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Pros: Greatest advantage is in its size and the fact that it doesn’t lack in comparison to a bulkier keychain multi tools. Scissors are not the best but the knife is great. File with a hook is well crafted and durable. Users found it both useful and safe.

Cons: You have to open scissors to reach all other tools. Knife is sharp but not for push cutting. Not to be left outside due to rust issues. Not a heavy duty tool, but a useful piece for smaller, less demanding jobs.

Micra Multi-ToolIf you stumbled upon my website, you are probably looking for a multi tool, but getting the best one can prove to be kind of a hassle, today more than ever (with the outscoring and everything). It’s a jungle of a market out there.

I worked in a factory that makes these babies for years and now I run a hardware store that makes these babies and collect them. I know all there is to know about multi tools and I am staying on top of it all as the industry changes.

So, I’ll try to save you up some time and help you decide whether this little fellow suits your needs.

Here’s what we are going to do in this multi tool review:

  1. We will see what Leatherman is offering with this one – it’s basic specs
  2. What are the nice things people have to say about the product
  3. What the users didn’t like
  4. Then I’ll add my own experience with similar micro tools and draw conclusions

Let’s start off with the specifications that came directly from Leatherman, and then we will check if they can withstand the scrutiny of the real life use:

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The specs:

  • Ten tough tools in one small package
  • Three screwdrivers, knife, nail file, bottle opener, scissors, ruler and tweezers
  • A piece that can easily fit on your keychain
  • Micro tool made from durable stainless steel
  • Very light piece (only less than two ounces)
  • Two and a half inches long when closed, so it’s barely noticeable

There are a lot of praises for this tiny multi tool.

Here’s what people are saying:

Micra Multi-Tool review

  • This is by far the best multi tool out there, not only small but very useful keychain
  • Here’s the thing with this one; the scissors actually work and the tweezers won’t get lost
  • I love the eyeglasses screwdriver, I have it on me all the time
  • Never will I ever again consider owning a „red“ knife, not when there’s a Leatherman Micra
  • The scissors are just great, and the knife is just sharp enough, the screwdrivers come in handy all the time. I really love this little guy
  • After days of research I was getting tired and I was like “let’s get this and see if this thingie is of any real use”…it does the job for 90% of my chores, I am happy I didn’t splurge with some of the heavy duty ones…
  • Has all the functions you could imagine for a daily around the house use
  • You won’t save the nation if the alien invasion comes at us, but it sure seems dangerous enough for the TSA to talk it away from you. And it’s so small that you will forget it’s even on your keys
  • Best thing ever for a keychain because not only that it has all the tools I need, but it so light and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable in my pocket
  • I have it since 2008, need I say more?
  • The screwdrivers are so useable, especially because I always have problems with my eyeglasses
  • I knew it’s small, but was still surprised once I opened the box. Even more surprised when I realized how well it was built
  • Tweezers are so useful, and working in a wood shed gives you a lot of splinters, so I know what I’m talking about
  • The knife is sharp, which is kind of the only thing that really matters to me…
  • Not only that I bought another one after previous got lost, it made me so comfortable in Leatherman that now I consider buying a bigger one as well. But this one stays with my keys.
  • Small ones usually don’t come this strong
  • Nail file does the job exactly as advertised…
  • Some other multi tools I own are stronger, but I use this one much more often because it’s so easy to carry around
  • Great bang for the buck, and it weighs like a penny
  • Spring loaded scissors work like a charm on my nails, plus there’s a nail file
  • Fishing pole, a bucket and Micra is all I need for my fishing trips
  • Amazed at the things it can do for a small piece…
  • The file has a hook to clean under your nails…I love that…

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Let us look at the complaints – THE CONS:

  • It’s so small I keep misplacing it, it really should be on your keychain
  • The knife is sharp but maybe not meant for push cutting
  • I would like the scissors to the more steady and fit better in their place, but I would like it to be bigger how I’ll shut up about it
  • Rust might be an issue if you are using it on your boat…

Here’s my judgment:

Micra Best Multi Tool

Remember, I am not here to convince you to buy it, but to help you get clarity if this thing suits your needs.

Multi tools that can really be seriously don’t get smaller than this. I have a few smaller ones and, let me be blunt here, they are just ornaments.

It’s called Micra so you get the idea about the size. It’s very, very small. You won’t notice it’s on your keychain until you get a splinter, or you need to open a box, maybe fix a broken nail…

You can cut paper and maybe even work your way through a lighter rope. And you’ll never worry about your glasses falling apart again.

Not a fan of the scissors, even for a small tool like this, they could have done a better job there.

But, stronger usually means heavier. You can bring a bigger one in your pocket but don’t complain when your pants fall down with it.

Speaking of pockets, this one is planned to be kept there. Don’t leave it outside in the rain, because it WILL get rusty.

To resume – not a heavy duty tool but a little helper some smaller jobs around the house and backyard.