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Pros: Multifunctional tool with a hammer as a strongest point. Great for cutting telephone wires and with knives that can be sharpen to perfection. Light but strong. Comes with more than a decent belt holster. With 14 pieces and the price of a decent lunch, its a solid budget solution. Good piece to keep in your desk drawer.

Cons: The hammer handle is short and it can take some getting used to. There's a safety issue as well, because there is no knife lock. One of the screwdrivers is hard to reach and deploy.

Could this be the best multi tool for you?

I cannot answer that because I don’t know your needs. But I can give you the experience of people using it so you can make an informed decision.

Whenever I want to buy something, I go and read a review or two hundred of them.

So I started writing them myself in my field of expertise (I am an ex multi tool factory worker and now a collector).

Here’s how this reviews is going to work:

  1. We will see what Sheffield is promising with this Hammer Tool
  2. We will go through some positives people said about it – PROs
  3. We will hear out the complaints of the users – CONs
  4. I will eventually take some final notes myself, based on all said

Let’s dig in.

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The fact sheet of this Sheffield – it includes:

Sheffield 12913 Premium 14-in-1 Hammer Tool

  • Hammer head tool with a nail claw
  • Regular pliers and linesman
  • Stripper for wires and cutters that have spring action handle
  • Phillips screwdriver number 2, and two more: quarter and eight of and inch flat heads
  • 2.5“ drop point knife blade, and 2.0“ serrated blade
  • Can opener, key ring attachment, soft file
  • Belt pouch (they claim it’s sturdy)
  • Stainless steel, heavy duty construction. Polished handle made out of hard wood
  • Eleven ounces in weight, with a little over five inches I overall length

The PROs as per the end users of the tool:

  • Not just a gadget, a functional multi-tool
  • Great replacement for a tool box, does the basics and there’s no mess around the house after cutting just one wire
  • I work on wood all the time, and its strong enough to put a nail in a wooden brick, which is quite good for such a small hammer
  • I even manage smaller concrete nails with this tool
  • Light is not something should be said for a hammer, but for reasons known only to my physics teacher, this actually works. Bought it, nailed it!
  • The pliers can remove small nuts and bolts, if they are not to wide for the opening of the pliers
  • Handy tool, and the holster is just fine. First thing I reach for once there is something to be fixed
  • I don’t work with wires that are too thick, but with the telephone wires I had no problems
  • I just used it to handle TV cable and wanted to say how easy it was. I like the wood in my hand, it feels different…
  • I liked since the moment I got it at a hardware store, so my wife got me one for Christmas. The only problem is now I have a tool to actually fix all of those littlest things round the house, so there’s no excuses…
  • I hate it when I have to go to the garage and take a whole toolbox so that I could put one painting on the wall. So, I have this handy tool in my living room drawer…
  • Stainless steel looks good, and the belt pouch seems durable
  • Pliers are great for pulling fence staples, and then you have the hammer to knock them back in again
  • I have two microtools, but after purchasing this one, I can say that this one is the best multi-tool I own…the hammer makes all the difference
  • Fence wire doesn’t stand a chance against these cutters
  • Serrated blade is just wickedly sharp, but more importantly it’s safe. I haven’t hurt myself, and I have been using it almost daily for a whole year….
  • Mini fencing tool, just what I wanted. Thank you, Santa!
  • There are other hammers that cost twice as much and have only half the tools…
  • FOURTEEN tools in one for that price, that is a bargain
  • Great buy for any camper like myself, you can use it to knock the stakes down and pull them out later
  • I made a whole birdhouse using just this one tool, the whole thing, top to bottom
  • I would never go for a China made tool, but I got this one as a gift and it’s not as bad as I thought it would be
  • Bought this one as a temporary solution before buying a pricier one, but found that I’m in no need for that. This gets the job done, at least the smaller jobs that I get involved with

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The flaws and the problems reported by users – the CONs:

  • Hammer handle takes some time getting used to, because it’s not long as you’d expect it to be
  • The knife is sharp, but a little short for my taste
  • I live outside the USA, so I had to pay more because of the taxes
  • Not really a pocket piece, be prepared to use the holster…
  • Phillips screwdriver is kinda blocked by the pliers handle
  • The knife needs a lock
  • Blades get dull and need frequent sharpening, not really for every day use…

My review resume:

This hammer tool is far from perfect but comes useful at various situations.

It’s a decent tool with maybe some fillers and make-up which always annoys me when I see it. But it is something you can keep close to you at your desk job so you can handle hanging a few pictures.

Great for camping, stakes with be handled just fine. Don’t fool yourself with some stronger tasks that consider hammering concrete, but wood won’t be a problem. It’s a low-cost multi-tool, but it finds its use.