Best Leatherman Multi Tools

Today we delve into the subject of the best Leatherman multi tool. Welcome to my ultimate guide for all multi tool aficionados, especially fans of Leatherman.

Outlines of my method

Over the years I’ve developed a special method for grading different multi tools, and making the lists of the ones that came out on top.

  • I read all the multi tools reviews I can possibly find, contact the customers personally, and apply my year’s long experience and knowledge to come up with ratings in 5 different categories
  • I rinse and repeat the process to come up with what I call an Overall Quality Rating
  • I update the list every two months just to keep the ratings fresh

The end result is the list of the best products of a certain kind the market has to offer at any given moment. I update my lists bimonthly, so I can keep you up to date at all times.

First, I’ll show you the top 5 Leatherman contenders, and then we’ll get to know all of them a little better, in their dedicated digest review.

Top 5 Leatherman multi tools

ModelRead moreOverall Quality RatingPicture
Leatherman charge TTibutton5 / 5Leatherman Charge TTi Multi-Tool with Leather Sheath and Bit Kit
Leatherman 830040 new wave multi toolbutton5/ 5Leatherman 830040 New Wave Multi-Tool with Nylon Sheath 2
Leatherman Wingman multi toolbutton4 / 5Leatherman Wingman Multi Tool 3
Skeletool CX multi toolbutton4.5 / 5Leatherman 830850 Skeletool CX Multitool 4
Leatherman rebar multi toolbutton4.5 / 5Leatherman 831544 RebarMulti-Tool 5

Digest reviews

Here’s how my digest reviews of these multi tools look like.

First, we’ll hear what the manufacturer promises us, when it comes to a certain product. We read some product specification. Then we’ll see if that story makes any sense by showing some of the good and bad experiences, directly from the users.

Leatherman charge TTi

Leatherman 830685 Charge TTi with Nylon Sheath 1

First, we’ll read the company fact sheet of the tool:

  • S30V stainless steel crafted blade with TTi clip point, for optimal flexibility, retention and the hardness of the edge
  • Premium alloyed titanium handles, very lightweight and resistant to corrosion
  • Very effective cutting hook
  • Customizable bit selection for any screwdriver activity
  • Blades are all locking and easy to use
  • 25 year warranty

Now we’ll put the specs to the test by listening to what users have to say about the charge.

First let’s hear some of the pleasant experiences:

  • This tool offers everything I need in a multi tool. The blades are very sharp, and they hold an edge quite nicely. The cutting hook will slice through almost anything like it’s butter. I especially like the overall feel of the tool, it’s so light but sturdy at the same time. I would recommend this piece to anyone in need of a good multi tool, which is pretty much everyone
  • I like how all the tools are tightly squeezed into the frame, and don’t become loose after some serious use. I also have Leatherman oht multi tool, and I couldn’t be more happy with my choice. They are very effective at what they do, and practically indestructible
  • Blades, files and saw are the tools that set this piece apart. Don’t get me wrong, all the other tools are great too, but these are my personal favorites. Blades will cut through solid rock, saw actually cuts for change, and the files are very effective too. I use it almost daily, and it was a very good investment on my part
  • Charge TTi had the role of replacing my Leatherman wave multi tool. Pound for pound, it packs a whole bunch of different tools in a nice, clean looking package. The blade made of S30V steel makes this blade one of the best knives I’ve ever used. Some dedicated knives included. Lots of functionality in the pliers department, and the main/serrated blade, file and saw are accessible without the need for opening the tool. It’s the best Leatherman multi tool I’ve used, and I’m just glad I bought it
  • This tool is the masterpiece of engineering. It feels very solid, has precise movements, and the tools are very strong and sharp. This is the best Leatherman multi tool, and a Rolls Royce when it comes to this little gadgets

And now for some less pleasant impressions:

  • I don’t like the fact it’s not made in USA. The tool I got was really well made, but I really would like if Leatherman assembled locally at least some of the more prominent models
  • Based on the name of this multi tool, I would like if at least some of the tools were made out of titanium. And I really don’t understand the reason this isn’t the case. Well, maybe they’ll make a special edition one day, here’s hoping
  • I would love if there were some sort of release mechanism for the file. I could then use it for sharpening of the main knife
  • Secure torx screws were used to put this piece together. I’ve been using this multi tool for 2 years now, and nothing ever came loose, but I still think this was a mistake.

Review resume

Overall Quality Score of full 5 stars. I’ve given only a few of these in years of writing these reviews.

Have no doubt that people had a lot more experiences to share online than represented here, and you can read them all on Amazon:

Go straight to the website for more reviews and information>>

Charge TTi is an industry classic and that has been the case for years. With the way this piece is made, I don’t see anything changing there any time soon.

Leatherman 830040 new wave multi tool

Leatherman 830040 New Wave Multi-Tool with Nylon Sheath 2

We continue with our practice of firstly hearing out the manufacturer’s specification:

  • All blades are locking for increased safety, 4 outside tools are one hand accessible
  • Featuring 2 knives, 2 pliers, scissors, saw, 2 wire cutters, wire stripper, 2 bit drivers, can/bottle opener, 2 files, 2 double ended bits, ruler
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Including multi tool sheath made of nylon
  • 6.3” open, 4” closed. 8.5 ounces
  • 25 year warranty

Now let’s check the company’s promises by filtering them through the experiences of the customers.

First the PROs:

  • I love this tool! All of the tools inside lock perfectly in place, so I no longer have to fear for my fingers. This Leatherman wave multi tool, or the new wave, I should say comes with some excellent removable driver bits. No job they can’t handle and I would pay in platinum the weight of a little screwdriver for eyeglasses. Accessible blades with fully closed tool are a feature that reminds me of the old wave, oh the memories. It’s a great tool, and I don’t separate from it ever
  • I put all of my tools through some real hard core abuse. This little guy has the stamina of any other dedicated tool. It get’s a job done perfectly, and I like the new ergonomic feel to it. It’s also much easier to handle with one hand then its older version
  • I always use the optional clip for my belt, and I use it almost every hour, when I’m working, or hanging around my boat. The locking blades bring me that extra feeling of safety, plus, they’re on the outside, and I can make them open using only one hand
  • This is the best Leatherman multi tool in my book! It has a very carefully selected rugged tools, it’s very solid and compact. The knives are just superb, scissors are well made, and I’ve spent only 20 bucks to buy an additional set of 22 bits for the bit tool. There’s no job in the world this little guy can’t do
  • I was very pleased to hear that they used steel of better grade than for the original. I also like the new screwdrivers, very cool and useful. NW is overall a superior product

Time for the CONs:

  • The only thing I didn’t like about this improved version of the Leatherman wave multi tool is the fact that it’s a bit bulkier than the original
  • Cheesy nylon sheath is the one thing that really stings my eyes. The sheath holds surprisingly nicely though
  • Better product than the original in all aspects, except the scissors. They are a little less powerful and sharp this time around. Smaller too. They will cut through anything the old ones would, don’t get me wrong. You’ll just have a little tougher time doing it

Review resume


One more Leatherman with a Quality Score of full 5 stars. That’s a testament to why Leatherman is the industry standard for decades now.

If you want to see more PROs and CONs, different opinions and more product specs, you should go to Amazon and get all the necessary information in one place:

Continue to the website>>

Leatherman Wingman multi tool digest review

Leatherman Wingman Multi Tool 3


Specifications as by Leatherman:

  • includes combo knife, pliers (regular and needlenose, both spring action), two files (wood and metal) bottle and can opener, sturdy scissors
  • high quality wire cutters
  • Constructed out of 100% stainless steel


  • The wingman is one nicely built multi tool. I like that it’s so twist resistant in situations where some of my other multi tools would look like a pretzel
  • It has a nice balance of heft and comfort while in my pocket. It also feels very smooth, and with more than comfortable finish when I hold it
  • It’s a great looking tool. And great locking, which is far more important. All of the tools are locked in place perfectly until you release them. I don’t need to worry about my fingers no more
  • Just after the Hurricane Katrina, I spent a couple of months, doing rescue work in the disaster area. I can’t tell you how useful this tool was during that period. I heavily used both of the knives, and they were up to the task. Always a keen edge and razor sharp. Wirecutter and pliers were a godsend too, as was the saw blade. My wave performed when it really mattered, and I couldn’t be more pleased with it


  • The only thing that I could think of is the price. It’s a bit higher, but I do believe you pay what you get. So, this is the price of high quality multi tool, I would say
  • This Leatherman is just too heavy for me. I’m into some smaller multi tools, and this one wasn’t sitting comfortably in my pocket

Review resume


Overall Quality Rating of 4/5 stars and one of the most affordable pieces on this list.

If you can’t quite make up your mind still, you can always consult more user-feedback on

Follow this link to its web page>>

Skeletool CX multi tool

Leatherman 830850 Skeletool CX Multitool 4Skeletool is a scary name. Let’s see if the tool matches it.

The manufacturer states, as follows:

  • Handles made of stainless steel, handle scale with carbon fiber with scratch- resistant coating (Tungsten DLC)
  • Outside accessible blades for easy, one hand opening. Just like your favorite pocket knife
  • Bit driver technology for customizing the tool, making it fit for any job
  • Very lightweight, mere five Ounces
  • 25 years warranty

Now, when someone is offering a 25 years warranty for anything, you need to take that man’s words into account.

Let’s start with the PROs:

  • This tool is definitely manufactured with versatility in mind. It can accomplish just about anything you need it for. The blades are razor sharp, and they open easily. I like how I can use it just as I would my everyday pocket knife. It’s a definite must have if you’re asking me
  • When I first read how “versatile” this toll is, I thought it’ll be this bulky contraption overstuffed with different blades and screwdrivers that I’ll actually never get to use. Boy was I wrong. It’s not about the tool count here, it’s about how well thought of they are. Every tool is highly customizable to fit your bill perfectly, and it really shows how quality beats quantity
  • It’s very lightweight and slim, considering the utility it offers. It features 2 carry clips. First, standard on the side is removable, and I say 2, because I’m using the carabiner to hang it on my belt. It leaves me with empty pockets and no annoying pouches all around my belt
  • It’s deploying its tools faster than any other tool I’ve seen
  • I just love how elegant and classy this tool looks. It has a great finish, and the quality is almost tangible, I swear. It’s sturdy and durable as I had mine for some time now and not even a scratch on it
  • This is by far the best Leatherman multi tool I’ve bought so far. I use all of the tools, and they all work perfectly. The blade is sharp and well situated ergonomically for cutting, hinges holding the pliers don’t become loose at all, the screwdrivers are a must in my business, and I use a wire cutter/stripper like crazy. All in all, an awesome buy and recommendation from me

Now for some CONs:

  • The pocket clip on this tool will wear gradually a spot on the clipping place in your pocket. No biggie, just mentioning it
  • I can’t use this multi tool for some of the more demanding jobs. I guess one shouldn’t really expect for one tiny gadget to replace you tool bag anyway
  • No serrated blade

Review resume


Overall Quality Rating of 4.5/5 stars and a piece with a very good value for money balance.

More about this “bare necessities” multi tool can be found on the following link:

Go to for more info>>

Leatherman rebar multi tool

Leatherman 831544 RebarMulti-Tool 5

We’re down to our last one. Still, we have a protocol to maintain, so let’s get to the Leatherman’s specification:

  • 15 in 1
  • Larger, strong pliers
  • Needlenose pliers
  • Premium steel wire cutters (replaceable)
  • Serrated and straight blade, file, saw, reamer with sewing eye, bottle and can opener, 2 flat, and a Phillips screwdriver
  • Black oxide finish
  • 25 years guarantee


Leatherman rebar multi tool is much more lightweight than I would assume, and very easy to carry. I’m usually carrying mine in my jeans pocket without any problem. It’s a very nice looking tool also, with a touch of modern lines and touches, like tolls with locking mechanism. This little guy is rock solid, and it’s backed up by some pretty heavy guarantee

  • Just a perfect tool for my needs. I am stuck in a wheelchair, and I am constantly in need of some minor repairs, just to assure my own mobility. This is the best Leatherman multi tool for my needs as it has all the tools I could ever want and lacks the ones I wouldn’t use anyway
  • I’ve lost my Leatherman surge multi tool, and needed a new one. So, I decided to give rebar a try, after reading tons of good reviews from the people that bough it. All I can say is, all the reviews were true! This is one hell of a tool. It’s indestructible, easy to use, functional, and has all the right tools for the job I need it to do
  • It’s very well made. Tools are not loose, even after some extensive use of the piece. The blades are sharp, saw cuts really well, and I like the locking mechanism a lot. I don’t get why all the multi tools in the world don’t have this option. Replaceable cutters are a really nice touch, and the overall compactness is stupefying.
  • It’s just the right size and super beautiful. There’s something about the black tools that just works for me. It’s so thin and compact, it almost surprises me with all the functionality packed within


  • I like this tool, but I really miss a pair of good scissors.
  • As with any black oxide covered tool, this one also leaves black marks o your hands right out of the box. I just rinse it really well, wipe it dry, and problem solved

Review resume


Overall Quality Rating of 4.5/5 stars. Best suited for those who put practicality first and looks and everything else second.

More about the sheer performance, versatility, and quality of this Leatherman’s product can be found on Amazon: 

Click here to go there>>

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ll find this guide useful up to some extent. It offers you the top 5 best Leatherman multi tools the market has to offer. I’ll put my reputation behind this claim anytime.

Take care,


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