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Pros: Good value for money, this tools packs serious power for the buck. It is a budget solution, but the fact that it's made of 420c stainless steel makes it a serious tool. Well built, sturdy and strong. Customizable placement of tools for better usability on different jobs. Smart design. Reliable safety locks and fast deployment of the tools. razor sharp blades and a pouch included. Nice matte finish makes it an eye-candy.

Cons: Should include better scissors. In some customizations the tools included can catch, which can affect the sharpness of the blade over time.

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SOG Power Assist Multitool

But first things first:

Let’s see the specifications of the product:

  • 420c high quality stainless steel
  • 22 tools, including a serrated blade
  • Extra safety assured by locks on both sides
  • limited lifetime warranty
  • weighs 14.1 ounces, shipping weight 1.2 pounds
  • dimensions 5.7 x 2.9 x 1.8 “

Now, let’s see what the actual users are saying about this tools and whether it’s as good as SOG says it is:

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The PROs as per the end users:

  • Excellent tools, functional and strong…
  • Certainly feels like quality…
  • I was amazed at the cutting power of this SOG
  • This is my third multitool and the other two are from big names and more expensive, but this SOG is far and above the best of them…
  • Be careful with the blades of the knife, they are razor sharp…
  • Sturdy and well built, a bit on the heavier side, but I guess it had to be to pack so much power and be so strong…
  • Great for my boat, have been using it for a year and I don’t see any corrosion anywhere…
  • I highly recommend it, it’s fast, reliable and easy to operate…
  • I’ve owned different brands of tools over the years and this is the best value for money I’ve seen…it’s a steal…
  • Heavy duty and robust, it can literally replace at least a third of my toolbox…
  • I like everything about this tool, especially how fast and easy the pieces deploy…
  • Beefy and strong, it’s really made for serious work, don’t be fooled by how shiny it is…
  • I’ve had it for 2 years and it hasn’t failed me once…
  • Great customer service, they stand behind their warranty…

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SOG Power Assist

Now, let’s take a moment and see the sides of the tool that the users are not that satisfied with.

The CONs as per the users of this multitool:

  • some of the handle parts are plastic…
  • one of my Philips screwdrivers broke and I had to replace the tool…
  • after a while, I noticed that the blade makes contact with one of the release mechanisms and I see that the blade is somewhat flattened in that area, so I had to be extra diligent with that part when sharpening my tool…
  • The Leatherman that I previously owned is hands-down a superior tool compared to this SOG…

My review resume of SOG PowerAssist:

SOG Power AssistI am a multitool collector, but I don’t have this tool in my collection, so my review is based on what I know about multitool manufacturing and the experiences of other users.

SOG makes this tool in 420c stainless steel, which is great. It’s an industry standard for quality multitools. What bugs me is the fact that I saw a review saying that one of their pieces broke without bending, which would never happen with 420c steel.

There are two options here – either it’s an exception and a case of somebody getting a flawed product in the first place or they manufacture this pieces in a few locations with different materials.

I know that there is a range of users that might be using the tools for different kinds of work, but as I stressed, no matter how heavy duty the task is, 420 c will not just snap without bending a little first, it’s not that brittle, no matter what the job is.

There is a possibility that there was an initial crack in the steel that happened during manufacturing. The wearing of the material and steel fatigue will result in a visible decline and bending.

Anyway, having read all the reviews about this tool, my best guess is that these kinds of flaws are an exception, rather than a real issue with the quality of the tool.
As with any sturdy multitool, it can take a few days to loosen the tool, and it might be stiff at the beginning, which is not a real problem, but it’s a good thing to know so that you don’t think there’s something wrong with the tool after you receive it.

One of the great things about this tool is that you can customize it based on your needs. This basically means that you can change where a particular piece is placed. This resolves many of the design issues I’ve seen on other multitools, like the V-cutter catching on the can opener when deploying and closing. Smart design from SOG, I’ll give them that.

Make no mistake, this is not a light tool that will be a belt decoration, this tools is build for serious jobs and every day use. Having that in mind, I really like the shiny black design instead of the plain matte black which I know from experience is the easier way to go in the manufacturing. It is kind of an eye-candy.

The blades are sharp and 420c holds very well, so you would rarely have to the sharpener very often, which is a great plus for people using their multitool on daily basis. The piece I like the least are the scissors, they seem flimsy and just really out of place on this tool. The rest of the tools is strong and sturdy, so I believe a better pair of scissors should’ve found it’s way into this tool.

Overall, I rate this tool as a solid 4. There are superior tools out there, but they will cost twice or trice the price of this SOG. This makes the SOG PowerAssist a real bargain and a budget solution.

Good value for your money.