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Pros: Quite powerful multi tool with 16 features that work quite well. Corkscrew has a notched assist which is very helpful. Incredible size for it’s possibilities, only three inches. The tools are accessible and well organized. Made out of some good quality steel. Comes with a 25 year limited warranty. Easy to clean. Could be used around the office, house but outdoors as well. Color choice – purple and grey.

Cons: Some people prefer straight side instead of hollow ground blades. There were complaints about the springs. Some cans might be hard to open because of the thickness of the opener. Awl is kind of blunt.

Leatherman 78105003K Juice XE6-Pocket Multi-ToolI know that choosing the best multitool for your needs can be confusing. Hundreds of choices, brands, tool combinations…not easy to make sense of it all. That’s what this website is all about, offering you unbiased multi tool reviews so that you can make an informed decision.

I think I can be of service because I spent years working in a multi tool factory, and today I own hardware store I collect multi tools and I run this website about them.

We’ll make this a four-step multi tool review:

  1. We’ll see what the company stated on the fact sheet
  2. What people liked, the PROs
  3. What they didn’t, the CONs
  4. Make a review resume

Moving on…

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The specifications of the multi tool:

  • Powerful 16in1 tool with secure and accessible pieces, just a little over three inches long
  • Hundred-percent high grade, corrosion resistant, easy to maintain, stainless steel
  • Long nose pliers, hard and regular wire cutters
  • Straight knife, serrated knife
  • Phillips, extra small, small, medium and large screwdriver
  • Lanyard attachment
  • Bottle/can opener
  • Saw, awl, diamond file
  • Scissors
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • 190gr, 8.25cm (when closed)
  • Available in two colors (Storm gray and Thunder purple)
  • You can get optional accessories

This is some of the good things Juice XE6 users had to say about their experience with it:

  • Sixteen pieces can be folded into a three inch piece, very smartly designed…
  • This is a powerful but a compact unit, and most tasks are done in a flash…
  • I like how easily the scissors can be pulled out. Same goes for lifting the cutters.
  • The corkscrew has a notched assist! Usually multi tools don’t have that. You don’t have to be very strong to open a bottle
  • It’s obvious how good the steel is with the blades. They are easy to clean, and if you dry them properly, and then occasionally oil them up, they can last a lifetime
  • I enjoy how the springs works, and how they snap into their place
  • Way more compact than a typical multi tool…
  • I feel well prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse with this one!
  • I love the bright metallic colors; I went with Thunder Purple, it looks really cool
  • I bought the purple one for my husband, and he didn’t like the color so I started carrying it. He used it few times and now we ordered the grey one for him
  • Not only that it has a lot of them, but the tools seem to be very well organized. And their quality is excellent…nothing to complain about here…
  • My husband has a big toolbox filled with lots of tools, but I don’t see the point of it because he usually uses my little purple Juice XE6 for most of the stuff around the house…
  • I like having it in my kitchen drawer or in my picnic basket
  • My hobby is horseback riding, and I love the outdoors. I needed something small, but still strong enough to help me with burdensome branches, to cut rope, for making a perfect skewer for roasted marshmallows…I need scissors a lot, and a corkscrew eventually. Had this Juice for a week only, and I have used it a dozen times
  • My grandson started playing hockey, and this is the tool that helps him around the new hockey sticks
  • After I had lost one to the TSA, I spent some time wondering if I should buy myself different model, but I realized that this is the optimal choice when it comes to the price and the number of options it offers. And I really love how the corkscrew works
  • I was just at my sister’s wedding. I helped her with the zipper…
  • Stand out looks and a good fit in any hand, the edges are nice and rounded
  • I have been using some more “manlier” multi tools and got this one for my twenty-year-old daughter. She likes it, but I think I use it more often…

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It seems like the users are mostly satisfied, but here are some of the CONS they reported:

  • Usually, the springs on Leatherman are great. My Juice has a problem with them, especially the Wharncliffe style blade. Hopefully, this is not a model flaw, but just a problem with my piece…
  • The bottle opener works great, but not suitable enough for cans. Maybe you can sharpen it, I haven’t tried…
  • I had some experience with SAKs, and the blunt is better…this one is kind of blunt…
  • Woodsaw fingernail slot cannot be reached unless the scissors are unfolded…

Here is what I think about this product:

Leatherman 78105003K Juice XE6-Pocket Multi-Tool Review

Leatherman obviously put some effort into designing and making this piece. The choice of materials is great, and they hold up unusually well for such a small piece.

It’s only three inches, so if you do get it, don’t push it too hard. Purple model is a nice touch, but I would go with a more traditional grey. You may think that this is an expensive piece, but with the quality in mind I think the price is just right.