Best Road & Mountain Bike Multi-tool Reviews – Top 3 – 2018 update

The guide on the best bicycle multi tool was first published just over two years ago. That makes this the 12 bi-monthly update to the guide and reviews of bike multi-tools. That means that the ratings you are about to see are a result of 2 years of testing.


How are our ratings formed?

For general purpose multi-tools, it’s simple – we have a network of awesome people who test the tools. The category of bike multi-tools was one of the harder categories to complete in the first place because we couldn’t find enough testers that would be experts in their field. That allows us to stand confidently behind the results of the bike multi-tool reviews.

We ended up with 6 cyclists and 2 bike repair shop worker to test the tools and rate them in  5 categories: Durability, Versatility, Materials, design and Value for money.

Over the 2 years we tested 11 multi-tools ( we being our featured testers). Below are the results of the this months update.

3 top-rated bicycle multi-tools of the month

Current ratings
(out of 5)
Price comparison
& Amazon Ratings
Pro Bike 8-in-1

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of the Pro Bike here >>


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Prices here >>


See the Amazon Ratings
of the Topeak Alien II here >>


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Crank Brothers 19 function
Crank Brothers
19 function

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of the Crank Brothers 19 here >>


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Topeak Pro Mini 20

See the Amazon Ratings
of the Topeak Pro Mini 20 here >>


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Side-by-side comparison


Side by side comparison of the top 4 bike multi-tools

Specs - dimensions, weight & materials

Pro Bike 8 in 1
Stainless Steel
Alien II
Crank Brothers
19 function
Topeak Pro
mini 20
Body Material

Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel


Tools material
hardened steel

Hardened steel

Hardened steel

Hardened steel

Number of tools
Quality ratings (out of 5)

& Longevity
Value for $
Overall Rating
no info
no info
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About the Bike Pro 8-in-1


It’s been 4 bi-monthly updates now that the least expensive tool among top ten is the king of the hill.




What we’ve heard from our testers is that they proffered the minimal, sleek and seamless design of the Pro Bike to the bulkier tools.

Bottom line – you’ll be using every tool that comes with it and the ones that aren’t there are very rarely used.

It’s what we call a “common sense multi-tool”.

30 Seconds video demo of the multi-tool

The video below is a quick 30 sec presentation of the Pro Bike – it’s a must watch to put everything you’ll see in the guide in perspective.

30 sec features demo


Pieces/drivers included in the Bike Pro:

  • Allen/hex – sizes – 2.5 / 3 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
  • Star-shaped hex

Lowest ratings in versatility

This bike multi-tool is the best rated and has been for a while now, yet, it is the tool with the fewest pieces on the list and, naturally, the lowest ratings in versatility.

The idea behind the tool is cover the basics – the tools you’ll need 90% of the time and “sacrifice” other tools in order to make a minimal. sleek and seamless carry that will have your back most of the time.

The only 5/5 rating on the website – among over 200 multi-tools

The rating of 5/5 for design is the ONLY one on the whole website. That’s right, we test, reviews and re-test about 200 pieces.

This bike multi-tool looks and feels like it’s fashion piece. Especially on arrival, the impeccable stainless steel finish looks like it belong on a runway…add the stylish leather pouch it comes in and we have our unicorn – the perfect multi-tool in one of the categories.




Morry Banes – Editor-in-chief




Topeak Alien II bike multi-tool review

Topeak Alien II Multi ToolBy Topeak

Manufacturer’s product specification:
  • Features 26 tools
  • Two piece body
  • 0.60lb / 279g
  • Body is manufactured of engineering grade plastic and the tools of hardened steel

The very specification is a bit on a short side, but very informative if you know what you’re looking for. We’ll fill in the gaps after consulting our fellow customers.

  • The set of tools featured in this piece is pretty amazing – 26 different pieces is nothing short of that. It has a tool for every situations, and none of them are purely cosmetic, being there just to boost the sales
  • Very versatile multi tool. Probably the best bicycle multi tool currently on the market. It can adjust the seat, the brakes and brake handles, and much, much more…
  • The price is more than affordable, and I can’t believe the amount of sheer functionality I got for that kind of money
  • I like how the tools are all tight in their sockets but still not too tight, which makes it easy to operate. I never cared for flimsy pieces in multi tools
  • We have 3 different bikes in our family, and even my wife demanded that I got one of these for her. I like how it simply makes you wanna fix things yourself. I’ll just say our bikes haven’t seen local shops since we got these tools
  • I never really had a dedicated multi-tool for my bicycle, I just carried my Leatherman Black Wave and it did serve me well on the road, it’s only after getting the
  • It sits pretty well in my hand, and it very easy to use. Doesn’t slip while doing whatever, and it’s surprisingly lightweight for the number of tools integrated within it
  • I like how compact it is. I just put it in my saddle bag and forget it’s even there until I need it. One of the many multi tool benefits is the fact that there’s no noise of several tool pieces banging on one another when I’m cycling
  • It’s very well made, and I really enjoy the overall finish. All of the tools are high-quality and very easy to access. I’ve used this tool more times than I can remember, and I only got it like 3 months ago
  • I like the design. One would expect a multi tool holding 26 different functions to be clunky as hell, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised
  • I would prefer the whole metal approach. I don’t like the plastic body
  • Sizes for allen wrenches are based off of the metric system, so you might already guess how that can be a problem for me

As far as I’m concerned this multi tool has earned its rightful place among the best the market has to offer at this very moment. It’s versatile, well designed and made, compact, lightweight, sturdy and durable, made of high-quality materials… I could go on for a very long time, but I think you catch my drift.

Yes, the body is made of plastic, but it’s an engineered hard plastic that simply refuses to brake. It’s a great choice that you’ll not regret making.

Overall quality rating is 4.8 / 5 and the best rated tool on this list at the moment.

Mini 20 Pro Tool bike multi-tool review

Topeak Mini 20 Pro Mini ToolBy Topeak

  • Total of 20 different tools made of hardened steel
  • Body made of forged aluminum
  • 3 x 1.6 x 0.7 inches
  • 5.28 oz

Moving on to the “meat” of this mini review – the opinions of users and final ratings.

Quotes of the positive things our testers shared in their reviews:
  • I like the size of this tool. It has “mini” in its name, so you basically know what to expect. It’s smaller than other Topeak tools, and t really fits my needs perfectly. So, this is your safest bet if you don’t have the need for some bigger wrenches
  • I got this multi tool some 3 weeks ago, and so far it’s been great. I did some bike repairs on the trail with it, and it always gets the job done. I repaired my broken chain, tighten various screws, took care of a flat tire, and much more. It’s functionality compared to the size is simply astonishing
  • I really like that it’s completely made of metal. My previous multi tool had a plastic body, and even though it never broke or failed I just didn’t feel as comfortable as I would if I had a solid piece of metal in my hands. It’s also just the perfect size for my needs, so I call this one a good buy
  • You can really see the amount of attention that was put into the manufacturing process of this little tool. It’s very well made, and I like the overall look and finish. I was amazed when I managed to completely disassemble and reassemble my bike using nothing more but my new mini 20
  • It comes with a little storage bag, which comes in pretty handy since you generally want to avoid damage to your other tools you’re carrying it with
  • I used to carry around with me every tool imaginable save the zombie machete. I slowly started to realize that a good multi tool can be a valid replacement to my pile of junk, so I started gravitating in that direction. Step by step, I got around to buying this little guy, and realized it was all I ever needed on the trail. It can do anything, and yet it’s incredibly small. It’s very high-quality, and its versatility is unsurpassed
  • Every piece is accessible very easily, and it’s a pretty well thought out tool, in general. All of them sit tightly in their frame, and you won’t be seeing any wobbly action after a couple of uses. Very satisfied with this buy
Some less pleasant experiences:
  • The only tool that I really miss here is some kind of a blade
  • I have a minor complaint regarding the ergonomic aspect. The thing is, when you put a bigger force to, let’s say tighten a screw you can feel a bit uncomfortable. Other than that it’s a great tool
  • I don’t like metal tire levers, so I carry a set of 3 plastic ones, and that’s the only addition to this otherwise pretty good tool, but it definitely is not not a heavy-duty multi-tool

Two honorary mentions among bicycle multi-tools

Velo Champion Gooj – quotes shared in the review of the bike multi-tool

VeloChampion Bike Multifunction Tool

Specs of the bike multi-tool:
  • 8 different features
  • 85 x 40 x 15mm; 200g
  • Torque T-25, chain splitting tool, hex wrenches, flat and phillips screwdrivers, 2 tire levers

Again, nice short and concise introduction. So, let’s move on and hear our customers and fill in the gaps.

PROs – quotes shared in reviews:
  • This tool is simply amazing! It has it all. I used it quite a few times, and it always got the job done. When I first saw it, I thought it was kind of flimsy, but those theories were debunked the first time I started using it. It’s more than durable and built to last
  • I like the overall finish of the tools. There are no sharp edges or burrs, which make the tools look cheap and half finished. They’re also clearly marked, but there shouldn’t be any confusion once you map its layout in your head for good
  • Very strong piece, and extremely well made. All of the tools unfold and fold properly, but the thing I like the most is the fact that I couldn’t find those “made in China” or Taiwan labels anywhere
  • I love this multi tool! It’s the best bicycle multi tool I’ve ever owned, and I’ve gathered quite a few over the years. The chain tool is very good, and I use one of the tire levers to keep leverage while I’m setting up a chain link. BTW, I also use it on my bike with the same effectiveness
  • Perfect quality, very durable tool, and features everything you’ll ever need for maintaining your bicycle. And for somewhere around 10 bucks, how could I resist
  • This bicycle toolkit arrived at lightning speed, kudos to delivery service. As far as the gadget is concerned, I can only say it parries some of the much more expensive models in my collection in durability, overall design, functionality, quality, and pretty much any other criteria you might think of
  • All of the parts are made of pure stainless steel, and that’s really a breath of fresh air for my bike after my previous multi tool that had a bunch of aluminum parts. It feels pretty substantial in hand, and its functionality is the whole different level
CONs of the bicycle multi-tool:
  • It’s a bit too heavy for my liking. It’s a great tool overall, and I get that this number of tools has to carry a certain weight, but I’m personally more used to lighter models
  • I only wish it had a square head that could fit on sockets

Well, it’s all pretty much out there about this multi tool. I can only recommend it wholeheartedly after all the positive sides the users shared with us. It’s a great piece, and worthy of the name one of the 4 top rated bicycle multi tools at the moment.

Topeak Hexus II Bicycle Multi-tool

Topeak Hexus II Multi-tool
Fact sheet:
  • Featuring a full size integrated chain tool CrMo head and 2 tire levers (modular)
  • Perfect array of tools, compact size and low weight
  • Perfect choice for mountain or road use
  • 2-year warranty

Moving on to see why people like it so much, which is really the important part – hearing from the consumers.

Quotes of some of the PROs from reviews of this bike multi-tool:
  • Pretty high-quality tool. It has a lot more to offer than you would imagine at first glance, so I bought it because my friends recommended it, but its versatility is what finally won me over
  • This is the best bicycle multi tool for any kind of repair on the fly. It got me out of a pinch countless times, and I always counted my blessings for deciding to get it when I did
  • It’s a durable piece of equipment that packs a pretty good punch. Spoke wrenches and chain tool are most often my weapons of choice, but the other tools are excellent also
  • It’s very compact and lightweight for a tool that offers so many uses and possibilities. I use it pretty extensively, and not one tool got loose and wobbly yet. I also like the feel in hand, especially how comfortable it is when I apply a bit of force to it
  • Completely metal! I really like my tools in the form of a solid metal piece. Hardened plastic can also be good, but I guess it’s more of a mind thing. Be that as it may, I’m still glad this bad boy is metal all the way
  • All of the tools are very easy to access, which came of as a surprise at first. Usually, you have to navigate through some amount of different tools before getting the one you really need. Not here though
  • This tool can really take some abuse. I always imagined multi tools as these flimsy little gadgets, which didn’t have any practical uses. Boy was I wrong. Not only does it replace my entire saddle bag of different tools, it’s also sitting there quietly without any annoying metal noises while I ride

And some of the CONs:

  • It’s too light, not enough length for a good torque
  • It doesn’t feature all hex sizes I require

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