What is the best survival knife? Critically important information you need before getting one

Today we’re going to try and demystify the question of the best survival knife or the best survival blade, whichever works for you.

We’ll be talking about the real deal today. When I say that, I mean, of course, the best FIXED BLADE survival knife. Fixed blade brings about many advantages over folding knives or any other blades with some sort of opening mechanism, and it can really make a huge difference in a survival situation.

Wondering why should you listen to me?

First of all, I’m a passionate knives and multi tool collector. I am also a survivalist, camper, and hunter, so I know first hand what I want from my blade in all those situations. And there were some catastrophic failures back in the day, let me tell you.

But bragging about myself aside – customer feedback has always been my guiding star when I write, and I consider it to be the essential part of a good guide or a review.

So, knives are the big chunk of my life, and I definitely know what I’m talking about. Just stick around, relax ad let me make good on my words.

What is the rating methodology and the basic structure of my guides?

Over the years, I’ve developed what I consider to be the optimal market scanning method for best products at any given moment.

It goes like this. I am constantly reading all the user reviews I can possibly find, filter them through my own knowledge pool and give the products grades for different categories. Then I take a couple of them with the highest average grade and compile a list of winners for that time period. Pretty simple yet highly effective. I update my lists every two months, so I can keep you up to speed at all times.

As far as the structure of the guide is concerned, after this quick introduction we’ll see the actual list that I just mentioned. After we make the winners known, we’ll get to know them a little better through their dedicated digest reviews. We’ll see some basic specs, some pros and cons the users shared, and I’ll button it with my own opinion.

Well, the introductory section is officially over, so we can get to work.

The best fixed blade survival knives currently on the market

Ok, we’ve waited long enough, time to see our winners:

ModelRead moreOverall Quality RatingPicture
Ontario 6504 OKC3S Brown Marine Bayonetbutton4.8 / 5Ontario 6504 OKC3S Marine Bayonet
Shrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knifebutton4.3 / 5Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife
Shrade SCHF10 Fixed Blade Knifebutton4.2 / 5Schrade SCHF10 Drop-Point Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife
Shrade SCHF3N Extreme Survival Knifebutton4.4 / 5Shrade SCHF3N Extreme Survival Knife

These knives are the top of the line today. Let’s meet them up close, shall we?

Ontario 6504 OKC3S Brown Marine Bayonet

Ontario 6504 OKC3S Marine BayonetBy Ontario Knife

Let’s see what the manufacturer has in store for us:

  • 8” blade with partial serration
  • Overall length 13.25”
  • 14 ounces of weight
  • Manufacturing material is 1095 carbon steel

Just the basics, but, on the other hand, it’s pretty much all that we need to know. We’ll let the customers fill in the gaps, and pass the final judgment as far as the quality of this knife goes.

What are the user saying in positive reviews?

  • It’s the best fixed blade survival knife I could possibly find. It’ identical to the bayonet that’s currently being issued for the military, so the superb quality is a given
  • I’m an avid knife collector and a former marine, so buying this knife for me was a no-brainer. My old M6 bayonet from my service time in the 60s simply falls flat when compared to OKC3S. The modern version is stronger, bigger, sharper, and it can be used as both a fixed blade survival knife and a bayonet. It’s a combo of fighting knife and a bayonet, a combo I truly enjoy
  • It’s a great knife. I especially love both sharpened edges. The steel is high-quality, and the blade is very strong, tough, and keeps its edge amazingly well. It’s not the hardest sort of steel out there, so it’s also pretty easy to sharpen. You can go to war with one of these things attached to your rifle, but I use it mostly for prying
  • This blade has class. I’m a marine myself, and this knife is perfect for changing the lost issued bayonet. It’s the best survival knife if military combat is not your game. You can use it left and right during camping trips, hunting… The steel is super high-quality, and both sides have a sharp edge to them. Amazing knife that I can recommend to everybody
  • This knife did the impossible! It improved o the MC’s K-Bar! Everyone knows that you should always carry a spare knife to all of your missions, and this one is my choice since it’s practically identical to the one I got issued. It’s tough and extremely durable, the edges are super sharp, it sits well in hand, and it’s overall a great knife. The performance if flawless, whether I use it on a mission or for gain cleaning

There’s a lot more to read about this bayonet on Amazon:

CLick here to check it out>>


Let’s hear what the customers didn’t like when it comes to this knife:

  • This is the best survival blade you could get your hands on. The main problem is that the both edges are sharp. That’s illegal in my country. It’s ok to keep it at home, but I can’t carry it out with me. I found that out by accident well after I bought it. It’s such a shame since I know how useful this little guy would be

It’s an identical blade the marines get. Is there really anything more that I should say here?

An overall quality rating of 4.8 in the statistical method, which is rarely seen, take my word for it.

Shrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife

Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival KnifeBy Shrade

Let’s hear it from the company:

  • 5.6 inch handle with 6.4 inch blade
  • The material used for blade manufacturing is high carbon 1095 steel
  • Kraton handle
  • ballistic nylon sheath
  • Weighs 15.9 ounces

Short once more, but effective once more.

PROs as per the user reviews of the knife:

  • Mine was purchased on Amazon and with a great discount too. It’s just amazing to get a 1095 steel survival knife at that price. I’ll keep it brief, if you like tough knives with a lot of heft to them, that will do the job of a work horse, this piece is your blessing in the skies. Amazing price and an incredible product!
  • I fell in love with it at first sight. Amazing blade with a sturdy handle that feels very comfortable in my hand. It features a pretty large handle too, so there are numerous grips you can apply to it without any trouble. Ergonomic design of the handle keeps it securely in your hand, plus the patterns on it provide additional friction. If you need a great survival knife, you can go for this one without a second thought
  • It’s sharp, and it stayed that way even after some pretty heavy-duty jobs we did together. It cuts like a razor and chops like an axe. I really like how thick the blade gets close to the tip, so I know that tip isn’t going anywhere
  • This knife is awesome at wood splitting. I bang with it almost as I would with your average axe, and no signs of shipping or any damage whatsoever. Great heft, perfect blade, more than a reasonable price for this type of steel quality
  • It’s the best survival blade period. I did my research before buying, and this knife is a freaking bulldozer. It can baton, start a fire, do some gain cleaning and a lot more. It’s very well made, and the edge is there to stay. The use is very comfortable too

If you’re looking for more information, Amazon’s got you covered:

Proceed to the website>>

CONs from the mouth of the users:

Unpleasant features about to come :

  • It looked bigger in the pictures
  • Good knife, but I have very small hands, and the handle is quite large so you can see my problem with it

It’s probably the most popular Shrade model, and the most sought for. If you find it, get it without a second thought, it will pay itself many times over.

Shrade SCHF10 Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade SCHF10 Drop-Point Full Tang Fixed Blade KnifeBy Shrade

Let’s get over the manufacturer’s specification:

  • Rugged grip ensured by high performing handle slabs made of micarta
  • Blade is 5.2” long
  • Overall length is 10.5”
  • Comes with nylon sheath that features an extra pouch for storing sharpeners or some other accessories
  • Featuring handle lanyard hole

We’re keeping it basic. Once again, we got the essentials that we need to know right now. Users will deal with the rest. So let’s hear them out.

Let’s start out with the good sides – from the positive reviews:

  • Best survival knife I’ve ever owned! And I own quite a few. The blade is fine without serration, which is just perfect for my taste in knives. I never use the serrated blades anyway. Black coating held up extremely well even after some pretty hardcore use, it makes the blade more durable and just plain sexy. The knife is a tank and great choice for any type of outdoors adventuring
  • I like the fact that it’s a full tang construction. It’s the strongest, and according to me the ONLY way to build the best survival blade. This tang is outright beastly! I can’t even come up with something that I do, that would even come near to doing it some actual damage. It’s just one solid and sturdy piece of steel with a lanyard hole and two holes for the handle to be bolted on. Minimalistic and indestructible, just the way I like it
  • This knife looks beautifully. The lines are amazing, and the overall visual appeal is spot on. It’s also very stout, and it feels like it’s made to last you a lifetime, possibly more than that. The cutting potential is of the charts, and I think that the high-quality steel that it’s made of has more than little something to do with it. It holds its edge beautifully, and I still don’t feel the need to have it resharpened, even after some pretty intensive use. The best survival knife out there for sure if you ask me
  • The handle slabs made of micarta provide exceptionally good grip, so it will stay in your hands for good. Lanyard hole is always a welcome sight too. I really like the sheath that comes with it, as it’s quite thick and, unlike many other cases very usable. You won’t see any thread starting to show after you carry it for a day or two for sure. On top of all that the price is more than reasonable for a product that’s this good. Highest recommendation
  • I really enjoy this cross-guard. It’s a little lower, thus it prevents the hand from moving forward during the cutting or whatever. It has a perfect heft, and you really feel its presence in your hand. It’s quite ergonomic, so it’s a perfect fit, and the handle provides enough friction to stop it from sliding through your grip, even if your hands are sweaty or greasy. Great knife and one happy customer

This was just an inkling of info found on Amazon:

Read more directly from the product’s page>>


That’s all very nice, but what about the downsides:

  • My hands are what you’d call it XXL, and it’s very awkward holding this knife, especially while wearing gloves. It’s a great piece overall, and if you don’t have my giant gorilla paws syndrome you’ll be quite happy with it
  • It’s a bit heavier than I originally expected. You can definitely feel the weight, and it’s surprising for such a short knife. It gives it numerous benefits of course, but I still prefer lighter blades

Great blade that’s both heavy and sturdy yet sleek and with elegant lines. It’s a great choice for all your survival adventuring needs, and a true sidekick for everyday use.

Shrade SCHF3N Extreme Survival Knife

Shrade SCHF3N Extreme Survival KnifeBy Shrade

Yup, as you can see, Shrade is on fire at this moment. Let’s hear out the company about this particular model:

  • 5.6 inch handle with 6.4 inch blade
  • 8Cr13MoV stainless steel with high carbon coefficient is the blade material
  • Micarta handle
  • Comes with a ballistic sheath featuring multiple carrying options

Keeping it simple is the name of the game. But hearing out the customers is the surname, so let’s get cracking.


  • I just bought a farm, and I figured my collection of folders, heavy-duty as they may be simply won’t cut it anymore. This knife is simply put a freaking BEAST! I couldn’t believe I gave just somewhere about 40 bucks for it. Ok, where’s the hidden camera?? It’s rock solid, with a razor sharp blade and a superb finish. The handle is just grippy enough to prevent your hand from sliding forward and onto the blade. I used it even with my hands all greased up, and my fingers are all still in pristine condition. It does everything I need it to do, and I couldn’t be happier with this purchase
  • It looks similar to custom Chris Reeves knife. Fortunately it also behaves pretty much the same, which is mindboggling for that kind of money. I beat the daylight out of it, and it still refuses to get damaged or even to require a sharpening service. Great knife, and the price is just unbelievable
  • The best fixed blade survival knife in it price range for sure. The blade is thick, very sharp and exceptionally strong. I used it among other for batoning and starting fire. The part of the blade close to the tip is perfect for usage with firesteels without ay danger of chipping the edge
  • This knife is nothing short of impressive. Great micarta handle, thick blade that gets the job done, perfect heft and an affordable price are just some of the great things this little wonder has to offer. I used it several times during my camping adventures, and it didn’t disappoint. Far from it. I must admit I was rather reluctant about buying a product from Shrade, and I don’t even know why anymore

If you want a more in-depth insight, I suggest consulting the source itself:

Visit Amazon.com for more info>>


Other side of the story coming right up:

  • My problem is with the sheath. It’s ok I guess, but it falls short compared to the knife itself
  • Not a fan of the grip…

This is the best survival blade in its price range period.


Now you know what makes the best survival knife, and have some concrete examples on how it should look like. This list is top of the line, and can serve as a perfect buying guide even if you don’t like the specific knives on it.

I hope my guide helped getting you that perfect knife that matches your specific need and preferences.

Until next time.

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