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Pros: Great variety of tools. Sturdy and durable but still offers a nice comfortable grip. Looks slick with it's smooth finish. Attention to detail that you can only find in the tools made by these Swiss guys. Every tool locks perfectly which makes it very safe. Razor sharp blades and scissors that are "dangerously" close to perfect. Absolutely resistant to corrosion. Practical belt sheath. Lifetime Warranty.

Cons: Some users don't like the design of the pouch it comes in. It might take a few days for the locks of the tools to loosen up.

Victorinox SwissTool RSNow let us talk a  little about the famous Swiss, the Victorinox factory and then do a systematic and comprehensive Victorinox SwissTool RS review.

The business started in 1884 and was named by the mother of the founder with the added inox” which means stainless in French. Since 1891, the business started making knives for the Swiss military.

They are recognizable by the famous logo which is shield with a cross used since 1909. They have survived the hardest of economic times by outsourcing and smart management of never letting go of quality control. Sure, there are a lot of other multi tools out there, but this baby is in a category of it’s own.

Now, let us dig right into reviewing this baby:

When I first wrote the review I was asked by people to give some specifics about what this tools has, so here we go, brace yourselves:

Reamer, wood saw, Chisel / scraper, screwdriver 2mm, screwdriver 3mm, Phillips screwdriver for PH1 and PH2, blade, scissors, Scale (230 mm), Ruler (9 inches), belt cutter, Nylon Case, Wire cutter for thin / soft wire 40 HRc, wire bender, Wire stripper and scraper, Hard wire cutter, fastening, Unlock sliders, separate springs, Bottle Opener, can opener, Screwdriver 5 mm, 7.5 mm screwdriver, Crimper (electric) , pliers.

Tired yet?

I know I am. Just from writing it. But I actually own this baby and let me tell you – it is a thing of beauty and it is second to none in terms of quality. I told you on the home page that I started this website to describe my decision when I wanted to buy my first multitool kit, while I was in pursuit of the best multitool kit but now I am a collector and this sweet thing is one of my favorites.

But enough about me. let me tell you the good and the few mild bad sides this kit has based on what other people are saying:

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Some of the pros are:

  • it has a smooth feeling to it which makes it feel so good in the hands
  • it is very safe to use because of the great locks
  • perfect scissors and saw that you can actually use, which is not always the case
  • amazing design and great to look at, shinny and classy it is work of great craftsmanship
  • very durable and gives away a solid feel, I personally can say almost abuse mine
  • the blades can only be described as razor sharp
  • absolutely no corrosion, which is a great plus especially if you live in an area of high humidity
  • perfect pall of a backpacker or for just keeping it in the car
  • lifetime warranty and during all this time it keeps it’s sharpness and doesn’t go flimsy which is just amazing
  • the sheath is great for wearing on the belt

Read more user reviews of this multi tool on Amazon:

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So, there are very few things that this beauty doesn’t have. Nice round handles make it easy and safe to work with. I use the scraper a lot and it literally didn’t move an inch, it is the same as the first day. An issue with other multitool kits is that they can become flimsy and if you use them outside, sand gets in and ruins the blades. Not with this Swiss piece of perfection. The tools are so close together that you can use it outside in any environment you can imagine and this will never happen to the blades. Very important.

The saw is one of the best I have seen in multitools. It is often there just so that the manufacturer can say that the tool has it. I actually use this one and it does the trick.

In a  word, I love it, and so do most of the users from what I see.

But nothing is perfect, so this tool cannot be perfect, too.

CONs as per the users:

  • some people don’t like the design of the pouch it comes in
  • it takes some time at the beginning to loosen the tools a bit

My review resume:

Even the CONs reported by users are not so bad as you can see, and most of them are resolved when you start using it.

Overall Quality Rating 4.4/5 – one of the best multi tools in it’s price range.

Generally, I prefer American made stuff, but this is one of those items that can change your mind.