Best Gerber Multi Tools

If we are to believe the Gerber Company, their tools are unstoppable and unbreakable, but we are not taking that for granted here, we will provide the list of the best Gerber multi tools but each of those scrutinized by user reviews.

It seems that most people are inclined to believe them, according to the number of satisfied customers each year and the fact that our troops chose Gerber. Welcome to the quest for the best Gerber multi tool.

How this guide works?

  • I’ve filtered all Gerber multi tools through my statistical grading system
  • This is the system – I’ve read all the reviews I could possibly find, contacted a number of owners/users, and applied my knowledge and experience to shape that information into a final top 6 list.

First, I’ll show you the winners of my trials. Later on we’ll meet every contender a little better through a dedicated digest review.

Top 6 Gerber multi tools

ModelRead moreOverall Quality RatingPicture
Gerber 22-41545 black diesel multi plierbutton4.5 / 5Gerber 22-41545 Black Diesel Multi-Plier with Sheath 1
Gerber 07550 needlenose multi plier 600button4.5 / 5Gerber 07550 Needlenose Multi-Plier 600, Black 3
Gerber Blunt Norebutton4 / 5Gerber 07520 Multi-Plier 600 Blunt Nose 3
Gerber 31-001047 Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Packbutton4.5 / 5Gerber 31-001047 Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Pack with Multitool 4
Gerber 22-01470 Diesel multi plierbutton4.5 / 5Gerber 22-01470 Diesel Needlenose Multi-plier 5
Gerber 30-000140 crucialbutton4.5 / 5Gerber 30-000140 Crucial Tool 6

Digest reviews (in depth view of the top 6)

Let me just introduce you to the procedure I undergo within these reviews.

First, we’ll introduce some basic product specs from the manufacturer. We follow up with user experiences, divided in PROs and CONs sections. I’ll write a little review summary in the end, and we go to the next product. Simple enough, right?

Gerber 22-41545 black diesel multi plier review

Gerber 22-41545 Black Diesel Multi-Plier with Sheath 1

Let’s apply the schematics I’ve just shared with you. We begin with basic specification, provided by the company:

  • Includes needlenose pliers, can/bottle opener, small/medium/large flat screwdrivers, partially serrated blade, wire cutter, scissors, cross-point screwdriver, saw and file
  • One handed opening
  • Fully locking blades mechanism
  • 6.61” long, 4.92 when closed. 8.6 ounces of weight
  • Lifetime warranty

This Gerber multi tool warranty for life certainly tips the scales in its favor. It brings out the feeling of one really standing behind its product. But we’ll know more once we take a look at some of the pleasant experiences the customers had to share with us.

First PROs section of the guide:

  • This Gerber Diesel multi tool seemed a bit lightweight for what I had in mind at first. I’ve bought it anyway, since some of my trusted friends spoke very highly of it. After testing it out in the field, I can only say it’s a flawless multi tool. I was mostly concerned about the strength of the pliers, needlessly, it turned out. They are perfect for delicate electronic work, and for some hard-core nuts and bolts cranking. The snips are awesome, and I snipe fishing line to some heavy-gauge wire without a hitch. My recommendation for sure
  • These one-handed pliers handling really works great. Nothing but a little flick of my wrist, and I’m good to go.
  • I’m in the military, and this Gerber Diesel multi tool just has endless uses for me daily. When I’m cleaning my rifle, and no cleaning rod to be found within reach, I use the pliers head. I also use it to retrieve my meal when MRE heather is belching some gases at me. I use the scissors to cut me some 550 cord, or just some annoying piece of string on my ACUs.
  • File comes in when I need to smooth out some piece of metal to prevent it from tearing my skin or clothing. Sign out of a piece of cardboard, no problem, here’s the knife blade…
  • This little device in indispensable, I just flick my wrist, and we’re in business mode. I don’t always carry a knife, but I never go anywhere without my Gerber. It’s the best Gerber multi tool in my humble opinion. It works like a charm, and I’ve given it hell
  • I literally use this tool daily. Whether to cut through some zip-ties, taking care of some stuck screws or simply cut something with my scissors. Scissors are also the most important function for me on this tool. They’re sharp, strong, and they fold up very nicely. This multi tool made my daily life so much easier I can’t even put it into words
  • I have this tool for a long time now. I would just like to point out it hasn’t rusted one bit in all this time. I think it has something to do with the black coating since all my other tools without it show some minimal signs of rust

Let’s hear some of the CONs, for the first time:

  • I was really excited that I could just flick my new Gerber Diesel multi tool, and open it. The pliers were a little stiff at the start though. It took like 10-15 openings to make it smoother, but now it works perfectly
  • This multi tool left a black residue all over my hands when I first unpacked it. I know it’s common for black coated tools to do that, so I just rinsed it completely, and wiped it afterwards. No more black trails on my hands after that

Review resume

This Gerber scored 4.5/5 in the Overall Quality Score, that says a lot.

Click here to read more reviews on Amazon>>

Gerber 07550 needlenose multi plier 600 review

Gerber 07550 Needlenose Multi-Plier 600 2

As the “tradition” of the website already dictates, let’s see what the company promises us:

  • 14-in-1, fully locking tools mechanism
  • Needlenose pliers, screwdrivers, tools for cutting/wire handling, and much more
  • One-handed pliers opening, with a flick of a wrist
  • Handle is stainless steel made, coated with black oxide
  • Includes sheath produced out of ballistic nylon

PROs, directly from the users:

  • High-quality Gerber creation. Awesome main blade, super sharp and very functional. I enjoy the appearance of this tool also. It was a great pleasure dealing with this company. Pleasant people, responsive and helpful. Exquisite product and good service to match
  • I’ve read reviews of different multi tools for 6 months before zoning in on this bad boy. It’s beautiful, and I’m satisfied with the tool selection. Built to last, and you feel the strength while holding it. The blade is razor sharp, and I especially like the locking mechanisms for the tools. It keeps them locked in place, so there will be no more pinched fingers of mine
  • It’s very incognito tool cause of its black powder finish. Also, very practical. Sharpest blade ever, and needlenose pliers are working like a charm. I’m not in the military, my work lies in the field, and I’m using this tool every day
  • It feels very weighty and solid in my hand. The pliers deploy very quickly, and I got the hang of it after some getting to know it period. A better grip provided by pliers than I hoped for, and a locking mechanism hold everything nicely in place

CONs, from some less than satisfied users:

  • When I unpacked this tool, it covered my hands in some black residue. It’s easy enough to rinse and wipe the tool off however, and get rid of the residue once and for all
  • This tool just feels a bit loose. My friends told me it was on purpose, so it could continue on functioning, even with some dirt or whatever caught between the parts. After some use, I fell how sturdy this tool is, and the overall looseness doesn’t reduce the functionality one bit
  • The pliers used to be a little stiffer when I bought this tool. The opening wasn’t as smooth as it is now. But after a while it all became as it should be. Now I deploy the pliers quickly and efficiently

Review resume:

If I had to choose, this would be my favorite Gerber. I have two of these, one to keep in tacked for the collection and one to use.

Total Quality Score of 4.5/5.

100s reviews more for this Gerber can be found on Amazon>>

Gerber Blunt Nose review

Gerber 07520 Multi-Plier 600 Blunt Nose 3

Let’s continue the good practice of hearing out the manufacturer first:

  • Black oxide coating, non reflective
  • Carbide cutters, blunt nose pliers, wire crimper/cutter, serrated/fine edge knife, small/medium/flat and cross point screwdriver, can opener, lanyard ring
  • One handed pliers opening
  • Carbide cutters are interchangeable
  • 6.38” in length, 4.88” closed
  • Included ballistic nylon sheath

Very impressive, but let’s hold our enthusiasm until we read some of the things users have to say.


  • I’m a mechanic and an aircraft one at that. I own a lot of tools, and this is one of my favorite ones. The black oxide finish doesn’t flake off, even after some pretty heavy use. I can’t express how convenient the one handed opening is for me. I also like how carbide wire cutters/strippers are 3 sided. When and if one gets a bit dull, just unscrew it and rotate. I can’t give this tool enough praise, I would pay double anytime, it’s that good
  • This is a so called Gerber flick multi-tool. I really like the one handed flick action, as it saves me a lot of time during the day. It’s built very nicely, and of some strong materials. No complaints whatsoever
  • The blades are very sharp, and those turnable carbide cutters are great for cutting wires on my farm. I even got a sight tool. M-16 type of sight seems to be its game
  • I’m working as a full time maintenance in one large hotel. I always carry this tool on my belt, and I’m able to fix everything on the fly with it. It saves me the trouble of getting my whole tool bag so that I could change out some leaky faucets, or tighten a couple of loose screws. Included Gerber multi tool sheath is very convenient and not bulky at all. It’s a lifesaver, plus when I deploy the pliers, it all sounds and looks cool


  • The pliers came of a little stiff, when I deployed them for the first couple of times. It got much smoother after that break in period
  • Black residue all over my hands when I got this tool unpacked. I washed it immediately wiped it clean, and it leaves black marks no more

Review resume of the Gerber Blunt nose

OQR (Overall Rating) is a high 4/5.

Go here to see a full set of user-reviews on Amazon>>

This is a heavy duty multi tool and from the “feel” I got when reading the reviews, the rating would be even better is the people like how the blunt nose pliers looked like.

Gerber 31-001047 Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Pack

Gerber 31-001047 Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Pack with Multitool 4

The specifications:

  • 12 in 1. Includes wood saw, wire cutters, pliers, and muck more
  • Locking mechanism for all the components, ensuring dependability and safety
  • High LED output tempo flashlight. Single AAA battery provides 4 hours of running time
  • Sturdy construction of the flashlight, anodized aluminum body
  • Reliable fire starter
  • Textured plastic sheath


  • I went on a snowshoe tour last winter, ad got separated from the group. The adrenaline was really pumping at that moment, and it was a terrifying experience, even though it lasted only a couple of hours. This kit proved to be the real deal. The flashlight worked perfectly, and the fire starter got me out of that mess. All in all, I would buy it all over again
  • It’s a great tool. I like the flashlight particularly as you can see pretty far into the dark with it
  • I really like this Gerber multitool sheath. It’s nicely textured, durable and very heavy duty. The closure strap is more rubbery, and the best thing is, I don’t have to remove my belt to put this sheath on
  • The blades and other tools are great quality and come out lightning fast. Locking mechanism is a must of course. The rubber coating gives this tool a nice grip in all possible conditions. The fire starter gave me some nice sparks, and the sheath looks like it can take a beating and make it out alive


  • The flashlight has only 1 LED that’s 6 lumens. It’s pretty bright, but I’d like a bit more power
  • It’s made in China. The quality is surprisingly high though, but I still prefer tools made in the US

Review resume

This Gerber has received a 4.5/5 rating, obviously a well deserved place on the list of best Gerbers. features a lot more experiences directly from the users>>

These kind of tools is why I have the system in place to exclude my bias. I generally don’t like names tied to a product, especially names like Bear Grylls.


Because I believe that perception of a product plays a huge role. But this product stood it’s ground in the user reviews, Bear or no-Bear. If somebody says that that they’ve been using a multi tool for a year and it’s still stands as strong as the first day, there’s no “perception” or bias there.

Gerber 22-01470 Diesel multi plier

Gerber 22-01470 Diesel Needlenose Multi-plier 5

Gerber goes first:

  • Whole toolbox inside your pocket
  • Patented opening with one hand
  • Sliding and lock buttons now with refined styling
  • Includes ballistic nylon sheath
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Mine included some extra Gerber multi tool parts. The pliers are just a breeze for deploying, just a one-handed flick. It has a great bit set, equipping me for any situation
  • I do a lot of wiring, and these wire cutters provide for some smooth and clean cutting
  • The blades are really sharp, hold the edge nicely, and will cut through almost anything. I use the saw blade to cut through wood and plastic without any problem
  • The scissors included in this tool are bigger than in the other models I own, and I use the every day for a ton of work. Very sharp and durable
  • Gerber multi-tool warranty is really something else. I mean a lifetime of warranty is saying they’re pretty damn sure their product is indestructible. I must say I agree


  • The tool was a little tight at first. I’ve used a tad of graphite powder to quicken that break in process a bit, and now it’s all smooth sailing

Review resume


This is a 4.5 / 5 star rating multi tool.

You can check out more of what customers had to say directly on Amazon>>

Gerber 30-000140 crucial Review

Gerber 30-000140 Crucial Tool 6

I saved the people’s favorite for last, so let’s get on with it and hear it from the company one last time:

  • Lightweight and very compact design, it will carry like an ordinary pocket knife
  • Emergency situations essential tools inside
  • Drop point blade, clip knife specially styled with technology of the liner lock
  • Larger components will provide optimal functionality
  • 8 essential tools: ½” serrated blade, carabiner clip, pliers, v-cut wire cutter, cross head screwdriver, medium flat driver, bottle opener and a pocket clip
  • 4.8 x 2.2 x 2.1”, 3.2 ounces


  • It’s very light, low profile and extremely easy and comfortable for carrying. It basically looks like a pocket knife when folded, and revealing the multiple essential multi tools when opened
  • The blade is very sharp and semi-serrated. It deploys very quickly and is immediately locked in position
  • I like all these carrying options. I can use the belt clip, or the carabiner to hang it anywhere, or I can simply put it in y pocket. I hardly know it’s there. Excellent tool!
  • It’s just one intricate metal construction. No plastic whatsoever!
  • I mostly use the Phillips screwdriver, doing some of the finer tasks. The serrated blade doesn’t look aggressive, but it’s a high quality blade, and it will get the job done.  Carabiner that opens bottles is kind of funny sounding, but it works perfectly. This is a pack of essential tools in one small pocket knife. Mindful of that, this is a marvel of multi tool design


  • I get the point, but I still miss some of the tools. File, corkscrew or even a toothpick. I like to have it all. But for a tool that only promises essentials, I guess it delivers
  • I can’t do some heavier work with this multi tool
  • It all works fine, and it’s a nice looking tool. But I don’t care for looks. I wished it had a bigger reach with the Phillips screwdriver, and stronger pliers, so I could put some real pressure into it
  • A locking mechanism for closed blade would be a welcomed addition

Review resume of Gerber Crucial


Overall Quality Rating of 4.5/5 and one of the most sought-after multi tool out there. That’s why it goes out of stock so often.

Click here to see if it’s in stock on Amazon in this moment>>

Final thoughts

Gerber is one of the two America’s most trusted makers of multi tools. The fact alone that the army trusts them for their supplies of multi tools peaks more than I could say if I blabbered for two more pages.

We have our winners of best Gerbers on the market right now, we have our ratings, we saw what the users are saying.

Now, it all comes down to your needs and taste.

Stay Safe,


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