Interview with Colin S. Anderson, Bin There Dump That (USA)

Colin Anderson

Met Colin on a forum recently. Colin works on his own business for junk & dumpster bins in the US and we immediately figured out we have a lot in common.  In his daily job he gets in contact with a huge range of waste, be it construction leftovers, old appliances, furniture, and pretty much anything you can imagine anybody wants to leave as junk.

The interview

1. Please, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Thank you for having me. I few years back I on-boarded the US company Bin There Dump That as a franchisee and I’ve been helping people get rid of various junk and waste. I’ve seen piles of construction material and unexpected surprises, such as a piano, entire HVAC systems, tons of hazardous construction materials and more.

2. Can you tell us a bit about the various junk & waste jobs you handle?

I can handle anything from you average residential job, be it partial or full-size renovation, up to larger projects. Depending on the volume of materials or junk you need to accumulate and store, we provide secured dumpsters that don’t even get in direct contact with the ground. The job allows me to witness properties, construction & renovation solutions, all the way from your average spring cleaning decluttering to redoing a two-story house.

3. What kind of tools do you use?

To rent dumpsters out often comes in unexpected scenarios, and having a rich tool-set is crucial to solving problems. Be it to attach and detach the dumpster unit itself, I often have to help with opening stuck gates or take apart anything from ovens to actual cars. On my belt I always carry a classic multi-tool, but in my trunk you can find pretty much any type of wrench, pliers, screwdriver, a few saws, and a few handheld tools.

4. Please share a few jobs where the multi-tool was an invaluable asset for you?

Sometimes people throw out hazardous stuff such as fridge-freezers and AC’s that have parts that should be disposed with caution and that’s where my multitool helps me take things apart.

5. Does your multi-tool help with any specific task?

I can’t say there’s a single use for it’s called a multi-tool for a reason. When you’re on the road challenges can pop up from thin air.

6. What’s your favorite multi-tool?

I love what Leatherman does. I always keep one in each vehicle we have just in case you need it the most.

7. Do you want to say anything to our readers?

Careful what you throw out. Junk and waste needs separation not only because of recycling, but because of the hazardous materials that require caution.

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