Best multi-tool for women – Top 2 Choices

Ladies, thank you for existing. The requests we’ve been receiving over the last year to test and choose the best multi-tool for women ended up bringing so much sheer joy into our lives.

Thank you, than you, thank you

We would’ve otherwise never got the chance to see Morry (that’s the chubby guy you see in the videos, whose btw. also our Editor-in-chief) holding a Victorinox SD pocket knife with oh-so-pretty Edelweiss handles.

(Edelweiss meaning “mountain flowers” in German)

best multi tool for women - top choices

Our Top picks in multi-tools for women – The Elegant Victorinox Edelweiss patterns (top), snazzy animal patterns of the same tool (left) and PB1 MULTI for more serious jobs (bottom right)


Back to Morry – when say “holding it” we mean trying not to cut himself as he’s sweating profusely and testing if the 420HC steel of the blade is not softer or more brittle than his trusty old Leatherman Surge (that’s about 3 times as big).



Morry absolutely loved the Victorinox Edelweiss Red – we’ve never seen him so happy

For that image that you’ve given us, we are eternally grateful. You can not un-see it.

And this Victorinox truly is an eye-candy.

We sincerely recommend proposing to your girlfriend by getting down on one knee and opening the box of the Victorinox Pink Edelweiss.

We mean it.


Before we move on to individual tools for women and their reviews, let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way:

These are the 2 top-rated multi-tools for women:

Best for every-day use and smaller jobs

For more serious jobs

Closed length(")
Weight (OZ)
Color choices:
Category ratings:
(out of 5)
(out of 5)
(out of 5)
(out of 5)
Value for money
(out of 5)
Overall Rating
(out of 5)

We’ll have Morry write the rest of the guide on best multi-tool for women since he is the one that tested the pieces.

Preface by Oli Barton

What is the best-multi-tool for women?

The two best multi-tools for women are the Victorinox Classic S which comes in 11 colors that are dedicated to women (from Pink and Purple to Giraffe pattern) and weighs only 0.8 oz and the Pink Box 1, for more serious jobs.

We just wanted to be concise and reiterate that.

best multi-tool for women - the Victorinox Classic SAll jokes aside, we approached the guide of choosing a good multi-tool for a woman much like we do the testing and reviewing any other and reviewing any other piece.

We tried to do 2 things:

  1. Cover a range of needs, from an urban girl looking for a handy piece to help her out on daily basis to women who need more serious work done
  2. Separate the wheat from the chaff – that’s why you’ll see only 3 options among multi-tools for women, we didn’t think that the other pieces we tested were worth a mention, apologies if we are being blunt.

The Best Multi-tool for women – Classic SD

multi-tool-women-open-blueThis is absolutely the only tools thern and color choices for girls and women, from zebra and tiger patterns to half a dozen edelweiss patterns.

On top of that, it’s an industry classic that stood the test of time and then some.

To be honest, we expected this piece to be the winner of this category because it’s a classic high-end Swiss army knife packed between the handles with nice cute flowery pattern.

If you are a guy looking for a present for your girlfriend, look no further, because this is the piece that strikes that balance between actually being very useful and her friends saying, “OMG, what is that, Ashley?”

The construction

Stainless steel all-over in a case durable Cellidor – if you don’t know what that is, trust us, it’s good.

Other specs:


  • 7 tools included ( from a blade to spring-action scissors)
  • Closed length in inches – 2.3
  • Height – 0.4 “
  • Weight 0.8 oz
  • No outsourcing, made in Switzerland, handles to toothpick



Durability – 4.85/5

We’ve tested the SD a few times before when compiling our other guides and comparing the steel ad the quality of the tools to some of the industry leading tools that people use for the survival kits.

We have one in the office that’s 10 years old, and the paint is coming off, the Victorinox crest was gone after about 5 years of use and abuse, but the blade is holding like a champ, especially for such a small ladies multi-tool.

Some gumming developed on the tweezers because it was intentionally put through stress-testing in different conditions.

The important thing is – every single tool works, and that’s impressive even for the sturdiest of pieces out there.

Versatility – 4.5/5


It’s hard to rate a multi-tool for women in the category of versatility, so we decided to make the versatility of women’s multi-tools separate rating class and only compare them to each other.

custom_classic-sd1Otherwise, it wouldn’t be fair to compare them to the all-singing-all-dancing heavy-duty tools that pack 20+ tools. Granted, it’s an industry secret that owners use about 11-14 tools regularly and the rest of them once in a blue moon. But, the pieces are there, allowing the owners to brag as the companies making these are smiling their ways to the bank. Not the case with the Classic SD Edelweiss.

This tool has 7 pieces and that’s one piece too many

Can you imagine your girl using the toothpick after a year unless we’re in war and she’s in the trenches with a tin mug.

custom_classic-sdWe’re thinking NO. According to our polls conducted among our featured testers, 65 % of people with a toothpick in their multi-tools never used it, and about 30% used it once or twice just to see how it feels.

If you’re in the 5% don’t feel offended, you’re brave fellow.



Anyway – the scissors – we love the scissors in this multi-tools for women, the spring action is perfect and makes it absolutely usable, and they hold edge like you wouldn’t believe.


The tweezers – you probably won’t understand when we say that the tweezers are almost as usable as the Tweezerman Slant.
tweezers-toothpick-of-the-toolThis is a good thing – the Tweezerman Slant is the measuring stick against all the tweezers in multi-tools are compared.

The main problem we’ve seen over with tweezers in multi tools (for women or man) is that just don’t align and the two line surface are not in perfects contact anymore.
Victorinox multi-tools (along with Leatherman) include probably the best sets of scissors and tweezers.

Why is this?

Most of these high-quality multi-tools are made of 420HC steel (the HC stands for High-carbon). The higher carbon is meant to make the steel heat-treatable and by heat-treating the steel you increase it’s Rc (a measure of how hard the steel is).

How well the steel is hardened and what Rc it reaches determines how well it will take the abuse of daily use.

Enough with the tech stuff

This is the bottom line – you are probably going to use the tweezers once in a blue moon, but when you do it won’t disappoint.

The file or, in this case,
the nail file of the women’s multi-tool

blade-file-close-upThe chances are high that this file is of better quality than the one you/she (we’re getting confused since we don’t exactly know who are we talking to here) uses right now.

It’s not as fine and it’s not going to replace her case of 17 different nail files, but we bet you she’s going to be using it on-the-go all the time.

The screwdriver is good for the same reasons as the tweezers, it’s not soft and it doesn’t loose shape. So if this is something you think you’ll be using, no worries there.

There’s no Philips screwdriver included in the SAK (Swiss Army Knife) classic CD, hence the rating of 4.5/5 in versatility.

For an average urban girl, the SD multi-tool includes everything you’ll ever need (or want).

Materials – 4.8/5

This multi-tool for women is made of the same steel used to make surgical tools. We could leave it that, but we’re multi-tool geeks, so let’s dig deeper.

What is the 420HC steel anyway?

The 420HC is not super-steel, the kind you would see in high-end kitchen knives and luxury hunting knives but it’s a standard of all the better multi-tool companies.

In other words – this little piece of eye candy packs the same materials as most of the multi-tools that are 3 times bigger, 10 times heavier and cost about 5-8 times as much.

Don’t let the pretty flowers fool you.

Design – 5/5


…you get it, right?

design-animal-patternsIt’s like that would be her reaction if she got this thing as a present and then saw the…aaaah, forget it, it’s a stupid joke anyway.

Stupid jokes aside, when we talk and rate design in multi tools we usually mean how the tools are placed more so than anything else. When we rated this pocket tool in those terms, it scored a solid 4.4/5.
But again, the criteria for choosing the best multi-tool for women had to be different and we had to include the obvious – the looks.

As you saw, there ate least 11 handle pattern of this multi-tool that most women would love:

  1. Lime green Edelweiss
  2. Pink
  3. Translucent Pink
  4. Purple
  5. Purple Edelweiss
  6. Red Edelweiss
  7. Sneakers
  8. Giraffe
  9. Leopard
  10. Tiger
  11. Zebra

We told you, Victorinox really made an effort with this one to suit all tastes.

What we’d recommend if it’s a gift is getting her one you know she’ll love and getting her one that she would never choose for herself.

But that’s just us, what do we know about women.

We know multi-tools and we’re here to tell you that the color choice is yours but there’s 0% chance of choosing this multi-tool for your woman.

Value for money – 5/5

We know it’s always suspicious when we rate a tool a full 5/5in any category, but a tool that uses the same materials as heavy-duty survival pieces and surgical tools, looks like a lollipop and costs like a few lollipops deserves it.

We just didn’t have it in our hearts to rate it anything else but a 5/5 in value for money.

Final thoughts on the best multi-tool for women

If it’s a gift we’re talking about here you’re lucky that someone at Victorinox thought, “Hey, let’s put some flowers on the classic army knife and mess with the brand image a bit.”

red-multitool-edelweiss-wife-giftIf they didn’t do that you’re choices would be limited to full-blown multi-tools that have an orange version and that wouldn’t end well for anybody included.

You’d probably end up getting her another book about life and love, slowly building a reputation of an idea-less boyfriend.

Instead – when she sees the SAK in purple or even translucent purple her first thought will be, “I can’t think of any other boyfriend being original enough to gift his girl with a multi-tool.”

Again, that’s just us ad we don’t know much about girls, we know multi-tools and this one is a winner.


For more serious jobs – The Original PB1 MULTI

(Provisionally speaking, second-best multi-tool for women)


Original Pink Box is a name of the company that makes a line of tools for handywomen.

So, to say that this is the second-best multi-tool for women wouldn’t really be fair because this is a tool that’s designed for different purposes than the SAK Classic.

It was a daunting task keeping our objectiveness and developing a fair rating system for the category of best multi tools for women alone, but we believe we did a fairly good job.

This a serious tool designed for serious work and the fact that it’s pink changes nothing. Kudos to the smart people of the Pink Box for thinking that if a lady wants to do serious work, she doesn’t have to stop being a lady (well, maybe if she’s roofing in July it’s gonna be hard to maintain the lady-like attitude, but that’s life).


The specs of the PB1 multi-tool for women:

  1. Three sizes of screwdrivers
  2. Pliers
  3. Regular and serrated blade
  4. File
  5. Pouch with a belt clip in matching color
  6. Weight 9.6 oz
  7. Dimensions – 4 x 1.8 x 1

second best multi tool for women - the PinkBox1
We couldn’t find the information on the steel used for the PB1 multi-tool for women but it feels like a 420HC.

Durability and Materials – 4.8/5

If you are doing this long enough and you live and breathe multi-tools, you can venture a pretty good guess, mainly based on how the pliers are handling stainless steel bolts and how the blade cuts through paper.

Yes, we know you will not be cutting paper, but a 420HC “behaves” a certain way when it meets a sheet of paper.

We were able to cut through paper and cardboard pretty easily without dulling the blade at all, so it’s fair to assume that it’s a 420HC steel.

As we mentioned, this steel is durable, but we don’t really have specific information how the PB1 handles every-day-use.

PB1_multitool_closedWe’ll have it in about 6 months because we are sending this piece out to

Diane Elkin (one of our featured testers) to use on her camping and adventures and get back to us.

None of our male testers agreed to test this piece no matter how hard we tried to convince them that having a pink multi-tool only proves how confident you are about your masculinity.

We didn’t believe it as we were saying the words, but we at least tried.

Initial in-house test rating is 4.8/5 in both durability and materials.

Versatility – 4.7/5

The PB1 multi-tool for women includes 9 pieces making it the most versatile item on the list.

The most important part is that it includes pliers.

As we said, this tool is different and can be used both for daily challenges around the house and more serious jobs.

The missing scissors are what brought this tool down a peg in this category, it’s a pretty important piece to include in a multi-tool for a woman and a great addition for any DIY set.

Design – 4.5/5

It’s rated a bit lower than the SAK, but then again, in terms of a multi-tool for girls, any tools would be rated lower than the SAK with its million patterns to choose from. The PB1 only comes in Pink and that’s kind of the point f the company.
belt-clip-of-the-pb1-pinkTool placement is pretty good and easy to access. The pieces safely lock into place and all the spring-action seems very good.

We know the very name of the company included the word “Pink”, but we just had to give a slight edge to the other two in design.

Value for money – 4.8/5

The pricing of the PB1 is very similar to the Classic SD, so it’s the other ratings of this tool that are a peg lower that also lowered the value for money rating to 4.8/5. However, think about it, that is still almost full 5 stars and if you are looking for a more serious tool, it won’t make any difference.

Bringing some girlishness to manly multi-tool jobs


Anyway, it doesn’t make much of a difference since the target audience is not the same. It does overlap but this is the multi-tool that will be the choice of women who also need to bring some girlishness to manly jobs.

If you don’t like the recommended multi-tools

If for some reason you didn’t find the answer to your question about the best multi-tool for women, let’s give you some guidelines what you’d want to look for when choosing one:

Additional tips on choosing a good
multi tool for your woman


1. Think about her needs

Are you getting your girl a piece that would be cute present or you can imagine her using it for more demanding jobs (like on a hiking or camping trip)?

2. Scissors are good

If there’s one piece a women’s multi-tool should include, it’s the scissors. The scissors that come with the Classic C are high-quality and, believe us, will be used.

3. Don’t think about saving a few bucks

Sure you can get some lemon yellow thing at your local store but is this really where you want to save the cost of one coffee.

The tools we talked about above are both inexpensive but high-quality.

You don’t want your gift falling apart after a month.

The after math of the guide on best multi-tool for women

It’s simple – if it’s a gift to be used around the house or carried on a keychain, the Victorinox Classic is the obvious choice.

If you need the tools for more serious jobs and one that includes pliers, we’d go with the PB1 for our girlfriends, if we had ‘em.

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