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Pros: Clever design made for one uber versatile tool while removing all the unnecessary clutter from its frame. It’s very high quality, durable and with a natural and comfortable feel to it while in hand. The tools are seated firmly into their sockets without any loose or wobbly anomalies. The blade is very sharp and made of stainless steel, and the side nut holders and wire cutters are just witnesses to a premium design. Extremely budget-friendly, perfect as a gift and it comes with a nice case too.

Cons: There are no features such as can/bottle opener, tweezers or corkscrew. But having these functions would beat the point of this multi tool.

Columbia River Knife and Tool 9200 CRKT Multi ToolSearching for the best multi tool your hard earned money can buy can seem like looking a needle in a haystack sometimes.

Browsing through all those countless multi tool reviews and information can certainly take its toll. It all adds up leaving you more confused then well informed in the end.

We’ll have none of that no more. I welcome you to my “all there is to know about this multi tool and from a trusted source” review.

Why listen to me?

No matter what you’re thinking of buying, you should consult some internet sources looking for good pieces of information about it. I’m sure you agree.

I’ve been around multi tools for the better part of my life. My collection is pretty much something to admire too, putting all false modesty aside. Along the way I’ve picked up all the different quirks the industry threw at me, and now I’m writing all kind of blogs and reviews so that my mistakes and experiences can point the potential multi tool owners in the right direction.

So, if an unbiased, honest and most of all professional product review is what you came here looking for, this is the place for you.

Let’s get on familiar terms with things to come

I’ll just give you a little heads up by showing you the basic outlines of this review:

  • First we get to know the basics about our multi tool hereby reading the manufacturer’s product specification
  • We follow this up with some good and not so pleasant user experiences to separate the truth from simple marketing strategies
  • Finally, I’ll give you my own two cents and pass the final verdict on whether this product is worth your time or not

I hope you dig my operating method here. Time to get to work.

Product specification (Our raw work materials)

Let’s see what the manufacturer promises this piece will deliver:

  • Utility blade
  • Box wrench (multi fit)
  • Wire stripper
  • Flat head and Philips screwdriver that are spring opening
  • Additional driver bits

Ok, we have some basic information we can dissect in the next section. I’ll just add that I like to go simple when it comes to my tools. The fewer functions it features, the more high-quality they must be. Plus it’s very refreshing to see this “quality over quantity” approach once in a while.

PROs from the mouths of the users:

Columbia River Knife and Tool 9200 CRKT Multi Tool reviewNow we can start filtering the information we have. Here are some of the things user liked about this product:

  • This is one top of the line product with a very sturdy construction. It’s great for your everyday tasks and sudden handyman emergencies. I never felt like I’m missing anything when I carry this baby around, so I recommend it to everyone
  • This Columbia River knife and tool is very versatile, and the design is more than well thought out. I like the case too. You’ll have a pretty hard time trying to find a better multi tool
  • I bought this Columbia River knife for my son. He loves all the little gadgets on this thing. It also sits nicely in hand, it’s heavy enough and it seems very well made. This present was a big hit, and I’m thinking about getting one for myself since my son apparently hasn’t received a lesson about sharing in due time
  • If you’re ever in the need of a quick and inexpensive gift for your coworkers, this is the best multi tool for the job. It’s budget-friendly, without looking like you’re trying to cheap out since the tool itself is very high-quality. My coworker was overjoyed, and he keeps it in his drawer all the time. He used it like a million times in this short period that he had it, and he thanks me all over again every time this tool saves the day
  • Extremely versatile tool. I just can’t believe that it can do so much with so few flip outs. Side nut holders and wire strippers are just clever design. Optimizing functionality and keeping it more than compact at the same time is a feat I admire. It’s everything I need in a multi tool, and I guess everything I need comes with a pretty affordable price tag too
  • I bought this multi tool for some everyday home repairs and emergencies. Straight edge blade is very sharp and pretty sturdy. At 2 inches, it’s also more than enough, lengthwise for everything I need it to do. A saw blade and metal file are not critical must-haves for me, but they came in useful more than once. I also like all the various driver bits, which are the essence of what I need all the time. Great product and a great deal.

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CONs (Some not so good experiences)

Time for the other side of the story:

  • It’s a good tool overall, but I wish it had a can opener
  • The blade could be longer. There’s clearly enough space for a longer blade in the socket

My piece of mind and Overall Quality Rating

I bet if the multi tool featured a million different tools some would ask for just one more. Yes, there’s always that “I wished it had this/that” or “This could be longer/shorter/heavier/lighter…”part of the story.

But for what it is, a versatile, well designed and durable minimalist multi tool with a more than budget-friendly price, this is a no-brainer.

Final verdict – Overall Quality Rating of 4.5.

Have fun in your new “Mr. Fix it” role and see you around.