Best Sog Multi Tool Reviews -TOP 3 – 2018 update

SOG was the one major brand of multi tools that we addressed last on our website. This guide on best SOG multitools was first put together with the help of our testers just over a year ago.

It’s only after pooling the testing data and putting together that first guide that we realized just how wrong we were.

We now honestly believe that SOG is one of the top 2 multi-tool companies that offers the best value for money in their pieces.

Best-rated SOG – the Powerlock EOD Black Oxide with compound leverage


SOG compound leverage – twice the force of regular pliers

Compound leverage design of the SOG multi-tools is unique for the brand. We don’t even see it in multi-tools that cost twice or trice as much.


Compound leverage is unique for SOG multi-tools – it’s otherwise only found in dedicated pliers

How it works – some simple physics

A compound lever is actually a pretty simple mechanism and an everyday example of it are your nail clipper.

It works around the premise that the resistance of one lever acts as power for the next, thus amplifying the force you excreted on the first lever.

You don’t need to understand it – all you need to know is that the pliers in SOG multi-tools will give you twice as much power for the same pressure on the handles.

This month’s update on best SOG multi-tools – nothing to write home about

Since last year (that’s 6 bi-monthly updates) two tools have been dominating the category with very close ratings but never leaving the TOP 3.

Let’s see the results and the ratings of the tools side by-by-side.


3 Top-rated Sog Multi-tools

Current ratings
Price comparison
& Amazon Ratings
SOG PowerLock EOD
Black Oxide

See the Amazon Ratings
of the PowerLock EOD here >>


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SOG PowerAssist

See the Amazon Ratings
of the PowerAssist here >>


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SOG PowerDuo Black

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of the PowerDuo here >>


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Let’s take a minute to watch some “SOG TV”

The videos you are about to see are a must-watch to better understand what you’ll see in the rest of the guide.

It’s short, 90 seconds videos that will demonstrate pretty much all the basics you need to know about the multi-tools.




90 sec SOG PowerLock and PowerAssist features demo

That all nice but it’s just an introduction to the tools, let’s see how SOG stands the test of time. Below is a video of impressions after one year every-day use (credit Humans4Targets).

After 1 Year



After 1 year of use




The PowerDuo features


Short commentary of the results

We said that the update was nothing to write home about because we’ve seen no change in the TOP 3 SOG tools in 6 months and no change of the TOP 2 picks since we first published the guide.

#1 SOG – the PowerLock Black Oxide

Rated at 4.40 the PowerLock has been the top dog amongst SOGs but, more importantly, it’s been among the TOP 10 best-rated multi-tools overall for the same period.

It’s currently 8th best multi-tool on our website.

SOG Powerlock shares the TOP SPOT in the category of value for money – 4.7 /5

PowerLock Black Oxide – see it on Amazon Below



The Powerlock  does share the spot the category with 2 other tools (two Leathermans – the Wave and the Skeletool) but it is a big deal if you have in mind that we keep tabs on over 200 multi-tools.


Industry classic – the PowerAssist – 4.34 / 5

The SOG Power Assist has been the runner up for so long that we’re starting to feel sorry. Especially because we don’t see things changing, EVER.


Because the difference in ratings comes from the category of Design. Tool placement is just as good as that in the PowerLock, it’s just that it’s evident that a vast majority of our testers prefer the aggressive design of Powerlock over the classic, boxier design of the PA.

Bottom line – the difference between two tools in not really in substance, it’s a matter of personal preference.



Sog PowerAssist – see it on Amazon below


#3 SOG – the rebel amongst multi-tools – SOG PowerDuo

The PowerDuo is different – starting from the aggressive and eye-catching design to the number of features.

Although it doesn’t pack as many features as most full-sized multi-tool, the Powerduo makes a solid EDC.

It’s the fact that it’s minimal and excludes some of the tools that most people never use that allows this SOG to pack bigger and sturdier main tools, like the blade and the needlenose pliers..

It’s what we call a common-sense tool

It’s not going to be the choice of people that use the toothpicks and the tweezers of a multi-tool, it’s gonna be the choice that want a “sweet-spot” between all-singing-all-dancing zillion-tool pieces and the pieces that are just to small to be really usable.


Sog PowerDuo – see it on Amazon below


Morry Banes





Sog PowerAssist – excerpts from tester reviews (direct quotes).

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools S66N-CP PowerAssist Multi-Tool with Assisted Steel Blades and Nylon Sheath,
Fact sheet:
  • Perfectly equipped for personal care, gripping, cutting and the unexpected, including assisted steel blades
  • Multi tool made of 420 stainless steel, featuring full serrated blade with satin finish
  • Featuring 22 essential tools, nylon sheath included, for additional portability
  • Featuring tools and blade locks, for protection and safe storage
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The compound leverage or whatever it’s called is really giving these pliers some strength. I also like how you can customize this tool. The parts are interchangeable, and I can switch the tools I don’t need with some that are more useful to me
  • The Sog multi tool warranty is just creating such a safe feeling in my head. I can just relax with my tool and use it appropriately.
  • Very fluid tool, and works great. It has the best pair of pliers I’ve ever seen, and I can open it with one hand. They somehow amplified the power of the grip of the pliers, I don’t know the details, but it’s just cool. I use it for all kinds of work, from fixing some cheap jewelry for my daughter, to some hard core work this tool is primarily intended for
  • In my opinion, the SOG PowerAssist is one of the best tools out there. Nice pair of pliers, plus some effective tools in one package. It’s all tight and works perfectly


  • It’s a tough tool. If you’re working with your hands every day, it’s perfect for you. If you’re an office pencil pusher, you better pass
  • Cover for the grip panel is somewhat difficult to open

Sog PowerLock multi tool with V-cutters  – impressions from reviews

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools B63N-CP PowerLock EOD 2.0 V-Cutter Multi-Tool with Half-Serrated Blade and Nylon Sheath,

  • Great for personal care, grip, cut and much more
  • Made of 420 steel, featuring half serrated blade, and black oxide finish
  • Featuring 22 essential tools, nylon sheath included, for additional portability
  • Lifetime warranty

Positive reviews:

  • I don’t think that a multi tool can have a better pair of pliers than this one. They are comfortable to use, very sturdy and with a compound gearing. If you have big hands, and use the pliers constantly, I think that the sog powerlock multi tool is the right thing for you. It’s a great tool, and I don’t regret buying it one bit
  • This multi tool excels in smoothness. It just feels good when you unpack it and take it for the first time. My Leatherman charge almost feels clunky when I compare them. It features some very well designed crimpers, and the V-cutters are extremely useful
  • I really like the possibility of customization for tool. I like making tools fit my personal needs, and this one lets me do just that. I ordered some extra components from the manufacturer’s website and just started tinkering. Change that file for an extra blade you say? Not a problem. I would say this makes it the best sog multi tool in my book by a mile
  • This is one sturdy multi tool. I own it for a year, and I really put it through some heavy abuse. It always does the job without a hitch, and the tools didn’t become loose in the process. They are tightly packed inside the tool, just as they were when I first got it out of the box. I often use it for fishing, and the needlenose pliers come in really handy there. The ability to open it with just one flick of the wrist is also a nice touch. It has seen some salt water, I must say, and surprisingly no rust whatsoever
  • This V-cutter is so sharp I can cut my way through plastic sheet and a bunch of other materials. The awl and the knife are very sharp also, but my favorite feature are the needlenose pliers by far. You can really apply some force to these bad boys. The tool also offers a very comfortable grip. I couldn’t be happier with this buy, and I highly recommend it

Let’s see some things the customers didn’t like – negative reviews:

  • I would really like to see more than just one knife blade in this multi tool. It’s a great idea, and I generally like it, but one knife is just too few
  • The saw and the file on this sog multi tool are just too small. They are very high quality, and cut like crazy, but simply too small for some of the jobs I would like to use them for
  • It takes a lot of time to get the blade out of its position. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes a lot easier, but I don’t think that operation such as this should require a learning curve

Sog Specialty KnivesPowerduo Multi-Tool

SOG Specialty Knives Tools PD02N-CP Powerduo Multi-ToolSpecs:

  • Very light hybrid duo great for any grip or cut task
  • 9Cr18MoV steel and straight edge blade, holds edge much longer then regular steel
  • 11 basic tool will cover 99% of the jobs
  • sheath included
  • double power plier – innovative compound leverage design
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Parts of positive reviews:

  • This is one great multi tool, it’s extremely durable and it looks just beefy. I already have one with a stainless steel finish, and bought this one as a gift for my father. This finish is a lot nicer, since you can’t see the fingerprints so badly here. I like the assisted blades, since it’s always nice to have a quick pick between the serrated and regular blades. Further more, when I carry it in public, it’s far less intimidating than my dedicated knife (Sog flash 2)
  • The tools that fold out are the same high-quality stuff as the tool overall, and the mechanism for locking them in place works without a hitch. I like how it combines the features of a knife ad a multi tool. I can open the pliers by using just one hand, which is always a welcomed addition. Great tool, when it’s all said and done
  • All of the tools are customizable to a high degree, and I like to have options when it comes to my tools. The pliers offer a substantial grip, and the knives open without any trouble, once I broke them in a bit
  • The customer service is just extraordinary! The guys are so pleasant and helpful, I can’t put it into words. The tool is everything I expected to be, I’m an old friend of Sog products. I know what to expect, and they never disappoint
  • I work in the marine corps, maintenance. Amphibian assault vehicles are mine to maintain, and having a multi tool comes really handy more times than not. I’ve bought this model because I could use a knife without the pliers being opened. The black oxide finish is just my cup of tea, I think it’s much more durable. The technology behind the compound leverage is just adding so much strength to the pliers it’s not even funny.
  • I love the possibility of ordering the additional components for sog multi tools. I think the stripper will be the next in line for me

Less positive review excerpts of the PowerDuo:

  • This tool just feels too heavy and big to me.
  • It didn’t feel particularly sturdy in the beginning. I’ve almost regretted buying it. Later on I realized just how sturdy it really is. So just give it a fair chance
  • I wished there was a bit more elegant way for operating that small cover for the tools

Honorary mention among Sog multi-tools

Sog ParaTool

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools S31-N Paratool Multi-Tool with Straight Edge 2.75-Inch Steel Blade and Black Nylon Sheath

  • Perfectly equipped for personal care, gripping, cutting and the unexpected
  • Full tool made of 420 steel, regular straight blade and a satin finish
  • Includes 14 essential tools and a sheath for easier carry
  • Only tool featuring plier head multiple angled capabilities
  • Unlimited warranty (lifetime)


Positive reviews of the Paratool:
  • I carry this tool around all day every day. I use its hex bolt feature the most. I got it customized by replacing its straight edge blade with the seatbelt cutter and saw. I just left the serrated blade in. I’m a competitive sailor, and I need a sure way to cut a line. I have a blade with a hook end, so I can be sure the line will not come off until I fully cut it
  • I like the overall design of the pliers. The handles of the pliers have a smooth side on the outside, so they don’t cut into your hands when you put some force onto the pliers. As you might have guessed, I sure use the pliers a lot. Daily to be exact. So, it’s really important to me to have a good pair on my multi tool.
  • Yeah, we all know about Leatherman. But there are some features that make sog multi tools a better choice by far. They are screw assembled, instead of rivets. The screws come undone, and you can change different sog multi tool parts. My paratool features one heavy duty saw and a seatbelt cutter EMT-style, for example
  • The needlenose pliers on this tool are folding out the sides of its handles. No more red marks all over your palms from handles squeezing, like with Leatherman tools. It also provides you with the folding ability, and getting into some of those tight spaces, where Leatherman straight pliers, for example just can’t reach
  • I just love the possibility of taking it completely apart for cleaning or changing the tools. I always manage to spill something extremely sticky all over my tools, and cleaning each part individually, after it’s taken apart makes my life so much easier. I’m in love with this tool, and I wouldn’t change it for the world
  • Excellent customer service!
  • It’s just cool and fun to use
  • I enjoy taking things apart for some reason. You can only imagine my joy when I saw how customizable this multi tool is. Only the springs and handles are riveted together while the blades of the scissors and all of the tools can be removed. Torx is by far my favorite kind of screw. And because this tool is so small, I just put it in my pocket and take it with me wherever I go
And some of the less pleasant impressions:
  • This tool is surprisingly awesome. The only complaint I could offer is the absence of the scissors. I tend to use them quite a lot, and I really miss them here
  • The ruler is just too short for me
  • I can’t use this tool for sharpening hooks since there aren’t any groves o the blade of the file. Otherwise, it’s a pretty nifty little tool.

Sog cross cut multi tool

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools CC51-CP Cross Cut Multi-Tool

Fact sheet:
  • Perfect piece for personal care and any sort of gripping and cutting
  • Compact and lightweight, easy to carry
  • Fully made of 420 stainless steel
  • 10 essential pieces included and a leather sheath
  • Doubled cutting power, via compound leverage
  • Lifetime warranty
  • I would say that this must be the best sog multi tool if we’re looking just at the scissors. I use them quite a lot, mostly to cut thin sheets of metal. That’s what this tool really excels at. It’s not too good at cutting cardboard as the body of the tool keeps getting in the way of the cut. You have a knife blade to do that job. And I have the compound leverage to thank for the ability to cut through some strapping made of ½” steel
  • It’s so lightweight and small it instantly became my favorite multi tool. And with all the additional sog multi tool parts to be ordered the customizing possibilities are simply overwhelming
  • It’s hands down the best sog multi tool if you’re into scissors. It comes with some impressive strength for its small dimensions. All thanks to the patented system of compound leverage. Superior angle under which the scissors operate is one more of this tool’s strengths. I can just carry it on my keychain, and it’s very high-quality product
  • I was just surprised at how many times I’ve caught myself using this micro-tool during the day. Whether I’m using the toothpick, nail file or cleaner, tweezers (really good, by the way), small screwdriver to repair my glasses or a knife, this little guy ever disappoints
  • I needed a pair of some beefier scissors in my pocket, without them being too heavy or uncomfortable to carry around. It’s made of stainless steel, and it has a very good tweezers. It’s also a very budget-friendly option, and it definitely deserves a place on my keychain
  • This multi tool is made in China. I can’t really complain about the overall build, but I just prefer locally built products
  • It offers a somewhat rough feeling when carried inside the pocket. The ratcheting gears tend to poke you a little, nothing insurmountable, just a little nitpick on my side

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