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Pros: Small tool for a good price with a trustworthy name on it, not only Gerber but Bear Grylls as well. This is a keychain that can be useful in your cottage but on your hike to there as well. You can tweeze out a splinter and cut even a thicker rope. Blades are really sharp. It’s an accessorize that actually has a use.

Cons: It might take some getting used to its weight. Some thicker metals won't bent with the pliers that are offered here. There are some bigger screws that you won’t be able to handle, but not every key fits every lock.

Gerber 31-000750 Bear Grylls Compact best Multi-ToolThe best multi tool is what you need?

There’s so many of them out there and I just bought one for myself.

I been using bigger tools, and had a few as a keychain.

But I will base this review on so many other multi tool reviews I read, on the experience from the people that actually held and used this specific one.

We’ll do it like this:

  1. I will lay down what the Gerber company is promising with this name branded tool
  2. Then we will go through some of the GOOD experience people using Gerber Bear Grylls had
  3. And then we will see what was the BAD they encountered
  4. I’ll make an indifferent review myself

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Gerber is promising you this:

  • Ten stainless steel components in one tool, and that they are weather resistant
  • Two full-sized blades
  • Long nose pliers, fine edged and also serrated knives, wire cutters, Phillips screwdriver, both small and medium flat drivers, a bottle opener, tweezers and a lanyard ring
  • They claim it’s lightweight and compact
  • Something that can fit on a keychain or something you can place in your pocket
  • Easy accessible external components and some nail nicks
  • Not sure if this is the best one out the, but this is the best multi tool for me when it comes to daily use
  • A pocket guide that has Bear Grylls’ survival essentials
  • While open, it’s 4.3 inches, and if closed, its length should be 2.5 inches
  • Three ounces in weight
  • Combined experience from Gerber as a company that has more that seventy years in making knives and gears, and Bear’s infamous outdoor survival techniques

These are some GOOD experiences:

Gerber 31-000750 Bear Grylls Compact Multi-Tool reviw

  • I like the spring action that the pliers give you, they are heavy enough for some light tasks and quite sturdy
  • Nonslip design is very nice, I appreciate that a lot
  • It was actually much smaller than I expected, but strong as I hoped
  • I found that this tool opens nicely and folds in the same way
  • As a someone enjoying a great deal of outdoor activities, I really like having this in my pocket whenever and wherever I go
  • There is something about the feeling when your hiking and then you pull out this flashy name branded tool, that actually does smaller jobs
  • This has to be in my backpack whenever I take out my motorcycle out for a drive to my country house
  • Call me shallow, but this this is a great conversation starter, everybody knows who Bear Grylls is and they want to talk about his and possibly mine adventures. That’s cool
  • Serrated knife can cut a thicker rope, wasn’t really expecting that
  • Solid feel for a decent price
  • This is just the EDC tool I needed
  • A very well designed, and very well built little tool
  • Kudos for the blades, they are sooo sharp. Like, scalpel sharp
  • It seems like the materials are high quality
  • As something meant to be carried around, this is a quite nice looking piece
  • How did I ever cut any zip tie before this one, or any other packages in that manner
  • I spend a lot of time photographing outside, I have it at my side always
  • Excellent for some household fixes, my wife bought it and I use it
  • It’s actually a looker; I love the colors. It looks even better in person. Not Bear, the multi tool
  • I use it daily in my office because the damn printer keeps jamming
  • There are few things I don’t leave my house without: my iPhone, wallet and this little Gerber

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Here you can read some BAD experience people had with this tool:

  • Not really for heavy duty jobs, but I knew that
  • The blades could be thicker, probably not for that price
  • There were some gouges on my pliers, not sure why
  • I couldn’t find the tweezers for some time, so I was upset I thought they lied to me. They are just well hidden
  • Phillips head screwdriver is approx. size two, I really needed bigger one
  • Flatheads might be hard to flip out first few times
  • Got this as a present and wanted to kill my friend with it, Bear Grylls really annoys me

Overall, what do I think about this Gerber x Bear Grylls combo:

Gerber 31-000750 Bear Grylls Compact Multi-Tool

Like everything in life, it comes down to what you expected. This multi tool has Bear’s name on it, but you won’t become him. Though, you could become a handy(er) husband and a good neighbor.

This is not a Hunger Games survival kit; it’s a small tool that comes in handy in various indoor and outdoor activities. The main thing is, you can pull out, screw and cut.

This is a quite affordable and good sized key ring that could cope with some not so heavy duty jobs.

Small enough for you to put it your pocket, but it does the job.

You won’t build a house with it, but once the house is built, you will find a lot of thing to fix with this one.