Wall Mounted Gas Fire Installation Guide & Tools Needed

Getting a gas fire installed can be an unnecessarily expensive and complicated job, however if you are the type of person that has a decent tool collection and a penchant for DIY then you could take this on yourself.

For the purposes of this guide we will be walking you through how to install a wall mounted gas fire.

To install a wall mounted gas fire you will require the following tools:

  • A Drill
  • A Spirit Level
  • A Screwdriver
  • Appropriately sized screws

I also had my trusted ol’ Leatherman Wave on hand for the smaller jobs.

leatherman rebar black multi tool


How to Install a Wall Mounted Gas Fire

  • Wall mounted gas fires will come with a paper template which you should fix to the wall in the correct place in which you wish your gas fire to be mounted. This will clearly show you where the points where the fire needs to be fixed. You should also ensure that your gas supply pipe is in the correct position too.
  • Drill your holes into the wall as indicated by the template, for most gas fires you will typically need to fix them in all four corners to ensure a tight and secure fit.
  • Insert your wall plugs into your pre-drilled holes, then screw in your screws leaving about 6 mm of the screw poking out to hang the gas fire on.
  • Take your gas fire and hang it onto the screws ensuring that both the upper and lower fixtures (if you have them) on your gas fire are correctly hung.
  • Check the fire is straight by using your spirit level across the top of the unit, if necessary adjust the screws. When you are happy with how it is aligned tighten the screws. You may need to take off the front panel of some gas fires in order to get adequate access to the screws.
  • Finally, and most importantly, you must get your gas fire checked by a CORGI registered gas fitter before you use it to ensure that it is safe to use.

Doing a DIY installation of a wall mounted gas fire can be tricky and should only be attempted by an experienced DIY or professional. If the correct procedures are followed at all times and the utmost care is taken during installation, there should be no problems occurring during the process.

basket for redundant fire places

Alternative Domestic Fire Options

If you decide that installing a gas fire is a too much work and too risky then there are alternatives available.

An increasingly popular alternative is bio-ethanol fires. These use bio ethanol wax or oil as a fuel and are extremely simple to install, in fact most of them require no installation at all, you just need to unpack them, place them on your hearth put the fuel in and light them. The experiences people report with these vary greatly.

You don’t even need a functional chimney as bio-ethanol fuel produces no smoke, it is a completely clean burning fuel.

Your can find out more about bio-ethanol fires at firesforyou.co.uk.

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