable speed options
  • Includes accessory set of 28 different pieces
  • It is battery powered (Lithium Ion), and it has received an Energy Star for its innovation
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty
  • Some of the tools include: an oscillating tool, a fast charger, a sanding pad with 25 additional sanding paper sheets, and a universal adaptor for accessories
  • It comes with an additional bag and a storage box for accessories

Read more user reviews on Amazon >>>

The PROs that the users shared:

  • Even though this model isn’t very light, it is easy to use. Controlling this tool is a piece of cake. I don’t even really feel the weight anymore. The spring-loaded mechanism is a great addition.
  • I probably wouldn’t have ever bought this if it had a cord, but I needed a cordless power tool, so I went for this one and I’ve been using it with zero problems for over 6 months now…
  • I didn’t expect to be using it as much as I do. All I needed it was some quick cuts. However, I started using it much more often it hasn’t failed me yet.
  • It is comfortable and very convenient. The blade changing mechanism is intuitive and safe…and I find the lights very useful.
  • I wasn’t sure whether I should buy it or not, because I’m never sure about anything cordless that’s supposed to provide this kind of power. But then I heard from a buddy of mine that all the professionals were going cordless now, and this piece is the first one he mentioned. Packs all the power of a corded tool, without jumping and going around the cables, I’m really happy with the decision…
  • I can’t imagine living without it. It’s amazing. I was thinking about another battery, but I realized it’s not necessary. It works more than a few hours on the one that’s included, and that’s all I need. I used to be a die–hard fan of Klein multi tools, but I seem to have a new favorite.


  • I found out that the universal fit is not that universal. Many of the third party accessories just won’t fit. And I have tried more than a few. That was very disappointing.
  • As a pro contractor, I use mine all the time, and the accessories need constant changing. Even though it is very reliable and well built, the costs are just soaring.

Let’s summarize

First of all, make sure that you read the page on Amazon carefully, especially the part about what’s included and what’s not so that you don’t end up frustrated with the additional  cost for blades and extensions.

Also, anything coming from a reputable company as Dewalt has to deliver at least on the basic promises like the fit and tight lock of the tools. If it doesn’t, it is my opinion that you probably got a faulty product and need to replace it.

DO NOT hesitate to sent it back and ask for a replacement if this happens. You’re the customer, you paid money for it. Luckily, we haven’t seen many of those reports, but we’ve seen just enough to mention this.

Overall Quality Rating 4.8/5.

The 20V XR Multi Tool Kit - oscillating power tool review rating

This oscillating power tool is a very nice addition to anyone’s workshop or a garage. It is very well built, and it is cordless, which is a nice plus. It doesn’t come as a surprise that it’s been the best seller ever since we started following these tools.

The 2.5 Amp Variable Speed Oscillating Multi Tool Review

Black & Decker Oscillating Multi-Toolfrom Black & Decker

The basic info:

  • This oscillating tool comes with 13 different accessories, covering unlimited usage possibilities
  • The speed dial is variable and has 6 different speed options
  • Better control and handling are ensured by optimally designed comfort grips
  • This power tool is a leader in its 2.5 Amp class
  • Accessories change with ease due to introduction of the tool free blade release
  • You will not need a hex key because of the quick release lever feature
  • This tool comes with a two year warranty
  • Some of the tools include: a wood and metal blade, a rigid scraper blade, and a sanding base with additional 12 sheets of sandpaper
  • Also included are the storage bag and the quick start guide

People who own this tool shared this on Amazon >>>

The PROs:

  • I never really liked Black & Decker until I got this power tool. And the only reason I did it was this crazy low price. I have to admit, it’s not half bad…especially at that price…
  • The blade release is really practical. And the ergonomics is quite nice as well and I like the wood blade as well, it cuts very cleanly. Add a two year warranty to all this, it’s a solid offer.
  • I’ll just say it works just as advertised
  • I didn’t think it would serve me this well. I am in awe of the quick change blade feature. Makes my life a lot easier.

The CONs we’ve seen:

  • I got this tool as a gift for my birthday. It’s very bulky and clumsy. What really bothers me is the sanding pad, which is awful. It vibrates more than seems necessary, and even the screws pop out because of it.
  • It’s amazing that this thing stopped working just a few days after the warranty expired…
  • Their customer service is utterly unprofessional. The woman who talked to me on the phone actually hung up on me when I asked a simple question. And then she wouldn’t answer my other call. It’s unacceptable.
  • One thing I mind about it is that it works only with Black & Decker, which are hard to find, or universal Rockwell blades. I would prefer if I could use any other universal blade.

Comments and ratings

You get what you pay for and for the asking price of this tool, it does deliver. It’s not as well crafted and put together as the two previous tools we looked at and it’s not supposed to be. For smaller jobs it is just fine.

Don’t expect it to last forever and if you are a professional or plan on using the tool on regular basis, you would probably be better off with one of the two previous entries on the list.

Overall Quality Rating 4.4/5.

The 2.5 Amp Variable Speed Oscillating Multi Tool Review rating

It features all the basic tools that an average guy would need with some light work around the house. If you are looking to have a power tool around for some unexpected light work, this might be the tool for you.

The 2.5 Amp Oscillating Multi Tool Kit

PORTER-CABLE PC250MTK Oscillating Multi-Tool Kitfrom PORTER-CABLE

People at PORTER-CABLE say that their product:

  • Comes with 36 different accessories included, as well as a kit box
  • No wrenches or bolts need when changing accessories
  • High torque provided by a powerful 2.5 Amp engine
  • Features a 10 feet long cord
  • Speed control offer variable speed options
  • Comes with 3 years of limited warranty

Read complete user reviews on Amazon >>

The positives shared by the users:

  • This is one of the two different power tools I own. I like it better overall, and especially because of the quick blade change.
  • I haven’t had any problem with the blades whatsoever. The rest of the tool is very well built, too. Mine has been through hell with me and it is still unscratched.
  • I’ve had this model for a year now, and I have to admit I really like it. I’ve mostly used it for cutting drywall, and it worked perfectly. Its advantage over handheld drywall saws is the eliminated risk of snagging the wires from the walls.

The negative feedback – the CONs:

  • I ordered this tool so I could do some sanding around the house, specifically the window frames, and I was really disappointed. After nearly one hour of use, the plastic hooks holding the sanding paper started causing the problem. They wouldn’t hold the paper any longer. After just one hour…this tool is completely useless.
  • The blades feel like trying to cut through a wall with a butter knife…
  • Unlike some people from the reviews I’ve read, I find the blades awful. Unlike the blades in some other more serious models which are made in Switzerland or the US, these are made in China. They are not toughened, or anything and they ruined the entire experience…

The verdict and the ratings

This oscillating multi tool seems attractive on paper, but when you look at the feedback, the discrepancies between the positive and the negative are huge. At the price this low, you have to wonder every smart buyer will wonder where are the compromises that the manufacturer made (and at this price, there simply must be some).

We found that the compromises in quality were the most obvious in the quality of the finish materials and the blades. For the price, we wouldn’t mind the finish quality but as far as our fellow.

Anyway, Overall Quality Rating for this Porter-Cable is 4.4/5.

The 2.5 Amp Oscillating Multi Tool Kit review rating

As far as we are concerned, it’s good enough for one-off projects or occasional use but don’t expect this to be the centerpiece of your shed or garage.

The Multi Purpose Oscillating Tool

Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating ToolFrom Genesis

Genesis says that their product is:

  • Designed for home repair, restoration, and remodeling
  • Achieves up to 21000 oscillations per minute
  • Made for sanding, scraping, grinding, and cutting
  • The housing is made from die-cast aluminum
  • Some of the accessories include sandpaper, a Delta sanding pad (3 inch), scraping blade, an allen wrench, and a lot more

See its Amazon ratings here >>>


  • I got mine to help me finish the flooring job I am doing myself. It has proven to be better than some of the more expensive stuff I have tried so far.
  • I used my neighbor’s oscillating tool all the time, so I decided to get one myself. I didn’t want to spend as much money as he did, so I got a more reasonably priced one. I love my Genesis Oscillating Tool. It does the job as well as my neighbor’s tool, which is 4 times as expensive. I don’t know if it will last as long as his, but what the heck, I can get another one any time I want.
  • For the price, this is a good power tool, I’ve been using it for 6 months and haven’t noticed a significant difference between this and my previous B&D, which was way more expesive…


  • Unfortunately, if you plan to use yours a lot, it won’t last you very long. Mine broke down after only a year of regular use. My advise would be to spend some more money and get a better power tool, one that’ll last.
  • The sand paper holder is not very well designed and it’s practically useless. Considering how one of the main features of this power tool is sanding, this comes like a huge surprise…

Let’s sum up

This Genesis offers very specific features, it’s primarily intended for sanding, scraping, and grinding. However, not everyone has been full of praise for its performance. Some of the most negative feedback was directed towards it main purposes – sanding.

Overall Quality Rating 4.4/5.

The Multi Purpose Oscillating Tool review rating

A well built tool and it does look good, but it is our opinion that there’s lees to this tool that meets the eye. Still god for occasional use and small jobs around the house, but that’s pretty much it. Doesn’t really compete with the Rockwell and the Dewalt.

Best power oscillating multifunction tools guide – the conclusions

The Rockwell and the Dewalt  have been “bouncing” back and forth in our updates between the 1st and 2nd place and if you had the patience to read through the reviews, you understand why.

The rest of the power tools on this list are solid products and deserve their place in the top 5, but there’s more make-up than substance in some of those than we like to see.

With that said, if you want something reliable and lasting, something that you’ll brag about the next time your buddy comes over – the choice is obvious.

Stay smart and safe,