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Pros: Body construction surgical grade stainless steel - Lifetime Warranty. Light (only 2.2 oz) and small (2.75" closed length). Best pliers we've seen in a non-full-sized multi-tool (expect for the wire-cutters) - spring loaded and meet well. Very good scissors (also spring loaded).   Inexpensive - currently the top rated piece in "value for money." Handles ergonomically shaped for a better grip.  
Cons: The blade is not 154cm steel, which means it will need sharpening more often. Wire-cutters tend to get stuck if cutting anything thicker than a 10 gauge. Last updated 2018

gerber-dime-blackThis month’s update of the Gerber Dime review is a milestone for this micro multi-tool.

We first reviewed the Dime back in 2013, and for most that time it was the top choice among micro pocket tools but this is the first time that it has actually found its way to the TOP 5 multi-tools overall.

The latest ratings of 4.42 put it in the TOP  best-multi tools but.

More importantly, it’s rated by our testers with an all-time high of 4.8 out of 5 in “value for $”, making this micro eye-candy the best bang for your buck on the entire website.


Let us get into the review by a must-see demo video of its features.

Don’t skip this – do watch it, it will make the more important stuff you’ll see below make sense.


90 Sec Features Demo – Gerber Dime

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The 2 years use & abuse aftermath aka. the Torture Test

The demo video you hopefully just watched is useful to cover the basic facts about the Dime, but it’s nowhere near to painting a complete picture of the tool.

It’s not about how shinny it is when you get it, it’s about how well it works when it stops being shinny. So, let’s see how the Dime faced the music of  heavy 2-year, every-day use (credit RaspyGA).

That’s the real test.

The video below will pretty much tell you everything you need to  know.


The Dime after 2 years of heavy-use

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Gerber Dime vs. the top-rated, Leatherman Wave

Gerber Dime
Best Overall - the Leatherman Wave
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Color Choices of the Gerber Dime

The Dime is one of the tools that comes in a variety of colors to suit the different tastes. The most common case with the full-sized multi tools is that they come in two colors, stainless steel ad black.

The Dime is different, it’s a small handy piece that’s often carried as a keychain and that’s why style and colors matter.

Personally, we’re fans of the aggressive black!


This micro-tool comes in  5 rich colors – from stylish-all black to purple, which makes it a great choice if you are looking for an original gift for wife/girlfriend.

Some of the color options come in a combo with a serrated knife:

gerber dime color choices

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In the rest of the review of the Gerber Dime we’ll take a look at some direct quotes we got from our testers over the years:

These pretty much confirm everything we already went over above:

Excerpts from the positive reviews of the Gerber Dime:

Gerber 31-001134 Dime Micro Tool Review

  • It turns out that this is the most used tool I own, and I do have two more from the same category
  • This micro tool has all you generally reach for few times a day
  • My friends know what they’re getting for their birthdays
  • This is a solidly built piece with a nice finish and a sharp knife. I consider it an effective partner in my chores…
  • I am using it so often, I had to take it off from my keychain so I can use it more freely
  • Whatever the job is, it feels great in hand. I think it’s the weight, it’s just right…
  • Is it just me or is this the best looking micro tool out there? I think it looks sexy both closed and opened
  • I’m like a little kid with this one in my pocket, always lurking around, trying to spot something that should be fixed next
  • Knives came sharp, there is the specific one I use to cut through thick plastic casings and cardboard boxes
  • Includes a bottle opener, so I threw the old one off my key ring
  • Just the kind of everyday use keychain every real man should have in their pocket
  • All the tools I need in a small package
  • Put it in your pocket, and you will be surprised how frequently you’ll use it
  • For daily use, this one is the best multi tools out there
  • Works great for tightening and lightweight grabbing, Thanks mum for getting me this one
  • Perfect mini multi tool for mini-jobs, and you’ll be surprised once you get this little guy, how many mini-jobs are just waiting to be done
  • Wire cutters work just fine, I tried cutting even some stronger paper clips
  • You won’t see me leaving my house without it
  • Perfect keychain, I forget I even have it until I need it
  • Overall, this is well made…
  • Razor edged blades are safe and very useful in various situations, I cut through a lot of things but never my finger…
  • How did I live without this Blister package opener, I can’t remember…
  • Reliable box opener, and it has been for months now
  • My favorite feature are the tools that are accessible even without opening the thing
  • Yes, the pliers are small but I find them pretty effective

Few less favorable thoughts on the Dime from tester reviews:

  • Paint started peeling off after some time, but it wasn’t that messy nor that ugly even without the paint
  • It takes time to get used to opening the blade
  • File is too small…
  • Dropped it while working on small ladders; pliers broke. Now I am waiting to see if my clumsiness is under warranty
  • Not for heavy lifting, luckily I have some bigger tools
  • Knife is sharp but not as pointy as I would like

Summary of the Gerber Dime review:

Gerber 31-001134 Dime Best Micro Tool

It looks good, does the job and doesn’t cost much.

Maybe you won’t fix your car with it, but you will find its use. Maybe you can’t impress the girls with your guitar playing skills, to you can help your musician friend to cut wires if they break.

And next to a campfire, you can open everyone’s beer. If it were stronger, it would be heavier. So, no complaints in that department.

There’s that worry about that color rubbing off a bit, but it may look like you’re a man’s man and you’re using it a lot, and that could be a turn on.

Should you buy it? If in need for a micro tool, probably. Note that this is not a tool box piece, and was never meant to be one.
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