Is a multi tool essential for your bug out bags?

Gerber 30-000588 MP600 ST Sight Tool reviewLet’s try and answer that question together, shall we?

I’ll give you all the good sides of a proper multi tool, and I’ll leave it to you to reach a conclusion on your own. I don’t like forcing opinions, nor do I deem it to be a valid method of conversation. I believe in laying out all the facts and letting you decide for yourself. It’s your survival after all.

Multi tools have certainly gone a long way since they first appeared on the market. They were barely more than a quirky thingamabob then, and look at them now. They are crucial parts of so many life situations it’s not even funny. And we’re here today, talking about multi tools as a potential essential part of a very important institution that is your bug out bag.

So, let’s waste no time and do this thing together.

Why should you read this article?

If I know something about something that’s multi tools.

I’ve been around them my entire life and one would say I have a pretty good knowledge about all aspects of what makes a good multi tool. I used to work in a multi tool factory, learning all there is about the manufacturing process. Later I opened my own hardware store. Needless to say, I collect these little guys my entire life, and my collection is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

I know my way around multi tools. I think we can all agree on that. I dedicated my life to them, and now I write blogs, reviews, and guides in order to share my experience with people out there who maybe don’t have enough experience, but are determined to give multi tools a shot.

If I got you convinced, stick around, and I promise this article won’t be just another waste of your time over the internet.

Now that we’re properly acquainted, we can start talking about multi tools at last. Let’s see why they could be a good choice for your GOOD bag (Getting out of Dodge bag).

Good multi tool will save you space

X-gear Mens Multi-function Tool with LED Light ReviewEvery multi tool, no matter how minimalistic will serve you like a couple of tools at least.

So, you can either stuff your bag with 5, 6….10 heavy dedicated tools or you can simply throw in a multi tool and be on your way. Sure, dedicated tools will perform better, but at the cost of space. That’s too high of a cost if you ask me.

You want to keep it simple though. Just the basic functions will be more than enough. Something like Gerber Crucial comes to mind. You don’t need a fancy, overpriced tool that features gazillion unnecessary functions. You’ll end up using like 3 or 4 and carrying around 7 pounds of solid steel for nothing.

Bottom line it’s all about consolidating items in order to save space. Fewer tools means more free space, meaning extra food and water, which is always a good addition to any bug out bag.

Good multi tool will save you weight

SOG Specialty Knives Tools PD02N-CP Powerduo Multi-ToolAs I already said, one of the general advantages of a good multi tool is the fact that it will be much lighter than all the dedicated tools needed to replace its functionality. Bug out bags are generally made for dire situations, where you don’t want any unnecessary item weighing you down. I know people that bring literally everything they can get their hands on, short of the kitchen sink. It’s unpractical, and it defeats the purpose of a bug out bag.

There are useful tools online that let you plan the contents of your BOB and measure the exact weight. They are free of course and will tell you exactly when you pushed it too far and when it’s time to stop. I know that everything looks essential, but you have to draw the line somewhere. Otherwise, you’ll try to fit your entire apartment into a single bag. And we’re not in Harry Potter universe guys.

So, getting a good multi tool will reduce the number of items you have to carry with you and pay dividends like you wouldn’t believe. Especially if the journey promises to last for a while.

Good multi tool will increase simplicity and reduce the clutter

Leatherman 830850 Skeletool CX Multitool 4One of the things you must bear in mind when packing your BOB is the fact that you must be able to find any piece of equipment instantly.

Once you find yourself in a situation where your friend is lying down with a gushing wound, requiring immediate assistance, you’ll know if your packing was satisfactory or not. If you find all you need to patch him up immediately, you passed the test, if not however…

My general rule of thumb is the more I pack, the harder it’ll be for me to find exactly what I need at the moment I need it. So, I always stick to essentials and try to improvise as much as possible rather than taking every single tool imaginable with me.

Pack less, and you’ll have one mean and efficient survival kit.

Good multi tool will be versatile

Victorinox Swiss Army SwissTool Swiss Army Knife Pouch 53946This goes well with my habit of improvising. The more uses you can make a single piece of equipment dish out the better. More space and no functionality deficit.

Here are some illustrations of what a multi tool can do:

  • You can start a fire with it. I can’t think of anything more basic, yet so important in a survival situation
  • You can also cut wood. Whether to fuel your fire or to clear the way, the important thing is you have the option
  • You’ll be able to clean the animals or harvest some plants once the food starts running low
  • You can build a shelter from scratch with of these bad boys. Cutting ropes and everything
  • Finally, it can be used as a pretty viable mean of self-defense

These are just a few of many potential uses a good multi tool can provide. That’s why my personal opinion is that a BOB is not worthy of its name unless it features a multi tool.

I gave you the facts, and I gave you my honest opinion, the rest is up to you. Make sure you stay safe whatever you decide.

Stay strong!

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