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Pros: This is one high-quality multi tool, Victorinox name guarantees that. It has a very nice balance of tools while being slim enough to sit in your pocket comfortably. It features: large blade, screwdriver, can and bottle opener, scissors, corkscrew and a wire stripper. Compact is proud to wear its name as it really offers a ton of functionality compressed in a very tight and portable package.

Cons: It doesn’t have a Phillips screwdriver or a nail file.

Swiss Army Compact KnifeBest multi tool should be like the extension of your hand. Well, 15 or so extensions to be exact. It should feel natural, have a good grip and always get the job done.

Whether you’re just realizing the handiness of these little guys or looking to part with your trusted friend to go wilder, I can help.

I’ve been writing a series of different multi tool reviews aiming to give you a nudge in the right direction. Whatever your personal taste may be, I’m sure I’ve dabbled into everyone’s cup of tea enough to make sure I have a little of everything.

What are you talking about? How can you help? ( I can almost hear you ask)

Just give me the benefit of the doubt here and stay with me over the next few lines of text, I’ll shine some light on the whole matter.

First of all I’ve dedicated my life to blogging and writing all multi tool reviews you can think of. Now that calls for some heavy research doesn’t it? So you can say I’ve picked up a thing or two along the way.

But you don’t get enough knowledge to fit a lifetime without looking behind the curtain (we’re off to see the wizard… Wizard of Oz, anyone?), and more than once, let me tell you. What I’m trying to say is I’m contacting owners and users of these multi tools on a daily basis. It’s not pretty, but damn it, somebody needs to do it!

And the most important part – I worked in a multi tool factory in Portland for years and my multi tool collections ticks to the number of over 120, so I believe I have a thing or two to say.

All jokes aside, it’s the best way, and the only way in my book to really tell the difference. Customer feedback seals the deal for me, no two ways about it.

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How are we going about all this?

Glad you’ve asked. I’ve been polishing my methods of corporative mayhem lately, and I think I brought out that natural shine.

First step down our yellow brick road is listing out some product specifications. Companies will speak no evil of their product of course, but it gives us material for later work.

Then, the star of the evening will perform. We’ll see some experiences with this tool, directly from the users. Good ones, but also the bad.

Lastly, I’ll give a personal verdict and share my piece of mind with you.

Company specification (Fly my pretties, fly!)

Let’s hear it from the company:

  • Closed length – 3.5”
  • Black handle
  • Featuring: large blade, screwdriver, can and bottle opener, scissors, corkscrew, wire stripper

Short and sweet. A good product will find its way to the buyer. No need for fancy and fluffy specifications. And here they’ve held the fluff, kudos for that.

Pleasant user experiences (A glimpse behind the curtain)

Best multi tool for you or just a waste of cash? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Here are some PROs:

Swiss Army Compact Knife Review

  • All features are very functional and have excellent rust resistance
  • It’s the thinnest multi tool available that’s featuring full-size scissors. I personally find them to be the most useful feature on this pocket knife
  • Really nice selection of different tools without overloading it. I don’t know if you’re aware but if you open the hook and place the ink pen in its slot, close it on top of it and your knife will become the pen’s handle. Pretty nifty and useful. It also looks cool
  • It’s just the right size for me but still it has a good amount of different tools
  • Very handy, sturdy and well made. It can take a lot of abuse and still function perfectly. I got this one for every guy that’s related in any way to me, even for my daughter’s boyfriend. Every guy should be able to save the day with his one pocket knife once in a while
  • You can’t go wrong with Victorinox. The blade is stainless steel, very sharp and holds an edge for a decent time, can/bottle opener is excellent and I’ve even used this guy as a flathead screwdriver. It generally works as a Phillips screwdriver too
  • I have tried the Spartan, Rambler and Compact, and for general purposes I think that the Compact takes the cake.
  • Best knife ever! Big enough for a full-size blade and scissors, but it’s slim enough to fit my pocket perfectly. It has all the functions I need, and I would recommend it highly
  • It has the right balance of tools for such a compact pocket knife. All of them are my must-haves, and it look really nice and elegant with that black handle

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Not so pleasant user experiences

And now for some CONs:

  • I wished the corkscrew was a Phillips screwdriver. But I guess I don’t use those on multi tools too often anyway. I have very big hands, and it always hurts my knuckles
  • It’s kept as such a secret by Victorinox! I could never find it in stores, and I barely found it online

There we go, I think my final verdict is getting more obsolete category by the day. The users have spoken, and I must agree, this is one bad boy among the multi tools. It has all you’ll ever need and in a nice, dare I say, “compact” package. It’s very slim, fits your pocket like a charm, and the quality is outstanding. You can’t go wrong with this one for sure.

Well, I hope the search for the best multi tool ends here for you, but I must go on now.

End of the yellow brick road and time to go.

Till we meet again.