User rating
Pros: Best value for money to be found in a survival knife. One of the top rated survival blades out there and certainly the best Schrade. Highest quality 1070 carbon gray steel used for the blade. Impossible to scratch and holds edge for a very long time. Ergonomically built steel handle provides a good grip. Easy to carry in a aluminium holder.

Cons: The nylon sheath is not the highest quality. Not stainless.

Schrade SCHF2The Schrade SCHF2 makes a great first impression. As an ex multi-tool factory worker and now a hardware store owner, I’d seen countless tools, especially blades and knives, and yet I find this model absolutely impressive. Let me tell you why the Schrade SCHF2 is highly-recommendable and can be considered one of the best Schrade knives in the market.

Of course there’s no such thing as a “perfect” tool; every blade is made for a different purpose and this sets them apart. If you are interested in getting a survival blade or want to know what the Schrade SCHF2 has to offer, then this article is for you.

What are the dimensions of the knife?

  • overall length of 12.5 inches
  • blade length of 7 inches

Other knife models come in shorter or longer sizes, but the 7-inch blade length is perfect for mid- to heavy-duty usage. If you’re going to use it for outdoor activities like camping or hunting, it wouldn’t cause too much bulk in your pocket.

Sturdy build and material

  • 1070 high carbon gray steel
  • 1070 steel handle
  • aluminium bit holder
  • Nylon sheath

The blade

The blade is made of 1070 high carbon gray steel – one of the finest materials to be found only on the best of the blades. Carbon steel makes the knife extra-sturdy and won’t easily acquire scratch or damage even after heavy use. If you don’t like knives that easily acquire a lot of scratches, this model is good for you.


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The handle

Supporting this best survival blade is a 1070 steel handle. It gives a good grip and feel of the knife. Steel makes the knife heavier (compared to others that use a different material) but it makes me feel stronger when I carry it. The best thing about it is the compact build and the solid swings and thrust that you can feel when using it.

The holder

It also features an aluminum bit holder and a bar to make it portable and easy to carry. The end cap is attached with 10-piece bits for a secure build. As a bonus, this comes with a nylon sheath that is made of good quality; you wouldn’t easily have to replace it.

Schrade SCHF2 as a combo-edge blade

A combo edge design is an advantage of this survival blade compared to others. From the tip to the middle, the blade is a normal plain edge. The part of the blade closest to the handle, however, is serrated. The serrations are particularly helpful in cutting a lot of rope and similar material. You may also use the plain edge to do normal slicing. This gives you an advantage because one knife can do the work of two.

What makes it the top 3 Schrade blade so far?

It’s an exceptional tool. The blade and knife functionality is excellent, plus it also has a multi-bit screwdriver that threads into the bottom end of the handle. I like tools that are capable of multi tasking. They are worth the investment and save you bucks because you won’t need to get that extra tool.

As the best Schrade knife, I would consider it a close copy of Chris Reeves’ custom knives – which can be bought for three times the price. And still I could notice certain improvements on this Schrade model compared with the Reeve’s. It is truly competitive in the market and provides great value for money.

Pros vs Cons


  • Good price
  • One-piece steel for better grip
  • Excellent blade
  • Comes with screwdriver kit

This knife has many positive attributes, and most importantly, it doesn’t cost an arm and a head. At this price, you would expect it to be built cheap, but on the contrary, it rivals the quality of knives twice the price. My customers are impressed when they check the model itself before the price tag.

To all those heavy knife users, having this Schrade on your belt will be pure bliss. You have a combo-edge design that can do two separate functions and slices. The blade isn’t also attached to a hollow grip made of a different material, so you can an excellently hold it and you feel the solid force that this knife is capable of releasing. Another great thing about this is that you won’t have removable/separate parts that would rust or fall short of quality in a relatively shorter period of time.


  • Nylon sheath not as good as expected
  • Not exactly stainless


I think that the rating of 4.7/5 says it all.

Even the best survival blade has some flaws, and the Schrade SCHF2 is not an exception. I see these flaws more as compromises to meet an economic price. The nylon sheath, for example, is not as good as one would expect. It can be used for a period of time and used with no replacement, but some of my customers feel that the quality of the knife itself is too good for the sheath. Well, that looks like a compliment rather than a problem to me.

Lastly, the carbon steel isn’t necessarily stainless. In this respect you’ll have to take extra care of the blade and use it in proper weather and circumstances. Of course, any responsible knife owner can easily prevent a ruined survival knife due to plain rusting.

In conclusion, the Schrade SCHF2 is a great knife that I can recommend to any of my customers.