Value for money
User rating
Pros: * one of the toughest multi-tools ever made * surgical grade 420HC used for the blades * 154CM in the replaceable wire-cutters - 300% more durable than similar tools * edge-safety clumping * 2nd best pliers we've seen in a multitool * ergonomic handle design
Cons: * no scissors * heavier than most multi-tools

In this update, Leatherman Super Tool 300 is comfortably ranked 4th overall with the ratings of  4.54 out of 5. This doesn’t come as a surprises since the Super 300 has been a top 5 multi-tool for the better part of last year and half. The Super Tool 200 is currently 14th in ratings with a solid 4.42/5.

The Super Tool 300 dominates the 4.5 ” category



Tools tested for this update – the Super 300 second from the right

It’s not the best rated overall, but it is the best among it’s main competitors, which are the Surge and Victorinox Swiss-tool X.

The three tools are the crème de la crop in the 4.5 inch category (0.5 inch longer when closed than what you’d consider a full size multi-tool, like the Wave).



90 Sec Features Demo – Leatherman 300 Super Tool


After 3 years of every-day-use

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Before we bite into the meat of the review, for those new to our website…

  1. I, the person writing these lines, Morry Banes am the chubby, bold guy you’ll see in the videos, had worked in a multi-tool factory for just under 10 years before starting this website in 2012. It’s fair to say I’m your industry insider.
  2. We test every tool we write about, year round – we do two kinds of testing, in-house and featured. In-house is self-explanatory and featured means that we have people, usually outdoorsy bloggers and handymen (you can see them on the “Our Friends” page) use the multi-tools we send them and give us updates every two months.
  3. We don’t, never have and never will accept “free samples” of the tools. We buy them at retail just you would and distribute to our featured testers.

Enough about us, let’s get to work.

The first thing we’ll do is deadlock the Leatherman Super tool 300 with the currently best-rated overall – the Wave 830039.


The Super tool 300 vs. the Wave

Best Overall
The Wave
Super Tool 300

(out of 5)
Tool diversity:
(out of 5)
(out of 5)
(out of 5)
Value for money:
(out of 5)
Overall Rating:
(out of 5)

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We should never have compared the 300 and the Wave

That’s right, I decided to write this review as if I had a personality – we’ve just compared the SP300 and I just said we should not – it’s in a category of its own.

They made me do it!

The structure of any full-sized review we write is to compare the tool in question with the best-rated piece at the moment.

I didn’t want to do that for Super Tool 300 because the two have no business being compared.

They are too different in terms of size, weight, intended use and, ultimately, the people who’ll choose one or the other.

We compared the two because the opinion at the “office” (by office I mean the rented warehouse space we use) is that we should stick to the structure, while my opinion was that it made us look ignorant about multi-tools. We found the middle ground by them including the comparison table and me including this explanation how I had nothing to do with it.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand…

Leatherman Super Tool 300 will be the choice of people doing serious work

The SP300 is a power house. It is not designed to be carried around in your pocket and flashed around your buddies when a screw gets loose on the porch pantry.

It’s built to be used by blue-collar, hard-working handymen, electricians and builders at construction sites of the world.

If that’s not you and you are looking for a multi-tool that will be your EDC, you’re better off with the Wave.

The Super Tool 300 is cheaper than its main competitors



Left to right – Leatherman Surge, Leatherman Super Tool 300 (black version) and Victorinox SwissTool X


At the moment the SuperTool 300 has an all-time-low 1&2 star ratings on Amazon (just a few %) , which makes it one of the few top-rated multi-tools on Amazon, among thousands they carry.

We’ll give you a moment to process how big of  a deal is that.

Although better-rated, it’s currently the cheapest option among the 3 tools we mentioned as it’s main rivals. The Surge costs just a bit more and the Victorinox is the most expensive and the lowest-rated of the 3. Before we move on, let’s compare the 3 in a synoptic table (lowest to highest rated).
Specs of the Leatherman Super Tool 300:

  • Made in the USA…
  • Handles sculpted for extra comfort
  • All tools safely lock into place and the tools features specially designed handle cutouts for easier access to the tools
  • two knives – regular and serrated, both 420hc stainless steel
  • Includes a wire stripper, crimper, 4 different screwdrivers (three different sizes and a Philips screwdriver)
  • File for metal/wood, can and bottle opener, saw, awl
  • Wire cutters (removable)

See what users are sharing in their reviews of Super Tool 300 on Amazon below

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https://bestmultitoolkit.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Leatherman Super Tool 300 image1
The PROs and CONs

The PROs of the multitool as per the users:

  • Made in the USA…
  • I own a couple of multitools, even the Super Tool 200, and I believe that the Super Tool 300 is the best value for money I’ve seen in a multitool so far
  • I love how easily accessible the tools are with the big cutaways on the handle
  • Strong, beefed up shank…
  • The Philips screwdriver is great, just as good as any standalone Philips you might get…
  • Nice wide saw…
  • I can’t find the right words to describe how well made this tools is…just superb…
  • I’ve been using it for full 3 months and I see no change on it…
  • Much better than my old Gerber…sturdier, stronger, better made, more tools…
  • To date, the Super Tool 300 remains my favorite, and I’ve used about two dozen of similar tools in my life
  • Just the right balance between weight, number of tools and functionality…
  • I bought it as a gift for a friend, and now I borrow it every few days, I think it’s time I got my own…
  • I am a very skeptical buyer and I’ve researched for days before getting the Super Tool 300…it is everything I wanted, well worth the time spent researching…
  • I have used ST100 and ST200 for 15 years and when I ordered this, I had a good idea of what to expect and it lived up to all my expectations…great seller, fast and reliable shipping…
  • I would recommend it to anyone who needs serious work done…
  • Includes everything I need for my fishing trips…I see no traces of corrosion after six months of every weekend use…
  • I got this for my son who’s an electrician and now I see it on his belt every day…
  • The perfect multitool…it’s on me every day since I got it.
  • sturdy and durable, so far it seems just as advertised…
  • a heavy duty tool…I do serious work and needed a tool that can take it all and this baby hasn’t let me down once in 8 months, not once…
  • I have a few friends that are tool “junkies” and catching their jealous looks is precious 🙂
  • just right for all my camping and boating…
  • Leatherman is still an industry standard…sharp blades, sturdy build, nice design, quality steel…now I just have to see how it passes the test of time…
  • A great investment…
  • They did it again, based on a few months of use, it seems that Leatherman has done a good job improving an already great tool…
  • My new multitool is so good that I’m almost glad I lost my old one…
  • Great customer service…


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The CONs:

  • I never liked seeing Velcro on a pouch, it’s practical, but it wears out, a nice solid button would be better…
  • no scissors…
  • too big for a pocket tool…
  • a bit on the heavier side, if you are looking for a pocket piece, you will probably be better off with another multitool…
  • the parts wiggle when I open a few at the same time…
  • I am sending mine in for replacement, the small pin on the spring broke…

My resume of the review:

I think this is a great tool, let me say that right away. But it is a great tool if in the right hands. What I’m trying to say is that if you need something shiny for Leatherman Super Tool 300 image 2your belt that would attract looks, there are probably better multitools for you – like some of the Victorinox pieces.

The fact that Leatherman didn’t include scissors tells a lot. I know the industry and know that the models without scissors are aimed at a specific market group – serious handy man, electricians and basically anybody that needs a heavy duty tool. This tool could replace half of your toolbox. And when I say replace, I really mean replace.

Usually, when you have a multi tool and standalone tools with you, you would go for the later for anything that requires serious pressure. With the Super Tool 300, that’s not the case – the materials used and the sturdiness make the pieces just as strong as it’s standalone cousins.

The Super Tool 200 was the standard in its class of multi tools for years, and I was very curious to see how Leatherman could improve on this classic, it seems they really did it in two major ways:

  1. beefing up the quality of the materials and the joints
  2. changing the design a bit – not for the sake of looks, but for practicality

Bottom line -the ST300 is a beast among multi-tools
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