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Best Electrician Multi-tool – 2020 update

he old “Tools don’t make you  a good electrician” is still true. But the propper tools, especially a good multi tool for electricians, will make your life a lot easier. We’re sure you’d agree. That’s why we set out to compile this guide about a year and a half ago and we

Best Sog Multi Tool Reviews -TOP 3 – 2018 update

OG was the one major brand of multi tools that we addressed last on our website. This guide on best SOG multitools was first put together with the help of our testers just over a year ago. It’s only after pooling the testing data and putting together that first guide that we realized just

Best Gerber Multi Tools

If we are to believe the Gerber Company, their tools are unstoppable and unbreakable, but we are not taking that for granted here, we will provide the list of the best Gerber multi tools but each of those scrutinized by user reviews. It seems that most people are inclined to believe them, according to

Best Leatherman Multi Tools

Today we delve into the subject of the best Leatherman multi tool. Welcome to my ultimate guide for all multi tool aficionados, especially fans of Leatherman. Outlines of my method Over the years I’ve developed a special method for grading different multi tools, and making the lists of the ones