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User rating
Pros: Sturdy, durable tool that takes a lot of abuse. Everything works as it should and it’s built really well. Victorinox is a top notch brand in the industry. Contains 3 different screwdrivers, 2 razor sharp blades (large, small), Bottle/can opener, toothpick, hook, corkscrew, tweezers, key ring, reamer, wire stripper, magnifying glass. Small dimensions, great functionality, you can hardly go wrong with this one.

Cons: Pair of pliers is all that’s missing, other than that top of the line.

Victorinox ExplorerAre you Mr. Fix it in your family too? If you are then we’re alike, and we both know the value of a good multi tool. All the people of the multi tool land are still struggling with the question about the best multi tool out there. It’s a curse of us fixers to look constantly for the best tool for the job.

So here we are, we could chat a while, swap some stories but I don’t think that’s why you’re really here is it now? If you started googling, looking for some honest reviews about multi tools let me welcome you to your final stop. I’m here to help with that, and all you need to do is keep on scrolling down.

Why should you read on?

Here’s my background – I worked in a multi tool factory for years and an avid collector of multi tools today.

Also, years of blogging and writing reviews are now behind me, and I can honestly say I know almost everything about anything within the industry.

I’ve seen it all, and I wrote about it too so stay a while and listen.

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How do I go about my reviews?

Now that’s a real zinger right there.

First I let the company say what it will about its product. We do that by reading the product specification. And it’s usually all sunshine and lollypops as you already imagine but we need to start somewhere and this is also a great way to introduce us to the product.

What I’ll do next is see if company’s story holds an ounce of water. Now how can we do that? Fairly simple actually, we’ll read some of the experiences of the ordinary, everyday users, just like you and me. I’m like Robin Hood for experience, taking it from the users for the users. Ok, I’ll stop now.

Finally, I’ll give my thoughts that will serve as a verdict of sorts on this pocket multi-tool.

Sounds ok? Let’s crank this bad boy to the max then.

Dash of sunshine, pinch of lollypops – company’s specification:

  • Multi tool blade type
  • Steel construction, polished cellidor handle
  • It contains 2 blades and screwdrivers (large and small), scissors, bottle and can opener, reamer, corkscrew, magnifying glass, tweezers, hook, wire stripper, toothpick and key ring

That’s a lot to digest in one go, so we’ll need the help of our fellow handymen to gobble this one up.

Good experiences users had with the product – the PROs:

  • I hound for rock a lot when we’re camping, so I really wanted a multi tool with scissors and a magnifying glass. Explorer is perfect for me, true joy to use and it’s beautifully built
  • I wish my father, who was much bigger explorer and survivalist than me were around to see this pretty thing. It’s a beautiful little tool, and I would recommend it to everyone…
  • Over the years I’ve had 4 different Swiss explorer knives, I keep loosing them somehow. They were always high quality, everything always worked and overall they pack a ton of functionality in a very small package..
  • This is hands down the best knife of its kind I’ve ever had. I own it just under a month, and it already came in handy more times than I can count. The hook is a surprisingly useful tool. I use it for my bag with broken zip handlers, to untie the knots and much more…
  • I like the fact that the Phillips screwdriver is not in the middle, but on the end. The hook is awesome at removing staples and tightening laces, and I really enjoy the scissors and the magnifying glass. Wherever I’m headed, I always check my pockets for this little guy
  • I know what to expect from Victorinox by now. The overall quality is really good, and everything was just as described, together with factory sharpened blades
  • This knife can take a looot of abuse. I have it for a year now, and I just can’t believe it’s still in one piece after all I’ve put it through. I must say I’m amazed and found my brand of pocket multi tools. I recommend it
  • I used the pin under the corkscrew for so many splinter removals. I like the tiny slot screwdriver and the magnifying glass. The blades are razor sharp so be careful. I think that Victorinox is just the best

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The CONs the users are reporting

  • I just wish it had a pair of small pliers, it would be a perfect tool for me
  • I don’t like the Phillips screwdriver on the end. I enjoyed the T-grip option more
  • I really wished they changed something about the overall look already, it’s been looking the same forever

Resume of the multi tool review

Now you can see how my reviews work. We’ve heard it from everybody, the company and the happy and unhappy users. Now we can honestly say we got the whole story. And the story is, this little thing is really a piece of work. It’s just amazing how good quality product stays desirable and handy for so long with almost nothing changed.

It’s the survival of the fittest out there, and this bad boy might just tip the scales in you favor. It’s an amazing, old-school product, and every man should have one in his pocket.

Enjoy your new multi-tool until we meet again.