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Pros: Amazing variety of tools. Solidly built and a comfortable grip. Very safe lock and unlock mechanism. A heavy duty tool - it cuts through wire like butter. Small and lightweight, which makes it a great pocket tool. Very practical belt clip. Very good value for money.

Cons: Some customers find the blade and the saw too short.

Leatherman Sidekick Multitool ReviewLet us look at this little baby and provide you with a comprehensive Leatherman Sidekick multitool review and help you decide whether this is the right multitool for you.

Let me just take a second here and tell how I am going to help.

I worked in a multitool factory in Portland for 20 years, so you consider me an insider to the industry.

I know how frustrating the choice can be – so many websites, so many reviews, the mind boggles.

So what I have done here is try to systematize things and allow you to make an informed decision by:

  • providing a synoptic overview of the main features of the product
  • provide what I think are the most important PROs and CONs of the tool as per customer reviews
  • try and contact as many actual users of the tools using forums to ask questions about it that I think are crucial and include that in the PROs and CONs
  • offer my resume and rating
  • find the best deals you could get for the tool

If you are in doubt on why you should listen what I have to say, visit the about me page.

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Leatherman – The brand

Leatherman is famous as a brand of knives and multi tools.

The company’s foundation was laid by Steve Berliner and Timothy S. Leatherman.

They initiated this business to promote their idea of using multipurpose, handy and easily portable tools in the market. The company was launched in 1983 and it was time when they sold their first multi tool.

Their first multi tool was named as Pocket Survival Tool (PST).

I take it that if you are here that you’re not that much interested in the company, but this specific product, but if you want to know more you can read about Leatherman at Wikipedia.

Specifications of Leatherman Sidekick Multi Tool

This multitool brings you a double knife and one of them is serrated.

It also includes needle nose pliers with spring action. Wire cutters also come with spring action in this multitool.

It provides you with the three different types of screwdrivers (small, medium and Phillips). A ruler, can opener as well as a bottle opener is also the part of the sidekick multitool.

Apart from these basics, the Sidekick includes:

  • a carbineer bottle-opener
  • removable pocket clip
  • a leather sleeve for convenient handling and carrying

Let us take a look at the multitool:

What the actual  users are saying – the PROs:

Leatherman 831426

  • Great variety of tools…
  • Very comfortable grip that doesn’t leave me with numb hands even after serious jobs…
  • I especially like the safety of the lock & unlock mechanism…
  • No feeling of soreness and no discomfort after using it…
  • The round edges of the sidekick make squeezing easier and allow a better and a stronger grip…
  • Cuts through heavy wire like it was butter…
  • 25 years warranty…that says it all…
  • Small and lightweight…one of those things that after you get, you think about how you lived without it so far…
  • I have a great respect for a company that doesn’t ship work overseas and sacrifice quality…
  • Biggest selling point for me was the great belt clip with a knife pocket…perfect…
  • A nifty and reliable helper in the garden and with the car…
  • I wish that all the products were at this level of quality…a completely new level…
  • I was surprised at how well this multitool is made…and for that price…
  • They really upped their game with this one…
  • Offers great value for the price tag…
  • Really loving the quality

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The CONs as per customer reviews:

  • The blades could be longer…
  • The Phillips screwdriver could be made better, it only comes with two tiny nubs…
  • The saw is not long enough to cut anything larger than 2 inches…

My review resume:


I know for a fact that Leatherman makes quality product. No question about that.

Having said that, not all products fit every need and not every piece is flawless.

I also know that if you happen to get a faulty one, customer service of the company is what makes the difference.

And in those terms, Leatherman is second to none. They offer a 25 year warranty which is so rare to find these days and they are very timely in their responses and their actions if you have a problem with their product.

This product is one of the simpler ones and often, those are the best.

Having read through the CONs among the reviews

I can say that none of these seem like a deal-breaker for me.

This is after all a multitool and it is not reasonable to expect to cut through 5 or 6 inches stuff with it.

With all that in mind I give this product a 4 stars out of 5.

You can also learn more about the founder of Leatherman here.

I sincerely hope this Leatherman Sidekick Multitool Review helped in your pursuit.