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1. Please tell us a little more about yourself.

I’m in my early 30’s, born, raised and enjoying the adventures in the Philippines.

Christine Fernandez of Jovialwanderer dot com

Aside from hiking, I’m also very much in-love with food. I actually take more pictures of food than of myself. 😛

2. What was the trigger for starting What’s the story behind it?


The blog initially started off as an online journal. I wanted to share and at the same time remember what I did during my travels.

After meeting several other bloggers, I felt inspired and got a bit organized with how I write. My blog used to be just random sentences in a paragraph. 😛

As for the blog name, Jovial Wanderer, it’s what I am. Sometimes, I just wander off with no concrete plans except to see more greenery and I’m happy, doing just that.

3. How did you discover your passion for hiking and what is your favorite environment?

green mountains

I joined an outdoor club in college initially as a cross training for football or soccer (as what some may call it).

I was getting stressed with the usual running and football drills so I thought of doing something new. I eventually fell in love with it after joining several hikes with the group and it was in that club where I met a lot of really great people I’m still in touch with after more than 10 years.

My favorite environment are mountains with explosive hues of green.:)

4. What is your favorite backpacking and hiking gear?

Osprey Quantum pack

My Osprey pack.

I’m currently using an Osprey Quantum which has a 34L capacity so it can fit supplies and personal stuff that’ll last me for days.



5. Do you use a multi tool and what are the other tools that you find most helpful when outdoors?

TEKTON 7989 10-in-1 Pocket Multi-tool review

I do have a multi tool but I rarely get to use it as most of the trails I visit have established routes and I normally just go for single day hikes.

Other tools I find useful are waterproof packs since I’m often in a place where it rains frequently.


6. Can you give 5 tips to the starting out hiker?

  1. Train. Exercise at least 3x a week so you can just enjoy the view when you’re outdoors and not worry about catching your breath.
  2. Research about where you’re going so you can prepare accordingly.
  3. Always let someone know where you’re going or who you’re with so someone can alert the authorities when you’ve gone missing for too long.
  4. Bring adequate supplies such as food, water and first aid kit.
  5. Enjoy! Don’t overthink about every little thing but don’t be callous either. Key is to be prepared – pack what’s needed and get fit. .

7. What other adventure filled activities do you enjoy and what makes you feel free?

Swimming makes me feel so free. 🙂

swimming pool

8. What is your favorite outdoor blog and why?

It’s It’s a credible source of itineraries and information for mountain trails in the Philippines.

pinoymountaineer logo

9. A message to your readers and fans.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my adventures. I write because I really want to share all the beautiful views I’ve seen with you.

I’m interested to know about yours too. You can get in touch with me through Twitter – @jovialwanderer or email me at [email protected]

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