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Pros: Very durable and versatile product.. You can rely on the pliers for lots of things, but the great thing is that the pliers slide down and fold nicely as well. Good for round the house work, and for outdoor activities too. There are almost no complaints, even when you consider the carry pouch.

Cons: Some users report that the pliers are hard to open and are not as strong as the rest of the tool.

Gerber 22-41771 EVO Tool 12 Function Multi-Pliers with SheathWith all the clutter of information out there, how are you supposed to know if this Gerber is the best multi tool for you?

I’ll try and clear that out for you. And if you have any doubts if I’m the right person for the job, I will tell you that I have spent years working in a Portland multi tool factory. Today, I own a hardware store, collect multi tools and I write these reviews.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  1. We’ll see what Gerber has to say about the EVO multi tool
  2. What do people who used this piece had to say about it, the good – PROs
  3. What do people who used this piece had to say about it, the bad – CONs
  4. I will make my own resume based on my experience and all said by that point

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This is what Gerber promises you:

  • Aluminum handles – extremely lightweight
  • Designed to reduce the hand fatigue during extended use
  • Safety locking design precisely matches the suspension elements
  • 14-in-1 function meets all you needs
  • Pliers heads are design featuring a spring action

Now, let’s see what the people like about this multi tool:

  • Is there anything that you can say you have been using for ten whole years? That is how long I have this unit with me
  • Nicest multi tool I have ever used. During the years, I misplaced one but soon ordered another
  • The way the pliers just sled out from the end. Quick, easy access. Opens nicely and locks into place. I really love it.
  • There’re been some updated versions, but this one is trustworthy and the only one my husband will ever use
  • I remember getting this one from my uncle when I was fourteen. I didn’t like the protector pouch. But in time I realized how useful it is. Now I carry this piece around my belt really often
  • I cut thick wires, I can even hammer a bit
  • This baby always delivers!
  • I used to go through cheaper multi tools like butter. This one is a keeper..
  • I can only tell you that I hope they still make them as good as they did so many years ago. It been seven full years since I got my old Gerber…it was flawless and I’m really looking forward to see what kind of heath this baby packs…
  • The only time I take it off my belt is when I travel by plane…
  • My hobby is riding a kayak, so I take this piece every time I go on the weekends…
  • Really comes in handy when I’m on my fishing trips
  • This is not something to be put away and use occasionally…I use this daily…
  • My friends ask me all the time to help them with various things. They know they can rely on me, and I rely on my Gerber…
  • The thing I really like is the fact that there is a thing with pliers being able to slide down, instead of folding the around…
  • It’s great design, and you know it right out of the box…you don’t have to move the other tools to fold the ones you just used…

See what customers are saying about it on Amazon:

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And now let us go through what some users didn’t like when it some to The Gerber EVO tool experience:

  • You may find that the pliers are a bit hard to open
  • The main blade seems to be a different shape than one that was shown, but it works just as promised
  • Can I complain about being stupid? I had no idea that it has a lifetime warranty, so soon as the pliers broke (after years of use) I went and bought another one…
  • not as sturdy and heavy-duty as I expected…

As I promised – my own unbiased review resume:

Gerber 22-41771 EVO Tool 12 Function Multi-Pliers with Sheath Review


My Overall Quality Rating of the Gerber EVO is 4.6 out of 5 stars.

This is a multi tool that combines rugged toughness with finesse, so it can suit your daily needs. The components open independently. You can use it for almost every situation: in construction, keep it in you glove box, when travelling, at home or outdoor.

You will find the same number of tools offered for a cheaper price, but this one will last longer and you can be sure that it will actually get the job done. There is a lifetime warranty, and as it turns out, you rarely need it.

Great value for money.