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Pros: Great comfortable handles make for a great grip. That, combined with a cleverly designed lock system adds a nice safe feel to this tool. Pliers include a spring, which makes the tool more flexible in terms of one-hand use. Great design and quality materials, make this tool a real "head-turner". Just the right level of compromise between size and usability.

Cons: I have seen reviews of people saying that they find it to cumbersome. Velcro on the sheath is not the best idea for a tool that's built to last for years.

Gerber SuspensionSo let us take a look at Gerber Suspension Multi-plier a bit closer and let each of us make the judgment whether it is the best multitool or he/she should keep looking.

Most tools out there have so many parts that within the first few weeks of using it, the tool stops working or falls apart.

So you need something strong, durable and that can last for a long time.

The Gerber 01471 Suspension Butterfly Opening Multi-Plier with Sheath is the best product that would answer all your maintenance problems.

So what is the Gerber 01471 Suspension Butterfly Opening Multi-Plier with Sheath? This is a suspension Multi-Plier that has 12 unique tools integrated within it.

I rarely do this at the beginning of a review, but me tell you right now, purchasing this product will not disappoint you. Depending on what you want to use the tool for, you would be surprised with the more things it can do.

For a person who loves all their tools in pocket, the Gerber 01471 Suspension Butterfly Opening Multi-Plier then would be a perfect choice.

With more than enough tools embedded to it including a saw, awl, bottle opener, scissors and other necessary tools that will come in handy.

Most consumers, who talk about this tool, have nothing but good things to say about it.

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Let us look at some of the pros and cons of Gerber suspension multi-plier.

The advantages that come with purchasing this tool are numerous. Each tool within the kit has its own role. The consumers state the following as the main advantage of having this tool:

  1. The handles of the tool do not pinch your fingers like most other multitool kits out there. So when you open the tool it is simple and safe.
  2. Compared to other tool kits, the pliers have a spring making it more flexible.
  3. The tool system has a lock that ensures safety and that each tool is kept away in the right manner
  4. Another advantage is that the tools is of superior design

This thing is built using high end quality metal and it is very sturdy and durable.

If you get this one, chances are it will be around all your life. Gerber partly switched production in 2008 from Taiwan to China and the opinion here range a great deal, from those saying that the quality has suffered but overall things seems unchanged, Gerber is too respected of a brand to allow that.

Wherever made this thing is a head turner from what people online are saying, all glossy and polished.

Whatever the opinion is, from what I read the ones that you can get online are the ones made in Taiwan, so I believe that ordering online you are safe from this dilemma.

What about the cutting tools?

Another good thing about this thing is that the blades remain sharp, which can often be an issue with some of the lower end multitool.

It does need to be oiled every once in a while, but on the other hand rust will never be an issue if you go with this pretty thing.

Often, it’s a question of size vs. practicality, but this particular Gerber is a good compromise in this field. It is not a burden for your pocket but can still do most of the things the heavier and bigger pieces can do.

The sheath is also a big plus, taking it from what people who own it say.

I’m not in love, don’t worry

Just in case you are thinking I am falling in love, let me look at the flip side, let me share what some customers have to say against getting this Gerber.

Some cons:

  • some people find it cumbersome to carry around all the time
  • Velcro on the sheath can tear
  • the straight blade can be hard to open while the thing is new
  • some people say that it is hard top open for a while (while it’s new)
  • the screws on the pliers might need tightening occasionally

My review resume:

Read what people who own it said on Amazon >>

48 out 50 - Overall Quality Rating
When a tool gets 48 out of 50 in the Overall Quality Rating, there’s not much to talk about.

Certainly one of the best multitools on the market at this point in time, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. I can say this with such confidence because I know the industry inside out and I know where’s the room for improvement.

If you take a look at the OQT (Overall Quality Rating) you will see that I gave it 4 stars in the category of price and tool variety. Having said that, all of us know that true quality will ask for a few extra bucks, and the tool variety is a matter of personal preference.

As a collector I can tell you that with most of my tools, there’s always a piece or two which I rarely (if ever) use.

To simplify – this tool is, hands down, one of the best on the market today.