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Pros: Gerber is the name that guarantees high-quality materials, design that’s aimed to perform in all possible conditions and environments, longevity of the tool and proper function of every single piece in it. Super sharp blades (standard and serrated one), excellent pair of pliers with replaceable wire cutters, superb and precise sight tool, indestructible scrapper tool are just tip of the iceberg when it comes to this amazing piece. Plus, it looks ubercool.

Cons: It might leave some black residue on your hands at first, just as any other black coated tool. The one-handed deployment of the pliers will need a short “breaking in” period .

Gerber 30-000588 MP600 ST Sight ToolDo we have a real treat in front of us today or what? While searching for the best multi tool for our everyday jobs, we’ve stumbled upon what seems to be a pretty serious looking piece.

Gerber is a well-known name in the multi tool industry. That’s saying a lot considering their number one occupation is making all sorts of knifes. Let’s review this piece together and see if it’s worthy of the name it carries or not.

Why would you listen to me?

When it comes to multi tools, I fall under the “experienced veteran” category. I’ve been collecting them my whole life, I worked at the multi tool factory and own a hardware store. One could say I know my way around multi tools.

I also have years of writing reviews and blogs under my tool belt, so I think you’re in pretty good hands here.

So, if you’re after an honest, unbiased and, most importantly professional multi tool review, you’ve come to the right place, and I welcome you to continue reading.

What my reviews look like?

Like reviews…just kidding 🙂

Let me take you through the basic outlines of this article before we get to work:

  • We open it up with basic information about the product. Meaning we’ll read the manufacturer’s product specification
  • We’ll run that data by the customer who actually bought and used this multi tool to see how it holds up
  • In the end, I’ll give you my own, honest opinion about the piece and draw conclusions

Very simple and straightforward but it gets the job done.

Let’s get to it.

Basic product info directly from the manufacturer about Gerber MP600

Let’s see what they have for us:

  • Stainless steel finished with black oxide
  • Needlenose pliers featuring crimper jaws
  • M4/M16 tool for adjustment of the front sight
  • Fine and serrated edge knife
  • Phillips screwdriver with long reach

Ok, I expected nothing less from such a company. But we can’t be sure of anything before we get the complete picture.

Good experiences users had with this multi tool

First, we’ll go over some of the PROs users shared with us:

Gerber 30-000588 MP600 ST Sight Tool review

  • This multi tool has a lot of features that are very useful to military personnel. Sight tool is why I bought it, but I really like the scrapper tool. I used it successfully to clean various weapons, and it cuts through ancient baked-on carbon like it was nothing. The best multi tool in my arsenal when it comes to weapon cleaning for sure
  • My cousin is in the marines, and I bought him this multi tool as a present. He never used a multi tool before, but he was amazed at how useful this little thing can be. I also have one, and I love it. The price is more than reasonable for this kind of quality, and it’s worth every penny, let me tell you
  • I’m in the military, and I carry this little guy on my belt at all times. It’s perfect for any kind of field maintenance and weapon cleaning. It’s very well made, and the tools sit firmly inside the frame of the tool. It’s not a tool for everyone though, it’s very precisely made and put together like you would expect from Gerber. Great multi tool at a great price
  • I bought this multi tool for its extra long Phillips screwdriver and very large blade. It’s very handy, durable, and the construction is top notch. Nothing I didn’t expect when Gerber is involved
  • This is by far the coolest multi tool! I carried it with me wherever I went, and it never disappointed me. It handled very well the damp, salty South Pacific environment as well as the dry and dusty environment in Afghanistan. I personally used the sight tool the most but all the other functions work perfectly as well. Definitely worth the money
  • I’ve read a lot, and I mean A LOT of multi tool reviews before I finally saw this one. It had so many people talking about their positive experiences with it, I just had to buy it and give it a go. All I have to say, now that I’ve been using it for a while is that all those people were not wrong. It’s a great tool and very precise, which is very important to me since I’m an avid shooter. I adjusted my sight with the sight tool without any problems and the other tools look great and very functional though I don’t have much of a need for them it’s good to have the option
  • The shipment arrived before it was supposed to, which was a pleasant surprise. As for the quality and functionality of the multi tool itself, I’ll tell you all in just one word GERBER!
  • I use all of the tools this bad boy has to offer. The pliers are great, and the wire cutter blades are replaceable. Sight tool is dead on, and the blades are super sharp and downright impressive

See its ratings on Amazon (link below):

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Not so good user impressions

That was it for the PROs, let’s see the other side. Time for some CONs:

  • It left a black residue over my hands after I unpacked it. I know that all tools with black coating tend to do that, so I rinsed it and wiped it clean. No residue marks no more
  • The one-handed opening action for the pliers needs some breaking in. It goes fine after the first couple of times

Verdict time

Gerber strikes again! They didn’t let us down guys. It’s a superb piece of equipment that’s as useful as it is well made. It’s waiting for you. Go for it without a second thought. I’d buy it myself if I didn’t already have it in my collection.

Set your sights on this tool, aim, fire!

Enjoy your new toy.